OCR conversion Services

OCR conversion is a God's gift to those who want editable versions of their data in the most accurate and timely manner

Optical Character Recognition, widely known as OCR, is a contemporary and super-efficient technique that involves electronic extraction of data from various paper documents. In OCR conversion process, the scanner electronically detects data and converts it into various editable formats. OCR conversion is a boon for those seeking an image to text conversion, PDF to Word, PDF to Excel or just the digital versions of their physical paper records.

Consumer Sketch provides an ultra-smart alternative to traditional data entry services to OCR conversion services USA. Our OCR conversion services extract editable data from the voluminous source of documents like books, magazines, research papers, journals, newspapers, legal documents, brochures, forms, product catalogues, old documents and even handwritten papers.

Following are some OCR conversion services that we offer:

  • Image to text conversion
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Excel
  • OCR clean up

The documents prepared from OCR conversion systems are compatible with a wide range of printing methodologies and digital scanning instruments. By executing OCR conversions, we help you to minimize manual data entry errors in fast turnaround time.

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