Digital Marketing - A Ocean of Opportunities

There is no denying the fact that digital marketing has become of the hottest careers in 2019. More and more students have started taking this career route to make a successful career in the future. With modern digitalization, more and more companies adopting the latest technology and the power of the internet to popularize their brands. Be it a planned startup or a big corporate house, everyone needs new technology to scale up their businesses. 

So now that several people have started taking this medium, new jobs in the area of "digital marketing" have created a space for people to take this up professionally. What is even better is that this industry is offering great salaries to people who have taken this up professionally. The multidimensional industry has given numerous jobs to the new age generation. 

As we said, there are numerous areas you can get into digital marketing. It totally depends on the interest of the individual what domain he wants to get into. 

Here are all job profiles you can do if you take the digital marketing route.

 * Visual Graphic / Animated / Video
 * Innovation technology (such as Artificial Intelligence AI or Machine Learning ML)
 * Mobile marketing (Google / Apple Store)
 * Outreach (Blogging)
 * Generation of Leads (cold calling, affiliate marketing)
 * (SEO) Search engine optimization (On-page, Off-page, SEO Marketing)
 * (SEM) Search engine marketing (Sponsor listing in Google, Yahoo and, Bing)
 * (SMM) Social media marketing (Paid adverting in Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Linkedin)
 * E-commerce portal (Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento)
 * Email marketing (Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Amazon SES)
 * Marketing automation (Salesforce, Hubspot)
 * Content management (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)
 * SEO Copywriting, editing, and proofreading
 * Web design and development (web and mobile app developers)
 * Web Analytics and Tracking (web analytic expert)
 * Business Development 
 * Creating a marketing strategy
 * Lead growth

This field offers various designation such as SEO Executive, SEO Analyst, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Manager and more...

Now, let us know a little about what the area is all about and why has it gained immense popularity over the period. Hiring professional digital marketing service means marketing your company, which is to spread a word about your company digitally. It is with the right usage of the electronic media to spread the word. It could be on social media platforms, or via mobile marketing, through SEO or SMO, email marketing or through other mediums. 

It involves a great chunk of content writing and content marketing, hence, it is always a great idea to know more and more about the diverse industry to get a good hold of the rapidly growing industry. 

While the majority it deals in SEO, that is search engine optimization, it is used to find the keywords that are generally floating in the very industry. It takes up approximately sixty percent of what goes in the digital marketing domain. The other thirty percent goes in research which means that even before you become an expert in digital marketing, you got to master the art of doing the right research. 

Not so accurate research can ideally ruin a great campaign and all the money that is spent in the campaign can bring no returns as such. The rest 10 percent talks about how well you use your creativity and design a campaign.  

Since these campaigns are going live via social media, it is good to know what and how a social media platform would work. While there are many platforms, it is also important to know what works for which client and campaign. Hence, in-depth knowledge of social media channels is again a great way to know your campaign well. 

If you are working with an agency, it is even great to know what works for which client. Here you will know about many industries and their products. More creativity and more ideas would help you sharpen your skills while it gives you in-depth knowledge of your area of work. 

Now that you know what all could be done in the digital marketing space, how about you take the right step towards a great future. Consult a Leverage Edu expert and know what all options you can explore. It is time to take a step towards a bright future, and Leverage Edu can help you do that. For more updates on digital media marketing, stay tuned. All the best!