10 Best Android Apps for IT Professionals

Nowadays Android versions are good as compared to other versions due to their functionality, performance and latest designs. Moreover, in today’s time, one can’t imagine spending its life without mobile phones. It is very difficult to sustain without them. And it is all because of the latest Android apps development. These apps are proving to be very beneficial for most fields.

Android has become the most popular operating system in the world. According to a survey, 70-80% of the users make use of the internet through their Android mobile devices.

Lets’ have a look at all the different apps that every IT professional should use to simplify their tasks.

1. Team Viewer / Anydesk

This app is used by most IT companies for screen-sharing services. With the help of this tool, professionals can easily instruct their clients or colleagues to run a small program that enables them to log on and support computers.

The main reason why professionals make use of it is that it works through port 80 which means it can support every computer even behind the company firewall.

2. Keeper Password and Data Vault

It is very difficult for IT Professionals to remember all the passwords. So, for managing their passwords they make use of password manager. This is a very beneficial tool for all professionals for organizing and accessing passwords.

Moreover, this app is being widely used by professionals as it can even share records with the business team and workgroup members.

3. ActiveDir Manager

This app is used in most IT firms for managing Active Directory. IT professionals make use of this app for creating and managing users and attributes, computers, groups and for unlocking user accounts and changing group membership.

4. Google Translate

This android app is used by several IT professionals for growing their business or your organization. As they have to work with people from other countries, so, to overcome this language barrier they make use of the Google Translate app. This app easily translates all documents or emails, words, and phrases into their understandable language.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a perfect app for IT teams. It is very helpful for storing and organizing any information that needs to be kept. Moreover, this app is very helpful for all those professionals who want to store basic handwritten notes, text, photos, attachments or even reminders with text notes.

With its amazing features, professionals get an opportunity to snap a picture of text and even sort the data into notebooks that can be easily searched afterward.

6. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the most demanding apps for Android devices. With the help of this app, professionals can very easily manage their company’s cloud from anywhere.

Moreover, it is very useful in building, deploying and managing your company’s application. This app is very convenient for all those IT professionals who need to start and stop virtual machines or their web apps.

7. JuiceSSH

This app is used by IT professionals for connecting with an SSH server. Moreover, it offers fantastic on-screen and external keyboard support and its theme options ensure to provide you with the appropriate look.

This app also offers support for two-factor authentication for the security purpose of your company. Many IT professionals make use of its free version and later on unlock additional features.

8. Pushbullet

This app is highly in demand by IT professionals. This app allows them to pass the data back and forth between the smartphone and the tablet or computer.

With the help of this app, one can very easily send and receive text messages from a tablet or computer. Moreover, to cater to all your needs it even passes your phone’s notification to your computer.

Its core functionality is usually free but most IT professionals make use of heavy text messages or send large files so they usually subscribe to it.

9. Fing

Fing is a handy cross-platform network-discovery tool used by several IT professionals for getting the complete picture of the devices and services running on their company’s network. A ping tool is also included in the Fing App that sends a ping test the connect-ability of a host in an IP network by measuring the time it takes for a packet to reach the host and return.

Moreover, professionals make use of it to experience multiple scans or pings in quick succession and get the result in various formats that include plain text, HTML tables, and CSV logs.

10. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer is a handy tool for finding the best channels on which your company can run its wireless routers and access points. This app is usually used by professionals for determining the channels which are very crowded.

All these discussed apps are best for every IT Professional. So, if you are an IT professional or running an SEO Company and searching for the most reliable apps then get all these apps downloaded now.