Whenever an iPhone app development company in the USA updates an application, that is already available in the market, the company is free to code whatever is essential for the update. Like it can add new features and make the application more stable, or just fix some bugs in the programming. The company is also responsible to code the application in a professional manner that matches with the original application as approved for sale in the app store.

iPhone App Developer has a strong effect with QuasiDisk, a file sharing app, snuck in an unsanctioned and highly desirable feature of iPhone tethering. The app was pulled back just after blogs started to spread the news about the hidden feature within the iPhone app.

With all obvious reasons behind Apple’s banning of iPhone tethering, it is still going on nicely with cell phone service providers. There are iPhone app Development companies, still willing to blow over on a sudden burst of sales they get by producing such an app, doesn’t matter if it is pulled from the market sooner or later.

Ethical Business for the iPhone App Development Company

The decision to flex the rules by an iPhone app company or by iOS app development is ethical in nature and is an individual choice. How to decide, if the business is worth flexing the official rules? Is it right to defy the governing rules of providing a service to consumers that is in high demand?

Should the iPhone app development company be free to make individual decisions regarding the services for mobile phone consumers, or is it essential to have a governing body, that assists the interests of the firms, which is providing valuable services to keep the mobile world operating at a full speed? The answer depends fully on which part of the ethical fence you rely on.

Source: consumer-sketch.com