A landing page is a valuable asset for your website. It is the online sales personnel and the front page that will convert your visitors into customers. Any website design company would lay special emphasis on the development of a landing page as it needs to be appealing and engaging. Landing pages are important because they are the link between the company and a prospect.

However, designing a landing page is a crucial activity. You need to carefully place different elements on the page so that it convinces the users to take the desired action. A digital marketing agency can help you make a great landing page and promote it. You need to take extreme precaution in the design while ensuring that your customer doesn’t go away as soon as they land on it.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 features that make for a great landing page. By ensuring the right elements in web development for your page, you will be able to better persuade the users into taking the desired action.

Top 10 features of a great landing page

While there are several things that you need to take care, a landing page comprises a few major things that determine whether the user will stay for longer or not. Here are the top 10 features of a landing page that you should ask the digital marketing agency to incorporate -

1. Understandable URL

Your landing page URL should be easily readable and comprehensible by everyone. Try to keep it as short as possible so that most people can recognize it. Google will also be able to rank you better if it knows that you have an easy presence.

2. Appealing headlines

Apart from stuffing keywords in your headlines, it also needs to be catchy. The more persuasive it is, the better it is for Google to understand your content and rank you. Your ad quality score will improve if the headline matches the page content.

3. Navigation bar

There needs to be an appealing navigation bar as well. It showcases the structure of the website. Any web development for the landing page starts with the navigation bar. Make sure that the bar leads to different complementary offerings.

4. Call-to-actions

Make sure that all call-to-action lead to your desired outcome. They all should take the user in the same direction without confusing them about the product. Call to action is the most important element - design them elegantly.

5. Clear content

You must always articulate the point you are trying to make in a clear and concise manner. Your content should always match the product you are selling and the action you want customers to take. Don’t bore the users with irrelevant content just to stuff keywords.

6. Design specifically

Design the landing page for a specific purpose. This is the most important feature that any digital marketing agency will suggest to focus on. A generic page is nothing but a lost sale. You need to be clear about what the page is about, what it is selling, and why it is there.

7. Reduce links

It is essential to reduce the internal and external links on your landing page. First of all - they create extra noise and distract the users from taking the desired action. Second of all - you don’t want the prospects to leave the landing page.

8. Use attractive images

And videos as well. The more you can engage your customer on the landing page, the better it is for you. You want your prospects to stay on the page for as long as possible. Attractive multimedia will keep the users returning and showcase your value.

9. Above the scroll

Ensure that maximum content is showcased on the first screen of the landing page. Everything important should come above the scroll so that you can deliver the point without making the user scroll too much. It is necessary for selling high-value products.

10. Stand out

It is essential to stand out. You cannot make your mark by building the same landing page as other people. You need to ensure that your landing delivers a unique user experience to everyone who visits it. In this way, you will convert your users into customers and keep on doing that.