6 Best Platforms for ECommerce Website Development

Looking for the best platform for eCommerce website development? It's a major choice. It will significantly affect your company and business strategy going ahead.

While beginning eCommerce, picking the right platform is likewise a difficult choice. There are many factors to consider. All in all, even the best eCommerce website design company in India feels it is a challenge.

But first let's understand what an eCommerce platform is.

What is an eCommerce Platform?

An eCommerce platform is a software that an online store uses to deal with all their vendor purchasing needs and their own seller needs. These requirements incorporate product pages, reviews, transactions, orders, client service and returns.

The best eCommerce platform comes down to a plan of action and business strategy. That’s why it’s important to choose the right one.

Top 6 eCommerce Platforms

When you take a look at eCommerce programming, it may very well be truly difficult to tell how minor contrasts in features and execution can significantly affect your development process.

All vendors say they're quicker, more solid, useful for website development, PCI-ready for credit cards, and so on. Be that as it may, what's the truth?

Here are the top 6 eCommerce platforms to save you some money and time:


Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for developers of huge stores selling more than 10 products. It comprises over 600,000 online stores. It has more than 1 million clients around the world. More than $100 billion has been sold on Shopify. Therefore, something is right.

Shopify is the best platform for selling. Assuming you plan to outsource, depend on Facebook Ads or Instagram reels. It is the most ideal decision. Shopify is somewhat better in a few regions over BigCommerce, for example, post-buy 1-click upsells.


Wix is an enormously famous intuitive eCommerce platform. It has over 110 million clients around the world. Wix did some critical upgrades to its e-commerce offering that brought about performance improvement. The top eCommerce website development company in India considers it a leading platform for online stores.

Wix is a significant power in the eCommerce space. It delivers astonishing incentives for solopreneurs and small eCommerce organizations. Wix's eCommerce features have definitely grown in a couple of years. They currently offer multi-channel integration, abandoned cart recovery, outsourcing and print-on-demand capabilities.


BigCommerce is a notable eCommerce platform that flaunts a few major names - including Clarks and Ben and Jerry's - as clients. Furthermore, it's no big surprise! Online stores that use BigCommerce are known to grow at a practically twofold rate.

All that you really want is there in its library of plugins. They are ready to make your online store succeed. BigCommerce is the best decision in the event that you're looking to develop your online store into a huge and fruitful business, as a matter of fact.


Best for more modest stores or those hoping to sell advanced products on the web, Squarespace is eminent for its imaginative artfulness. In the event that you're hoping to make your online store as outwardly successful as could really be expected, this is the most ideal decision for you! 

Astonishing layouts with a decent stock platform and bunches of value features, make Squarespace an appealing choice for a website development company in India. Squarespace is truly impressive for providing a stylish-looking eCommerce site. It has exemplary eCommerce features, for example, offering discounts and special pop-ups.


At the point when WooCommerce is in competition with platforms like BigCommerce, it is the best single platform to run eCommerce and sub-web pages under one rooftop. Be that as it may, the genuine eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify sell better, yet at the same just barely.

It works with WordPress to transform any site into a practical eCommerce store. Likewise, there are plugins accessible for incorporating payment gateways, online entertainment, email advertising, 1-click selling, and transportation.


PrestaShop is a reasonable open-source eCommerce platform. It is perfect for small organizations that have a fairly basic foundation. There's no inherent client service, and integrations can be all in or all out. PrestaShop clients do a great deal of research themselves with the assistance of the local community.

Business tools and elements include stock following, online shopping cart, worldwide selling, and analytics reporting. You likewise have loads of command over the protection and security settings on your PrestaShop site.


Selling on the web takes many levels. You could sell basic products or advanced products, and others. On the off chance that you outsource, for instance, you'll need an eCommerce platform that can undoubtedly work in the backend to finish operations.

We trust we've made sense of how different eCommerce platforms assist you with developing your eCommerce store. They provide a proper structure and experience to the users. It's the reason picking the best eCommerce platform - one that is adaptable and has the right tools - is truly significant.