Technical Support

Our Remote IT help desk can be your Samaritan to resolve any unforeseen technical issues

The most annoying thing to occur at workplace is when your computer, scanner or other equipment comes to a screeching halt when you need them the most. At these times, you are left with no other choice but to sit back, get frustrated and wait for the technical assistant to resolve the issue as per his busy schedule. The overall volume of time left squandered due to lack of IT support, network & software support is bound to bring down the output of the Company.

Consumer Sketch (USA) provides a single source platform with multi-layered remote technical support services that addresses all your IT, network, software and application malfunctions. Your hardware stoppage, software issues, IT problems can be resolved with the help of our smart and remote IT help desk that functions round-the-clock. Our remote technical support services employ various communication channels depending upon the IT issues. We use voice, live chat, e-mail and remote access channels to communicate with our customers. Our multi-lingual services also ensure smooth communication with our clients.

Outsourcing your technical support services to Consumer Sketch (USA) can reap several benefits as you can centralize and resolve all your network, software, applications or IT issues. With security of your data, fast turnaround time through pre-defined troubleshooting guides and smart practical solutions, Consumer Sketch (USA) can be your perfect IT help desk for technical support.

Voice Services

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