Top 5 Best Technology Used for Mobile App Development in India

Whether it's iOS app development or Android, determining the platform for your mobile application can be a challenge. If you want to target customers on both platforms, then you need a cross-platform app. Once you decide the platform, you can hire the right mobile app development company in India to develop your mobile application.

A significant question then arises - Which technology is the best for your mobile application? An iPhone application development company in India will work on SWIFT or Objective C to build your application. On the other hand, an Android app development company can develop your app on React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, or Ionic.

In this article, we will highlight the 5 best technologies used for mobile app development in India. It will include the technology for building both iOS and Android applications.

5 best technologies for mobile app development in India

The best technology for your mobile app will make a world of difference in the application experience. You need a technology that can deliver a high level of user satisfaction with its interface and robustness. Here are the 5 best technologies that a mobile app development company in India can offer you for mobile applications -

1. React Native

One of the trending and emerging technologies for mobile app development is React Native. It is a cross-platform app development framework that uses a single codebase for developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

The best thing is that it interacts perfectly well with the platform components and provides a native look and feel to the application. You don't have to separately hire an iPhone application development company in India if you are building your application with React Native.

2. Flutter

A classic in the mobile app development industry, Flutter is an exceptional platform for Android and iOS app development. The framework uses Dart to enable developers to build native interfaces for their mobile applications. It is an open-source mobile app development SDK by Google that offers complete flexibility in the development process. Read more about the cost to make a flutter app for Your business in this post.


Arguably the champion in iPhone app development, SWIFT, is one of the best programming languages for coding mobile applications for iOS. It offers additional layers of security and is a flexible programming language, which has an open-source codebase. Any iPhone application development company in India will offer SWIFT as the first option for building iOS apps. You can also use it as a scripting language.

4. Kotlin

If you are only looking for an Android application, then Kotlin is one of the best choices. You can hire an Android app development company that can work with this beautiful, statically-typed programming language. It is considered as an advanced version of JAVA, and developers who have already worked with JAVA can easily switch to Kotlin. It is a progressive language that is used to create scalable mobile applications. Examples include Trello, Pinterest, Evernote, and more.

5. Python

One of the most in-demand technologies for web and mobile apps in Python. It is a robust, simple, and easy-to-use programming language for building feature-rich applications. Python enables enterprises to build scalable applications that can handle the massive traffic load. Companies like YouTube, Instagram, Google, etc., use Python in their technology stack to deliver features for their mobile and web applications.

Today, there are a large number of customers on both iOS and Android - and you should not miss out on both of them. You should hire a mobile app development company in India that offers cross-platform application development using the best technologies available. They can decide on the best technology for your web application and ensure your presence on both iOS and Android.