A landing page is an essential part of your website. Throughout the sales funnel, it's what speaks to potential customers and gets them excited about buying from you. A good website design company would place a great deal of emphasis on developing an attractive landing page.

Landing pages provide marketers with a way to capture leads and begin the sales funnel.

Although landing pages are designed to convince users to take a desired action, the design can be crucial in making that happen.

To increase your chances of making a sale online, employ the services of an experienced digital marketing agency. A good landing page will entice customers to look at its offerings but also engage them enough for them not to leave immediately after arriving on it.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 features of a successful landing page. By incorporating these elements into your web development, you can better persuade users to take action—instead of leaving the site or abandoning their cart.

10 Things a Good Landing Page Must Have

Whereas there are many elements that go into a successful landing page, there are some main components to consider.

1. SEO Friendly URL

Make sure the URL of your landing page is easy to recognize and, if possible, short enough so that most people will be able to type it without mistakes. This is important because Google uses those SEO-friendly URLs for its search results rankings.

2. Appealing Headlines

Instead of stuffing your headlines with keywords that Google's algorithm might find spammy, create compelling descriptions. The better you can persuade users to click on an ad—the more likely it is that they'll be satisfied once they land on the corresponding page and will want to come back again in the future!

3. Navigation Bar

It is important to have an appealing navigation bar. It should showcase the structure of the website—and web development for a landing page starts with this. The bar should lead to different complementary offerings.

4. Call-To-Actions (CTA)

Every Call-To-Aaction should lead to a desirable outcome. Make sure that users are not confused about what your product does or how it works by leading them all in the same direction without confusing them with multiple options. Call to action is important—design elegantly!

5. Clear Content

Always articulate the point you are trying to make in a clear and concise manner. Match your content with what is being sold, so that customers will take the action you want them to—but don’t bore users by packing text full of keywords.

6. Design Specifically

To create a successful landing page, you need to design it for a specific purpose. A generic page is nothing but wasted real estate—you need to be clear about what the page is offering and why someone would want it.

7. Reduce Links

Reduce the number of internal and external links on your landing page. First, this will create less noise for users—distracting them from their desired action (which is to take an interest in what you’re offering). Second, they don't want prospects leaving the landing page!

8. Use Attractive Multimedia

The more multimedia you use on your landing page—videos, animation, sound effects and music (if appropriate)—the better. Multimedia helps engage users while they're waiting to learn more about your service/product, increasing their chance of a conversion.

9. Above the Scroll

Place the most important information above the fold so that customers can see it without scrolling. This approach works well for selling high-value products.

10. Stand Out

It is essential to stand out. You cannot make your mark by building the same landing page as other people—you must ensure that your landing delivers a unique user experience to everyone who visits it. In this way, you will convert more users into customers than they would otherwise be able.

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