How Mobile Applications are Transforming the Hospitality Industry

We live in an age where we cannot imagine our lives without mobile phones. Starting from setting an alarm for the morning to sending good night messages to our loved ones at night, we are dependent on this small device for almost everything. They are extremely useful and help us manage from minor to major works and activities of our daily lives like restaurant reservations, booking flight tickets, handling monthly budges etc.

Although the trends of these mobile apps has touched almost every industry, the travel and hospitality industry in particular, has been greatly influenced by its growing use. As travelers need everything instantly, the hoteliers across the world have now increased their budgets for technological advancements to fulfill their needs.

It is quite evident that the technology-driven generation is very much inclined towards hotel applications as they show all the hotel facilities with price details on their mobile screens eliminating the need of visiting the place.

This is one of the major reasons why hospitality industries are opting for mobile hospitality technology. Hotels can serve their clients better as mobility is now powered by the internet. A recent survey revealed that almost 50% of corporate travelers consider free Wi-Fi as an important criterion for selecting a hotel.


1. Implementing hassle-free check-ins and mobile keys


Hotels have now introduced the facility of online check-ins which enables travelers to check in even before they arrive and their keys would be ready. Mobile keys are another beneficial option for travelers that allow them to open the room doors simply with the help of their smart phones. You do not need to be worried about keeping your hotel keys in a safe place as your phone itself will be the key for your hotel rooms.


2. Improving the bandwidth of the hotel


Today’s modern travelers prefer Wi-Fi enabled hotels and it is considered as one of their priorities while traveling. A recent survey showed that more than 49% of business travelers consider Wi-Fi as a deciding factor at the time of selecting a hotel. That is why hoteliers throughout the world are upgrading their network and increasing their coverage.


3. No need of concierge


Today, many hotels have mobile applications that offer their clients local information so that they can get all these information at their fingertips. The introduction of online navigators has eliminated the usage of physical map and your phone conveniently guides you to your preferred destination. Moreover, travel-based social apps like Foursquare, Trip38, Tripadvisor, OpenTab play the role of the traditional concierge by offering necessary information to the travelers.


4. Technology-driven rooms


As mentioned above the entire world is driven by technology today and we all want our hotels to offer the same. Smart hotel rooms are the rooms that can be easily accessed with the help of tabs or mobile apps, TVs that can also be operated through your phones. Such technologically advanced hotels provide all in one system so that you can control lights, temperature, music etc with your mobile devices.


5. Building a personal bond


When your guests get the opportunity to share their feedback on their experience in your hotel through their smart phones, it automatically builds a connection between you and your clients. Moreover, you get the chance to know them by knowing about their preferences and you can also provide them exciting deals on the drinks they prefer in your restaurant. when you receive constructive feedback from your customers about the hotel online, try to act as soon as possible. Your guests would know that their feedbacks do matter to you.


6. Saves time and money


Mobility in the hotel industry is known for its ability to save money and time. When your dependency on manpower reduces, it automatically cuts down additional costs on staff maintenance and time on training them. This gives you the scope to handle multiple departments on the go including marketing, sales management, front desk, revenue management and more.


7. Faster guest service


Responding to the queries and requests of guests is indeed a time-consuming task for hotel staff. It often becomes difficult to manage guests in the hotels and also on the phone calls simultaneously. However if these queries and requests are raised online, it becomes easy for the hotel employees to track and answer the same instantly.

From the above mentioned benefits, it is pretty clear that mobile applications are redefining the way hotel industries work. The new concept not only increases service efficiency but also allows hotels to offer customers, value for money deals. This helps hoteliers increase their business as well as maintain efficient operations. If you are into the hospitality business hire an efficient app development company in India to build mobile apps in Android and IOS platforms for your business.