How to Generate Leads by Email Marketing

Gone are the days when marketers buy email lists to load into their customer relationship management (CRM) database and began sending unsolicited SPAM messages to their recipients.

These days, your marketing campaign will not even move a finger through this process; with laws such as CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) Act, advanced email filters and the likes. Ignoring the guidelines will get your ISP blocked, thereby preventing you from sending emails in the future.

Generating Leads through Email Marketing

Taking it from here, I'll highlight some featured email marketing campaign ideas, to give your business a glowing presence in the competitive market; assuming you've extracted your emails through the Email Extractor.

Let's get our wheels rolling.

1. Lead Generation Campaign

Strategically composing clever and trustworthy email messages to your recipients is one of the most effective ways to capture the moment of sales or deals from your new leads.

Ensure that your post is well personalized so that it will seem really targeting.

Obtaining unique user behaviors through their actions on your site with tools such as Drift is a good way to ensure you group your recipients based on their interest.

Make sure you conclude your message with a brief call to action (CTAs), enticing your readers to make a progress.

Make follow-ups a necessity for your email campaign, this way you will still be in control of your customers.

2. Sending Newsletter

Hope the email addresses you've obtained through the email extractor are somewhere safe because it's time to send that marketing newsletter to those addresses.

Email newsletters are excellent in bridging the gap of communication between you and your customers.

It keeps refreshing your brand in the mind of the audiences to help them find you whenever they want.

Here are a few tips to help you compose a killer newsletter for your target audience:

* Planning out sending engaging contents
* Use the information your audience will be glad to hear.
* Divide your newsletter delivery into a routine obligation.
* Keep your information short and as much precise as possible.
* Create multiple newsletters and channel those contents based on your customer's behavior or actions.

3. Social Media Integration

Extracting emails from relevant sites using email extractor alone isn't a perfect marketing strategy.

However, putting together email marketing with social media marketing from top networks such as Facebook, and Twitter will be a great technique to attract more leads.

Incorporating your social media handles into your marketing emails is also helpful in facilitating more shares if your service interest the recipients, and will definitely generate leads for your business.


Email marketing may not be the best way to market your products and services, but it's one of the top most effective processes of lead generation.Therefore, concerned marketers are more willing to use online email extractors to get clients from a relative field for their promotional campaigns.The most important principle here is to get to know and understand what makes you generate more leads, this happens through delivering quality contents and value through your email campaigns.