For finest Document Scanning with Absolute Precision and Clarity

Large size drawings, legal documents, books, photo, maps, plans, blueprints, designs and others come in various paper types and sizes. Scanning these documents to the size A0 can make these documents versatile by converting them to various digital formats like PDF, word, TXT and others.

Consumer Sketch is a dedicated and professional document scanning bureau in Florida that can handle large document scanning. Our expert personnel hold extensive knowledge and experience and can capture A0 sized large drawings and scan them to digital formats. Map scanning and blueprint scanning involves high technical capabilities, as minute details have to be taken care of. Voluminous legal document scanning also requires absolute care.

Book scanning is one of our key services. Scanning new books in versatile formats like ebooks and PDF have also been in high demand as people have started to read books online. At Consumer Sketch (USA), we offer services for photo scanning and convert them digitally into a large collection of JPG and PDF files. We combine the best technologies and techniques to scan photos and deliver quality digital images.

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