Essential Skills for Front End Developer

Today, websites are omnipresent. They are everywhere all over the globe. Digital technology and its ever-increasing demand have opened up tremendous opportunities for front-end developers. Moreover, it is hard to keep pace with the ever-changing technology especially if you are a startup developer. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced professional, it is vital to follow the best front-end developer skill to bring your career to new heights of success.

If you are a front-end developer this is an opportune moment to raise your web development career. You may have a couple of websites you love to navigate through to fulfill your requirements; whether to shop or maybe to fetch some essential information.

What makes these websites work? The layout, design, buttons, and many other features are responsible to make a website work. Have you ever tried to find out how they work? All these things are associated with front-end development.

Design is just an appearance of a website, whereas front-end development is about how it is implemented on the website. And the person responsible for this is a front-end developer. There are hundreds of thousands of them available across the globe and the number is still growing.

These ever-growing numbers indicate how important it is to be up-to-date with the smartest technologies. To become one of the best front-end web developers and to reach out to the desired success explore the set of skills you may want to acquire.

âš« HTML

HTML is the very basic thing you will need to get knowledge of while starting with web development. It is the language used to set up web pages.

HTML is, in fact, the very initial step towards the journey of web development. A great deal of resources has made this language quite easy to learn. As time goes by, HTML has made significant progress and the latest standard of this language is HTML 5. 

âš« CSS

Once you have created an HTML website, you will notice that your website still needs some flavour and style. CSS is the stylesheet language that does it.

In easy words, CSS changes the look of your web page completely. It makes the page look great and provides the best user experience to visitors.

Everything, whether it is to add appealing colors, fascinating background images, responsiveness to make the site accessible on desktop as well as mobile devices, and much more, is done with CSS. 

âš« JavaScript

You have already created an award-winning web page with HTML and CSS but does it really do anything? Well, JavaScript is you can say the brain of a website.

Your dynamic and complex website will need an in-depth knowledge of JavaScript to control user interactions. JavaScript is moreover ranked to be the trendiest programming language. Becoming a well-learned front-end JavaScript developer will take your profession to great success.

âš« JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

Yes, you can create your entire web application with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but the JavaScript frameworks and libraries help to make things go easier.

The best practices and patterns of this framework make the development process much easier. They moreover help create complex apps with easy to maintain and effective user interface. The top frameworks you should consider learning is-

 * React
 * Angular and 
 * Vue

âš« Testing Code

Testing is the most vital method of creating a clean, bug-free, and maintainable code. Well-written codes make amends in the long run. There are various types of testing methods that include unit tests, functional tests, integration tests, and more. JavaScript possess various testing options like- 

 * Jest
 * Mocha
 * Enzyme etc. 

There are many other options that can be used with any trendy JavaScript framework.

âš« Tools to understand for Front End Development

After acquiring the skills to code, the next essential thing you will want to be familiar with is the trendy tools set. The different tooling options you require to be a good front end web developer are-

 * Build Tools – extremely helpful in writing and bundling code and help with a smooth web development process. 
 * Webpack – the best tool to write and bundle code. Indeed, it is the static module bundler for the trendy JavaScript web applications. 
 * Rollup – an alternate option to Webpack. This JavaScript module bundler records small codes into the large and more compound library or applications. 
 * Package Managers – install, distribute, and share code. Also, handles the dependencies in your web development projects. 
 * NPM – one of the most frequently used package managers for JavaScript. 
 * Yarn – does everything that NPM usually does. But is faster and easier to use in comparison with the NPM. 
 * Formatters and Linters – keep code clean, readable, and maintainable. 
 * ESLint – one of the most widely used Linters that handle Formatting. 
 * Prettier – an alternate option of ESLint. 

In summary, initially, it could be overwhelming for you if you are a new front-end developer. But the programming skills can help you succeed as a front end developer if you successfully pick out one of the best options you have.