Best Framework for Web Development in 2022

Web applications are an intrinsic part of any company’s digitization needs in today’s world. A website connects customers with the company, provides a centralized platform to manage operations, and streamlines the workflow. To build such apps & solutions, a web framework is required. Website development requires both a backend framework (to write code and add functionalities) and a front-end framework (to design the user interface). 

There are hundreds of frameworks available today to build appealing and engaging websites and web applications. Companies can hire website developers to work specifically on a framework and create applications that provide seamless interaction. However, there are frameworks that are designed for particular types of web apps, and then there are those that are versatile enough to accommodate all kinds of applications.

This article will highlight the most ideal frameworks for website development in 2022 and beyond. It will focus on a mix of both frontend and backend frameworks that developers use for developing web applications. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

3 Ideal backend frameworks for web development in 2022

Out of the hundreds of frameworks available for backend development, the following are the three most ideal ones that developers prefer to use for web applications: 

1. Ruby on Rails

The web framework is written in Ruby and is one of the best tools to create web applications. It is called “the startup technology” because of its capabilities to deliver rapid prototypes. It focuses on the principles of “Convention Over Configuration” and “Don’t Repeat Yourself.” Companies in industries like FinTech, Healthcare, and eCommerce are the prime users of Ruby on Rails for their web application requirements.web development frameworks

2. Django

A popular backend framework that works on Python, Django is now one of the most popular solutions for web applications. It is particularly useful for scientific computing, numerical & statistical analysis, and more. Django has a vast array of libraries and plugins that help developers to build creative web applications. It is a highly scalable and powerful framework that can handle hundreds of requests simultaneously with ease.

3. Laravel

The primary language used by Laravel is PHP, one of the world’s most popular programming languages. The framework has a command-line interface and it offers an MVC architecture. Laravel is currently the most used PHP-based framework that is useful in building high-quality web applications. A lot of small to mid-sized enterprises also use the technology to build their MVPs.

3 Ideal front-end frameworks for web development

Frontend frameworks are used to create user interfaces and provide an engaging appeal to the application. Here are the 3 most ideal frontend frameworks for web development: 

1. ReactJS

Probably the most popular front-end framework is ReactJS. It was created by Facebook and is now one of the most admired Javascript frameworks for developers across the globe. With the introduction of React Native, ReactJS also became a top framework for creating mobile applications without any hassle. The vast number of libraries make it perfectly capable of adding new features and scaling the application when needed.

2. Angular

When there is a need for single-page applications, companies often hire a website developer who is skilled in Angular. Companies can build complete client-side applications using Angular as their main technology. The 2020 update, Angular 10, brought in some amazing changes that enabled enterprises to add rich features that were not available before. Angular can be optimized for search engines even though it is not primarily available. 

3. Ember

There’s no denying the fact that Ember is one of the most widely used frameworks for frontend web application development. It uses the component service paradigm and works with HTML and CSS in a seamless manner. Ember is perfect for creating reusable and maintainable code that could be used in several different applications and locations. It offers amazing in-built functionalities and has an enormous ecosystem of plugins to choose from.

These were the top frontend and backend frameworks that developers and companies can choose from in 2022. Make sure to consider the pros and cons of each before making the decision. Contact Consumer-Sketch to learn more about website development services or to hire a dedicated team to develop websites using the latest frameworks.