3 Things to avoid while Developing a Mobile App

The mobile apps market has displayed amazing innovations within the past few years. And it is still evolving from time to time. Today, smart mobile devices have become important assistance to carry out each and every day-to-day activity. This certainly is responsible for the fierce competition in the market of mobile applications. Therefore, every company involved in mobile app development India needs to have a keen knowledge about its latest trends.

The process of application development is not only complex, and resource-rich, but also problematic. Many mobile apps out there in the market are either to be replaced or rewritten in the near future. After spending considerable efforts and resources, why many of the apps are not up to the mark?

Reason #1 – Complicated Apps mostly Goes up in Smoke

Web apps and websites are almost similar. People log in, and find the page they are looking for and manipulate the data by clicking several pages. Mobile apps are not the same. Being developed with a limited set of tasks, mobile applications enable people to perform their tasks quickly with its minimal navigation. Therefore, they should be simple with single-serving gateways. Mobile apps don’t provide desired results if built like a website.

Reason #2 – Adapting wrong Resources

As per the researchers, the process needs considerable efforts and resources, and to hire professional and expert app developers is also not easy. The developers today are enjoying the high in demand market of mobile apps where they only work for the productive projects they find interesting to work on. Unfortunately, an application revamp is not as interesting and productive as creating a new mobile app, or say another big creation!

Reason #3 – The marketing of Mobile Apps

Mobile app development India is time-consuming and dear. You are just done with a half attempt after completing the long and the complicated development process. It is not easy to gain exposure over your competitors. It again requires more investment. CPC ads are the first key step for the new mobile apps. But unfortunately, a lot of businesses have moved back to the print-ads and if budget allows TV ads on popular networks.

The performance of a mobile application depends on many factors, from competition to the marketing budget to absolute luck. Not only this, poor execution and poor research are the most common reasons to avoid. And to succeed, it is key to put up more efforts on marketing as well as audience research, to follow the best practices and to test the complete quality assurance.

Source: consumer-sketch.com