5 Key Ingredients in Successful iOS Mobile App

The growing app dependence amongst people has made the competition between app development companies tougher. Starting from shopping to ordering food, the technology dependent generation prefers to do everything online due to its convenience and the easy availability of smartphones. Technically, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that apps have captured the entire world into the small electronic device making human life easier.

Besides this, the increasing usage of IPhons is also prominent in our society today, which is another reason why the competition in iOS app development is growing with each passing day. No matter what, an iPhone application has to be attractive if you want it to be downloaded time and again.

This to a great extent depends on the UI user interface and User experience. Unfortunately many apps in the past have been built without paying much attention to the UI and UX and as a result, they were failed to impress its users.

So if you wish to stand out in this over crowded market of iOS app development companies in India, you cannot miss the following tips to build a competitive UI.

1. Having a solid idea

The first step of creating an IPhone app is to make a list of your requirements in this project. Having a clear concept of the need will help you see how a design can fulfill the needs and demands of your target audience. You need to keep in mind that if your iOS app does not have the ability to solve real problems then you would need to start everything from a scratch. Critical thinking is a must at this step of designing. As a UI designer or iOS developer, it is essential for you to brainstorm to figure out the possible obstacles that may come in your way to your design implementation. Once you have a solid idea in your mind regarding this you can proceed to the next step of designing.

2. Connect with your users on an emotional level

Building a connection with your target audience through an outstanding UI is the key to create an impressive iOS app for them. This helps you in staying in touch with your users. That is why designers need to stay updated with present trends in designs and acquire more knowledge on how to build a smoother and appealing app. For example if your app was designed many years ago, you need to redesign it keeping relevance and an attractive appearance. UI trends not only contribute to your app’s visual appeal but also work on its usability.

3. The first impression is the last impression

It is said that first impression is the last impression and the theory truly works in this case as well. It takes few moments for your users to form a judgment about your app. So having an extraordinary UI design is very important to keep your users glued to your app. Starting from selecting the right color palette to the right pixel combination, the design needs to stand out. According to a survey 21% of users leave an app after first use and the reason is poor UI design. A smart and impressive design contributes a lot to increase the credibility of your business because majority of us believe that a company that prioritizes its app designs, their products and services will be equally good.

4. Attractive content and layout

Gifting your target audience an impressive and user friendly app does not put an end to your challenges. This is because users would always want to use and access their favorite app on their other iOS devices as well. So you need to make sure that in the designing process, the components and layouts are arranged in such a way that they can automatically change shape and size according to the gadgets. A versatile interface is crucial here to give users a wonderful experience in every situation. The layout should be suitable for every iOS gadget so that users can see the primary content without scrolling up and down.

5. Play with colors

We all are very much aware of the power of colors in influencing our mood on a regular basis. Keeping this in mind designers should focus on colors that can instantly light up their users’ mood and that can only be possible with an attractive UI design that has the ability to grab attention. For example, contrasting color combination should be used in the background and text to make the text more prominent.

As the User interface is an inseparable part of an iOS app development, an outstanding interactive design of your app is crucial to make it successful. This will remarkably improve your business incomes, boost your brand identity and will help you serve your clients better. After all everyone loves to use an app that is convenient to use and visually appealing. So if you are willing to build your own iOS app consider the above mentioned points to make it successful.