Consistent and coherent business stationery design is the silent brand ambassador of the Company

In the day-to-day functioning of any business, the corporate stationery is sent to several people, including employees, vendors, clients, government organizations, customers, competitors and others. In the era of integrated communications, a consistent design across business cards, letterheads, email signatures and other business stationery elements reflects the professional and a strong brand identity.

At Consumer Sketch, we understand the significance of a professional looking business stationery design. Our business stationery services in Florida include:

  • Business card design
  • Envelope design
  • Letterhead design
  • Template design for Microsoft Word and Powerpoint
  • E-mail signature design
  • Invoice design
  • Compliment slip design
  • CD cover design

Our team of design artists drafts a unique and visually striking brand identity, which maintains coherence in terms of colors, design elements, fonts, logo placement and overall look and feel of the corporate image.

Amongst all the corporate stationery elements, business card and letterhead are most frequently used. Marketing team uses business cards on a regular basis while letterheads are used for all HR, accounts, legal and other official communication purposes. E-mail signature is also a key business stationery design, which is often neglected. We offer services for the visually attractive business card, letterhead and e-mail signatures.

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Designing Services

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