• 21 March 2017

    Mobile Application Development: Selection Criteria

    Today, businesses seek the support of innovative technologies to boost their business growth. The abundance of smartphones has nourished the growth of mobile applications. Almost all companies today offer mobility solutions to its clientele. This is the right time to invest in your business mobile application. To get an app developed that fits your business needs and satisfies your targeted users, you require to take an au fait decision while picking up the right mobile app development company. Below listed are the powerful key criteria that can refer to while choosing the right company for your project.Past Projects - Check out the company’s past projects. Ask the company to provide you with links to their past client work that are available on the app store. Don’t hesitate to download and try it to reveal the UX or UI design.Feedback and Reviews - Past and present client feedback and reviews are equally important. Ask the company for client references. This will help you get feedback from the clients who own the experience of working with the company. Companies with a good working relationship would never hesitate to provide you with the client’s contact information.Area of Expertise - Hiring a team that has the expertise in developing iOS apps, but is not well versed with android app development, means you are overlooking scads of Android users. Hire a top cross-platform mobile app development companies that can provide you with a team that is proficient in cross-platform development.Mode of Communication - Communication is very important during the app development phase. Find out the mode of communication and how frequently the company will offer you updates on the development process.App Submission - An app should abide by the app store guidelines to get submitted. It is vital to have a clear picture of this beforehand. So, before signing the contract, make sure who will be submitting the app to the store, and would there be any extra charge for the submission.Related post: Peak Points for Creating a Mobile ApplicationMonetization - Check up on how your mobile application monetization. Will your app be a pay per download or a free one? If you are planning for a free app, be certain that the company is proficient in linking up display ads, in-app purchases or paid subscription services.Support and Maintenance - Your mobile application might need frequent updates. Considering post-deployment support, make sure about the support and maintenance you need to be offered by the app development company.Security - The security threat is the biggest menace. Once an app is launched, many poor quality duplications hit up the app store due to the development company’s poor security measures. Therefore, choose the company that guarantees app security to the maximum.Quality Assurance - The company must be well aware of the latest manual and automation, quality assurance and testing measures necessary to avoid technical errors or bugs when your app added in the store. Frequent interruption most possible will lose the user’s interest and will create a negative impact on them.Think Out-of-the-Box - Pick a company that has the expertise in developing unique and updated solutions. Most importantly, choose the company that follows an innovative approach, one of the key factors that can bring in a good return on investment and expected business results.Your business success relies on the standard of your application design. As a consequence, it is vital to determine the experience and skills of the team of designers that can deliver you world-class custom mobile application designs.The success of any mobile application largely depends on the expertise of the developer that has worked on it. Therefore, hire a vendor that is well versed, ensuring beforehand, that the vendor you intend to assign your project has the reputation of delivering the task on time.Any delays would for sure result in cost; hence for any business, it is vital to make apps available to users at the right time. A company that adheres to deadlines will be safer to invest in. Before getting things on paper, evaluate the development company thoroughly. The above-listed tips can help you overcome the dilemmas in hiring the right mobile app development company for your most desired projects. With various mobile devices, sizes, and platforms, it is vital to sign one that has the expertise and knowledge to develop an app suitable for any device and technology as well.Source: www.consumer-sketch.com

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  • 05 January 2017

    Hire an expert iOS app development company

    Earlier, most of the entrepreneurs preferred to choose Android for their application development project. But, today, the scenario has completely changed. For past few years, iOS has placed itself on the center stage and has completely changed the app development market. Nowadays, most people prefer to use iOS devices. It is also said that this trend would continually grow in the future for years longer.The iOS apps will be much more prominent in the future that they are today. And, this is the key area you need to tap into. iPhone developers are greatly in demand, as iOS apps are being highly used in today’s era. Out of these numerous developers, choose the best iPhone app development company that can, as per on your objectives, shape up your mobile app ideas, and get started with your project.Due to the frequent updates in iOS, it has become very important for any company to leverage a bidding platform that offers a lot of untapped potentials. An appropriately created application can take any business to its target audience. Possibly, this can be done by hiring skilled developers to handle the entire iPhone application development process as per today’s industry standards.Developers know the ins and outs of the application development process and can, moreover, deliver you error-free applications that will further add on a level of productivity to your business and maintain your brand value. Being accustomed to the latest trend, experts can make the best use of today’s technologies. They also know how to stay in touch with the clients and keep them updated on their app development project.One more advantage of hiring experts is their availability at the time of crises. As in, when you experience any issue with your app, you just need to contact the developer and get the issue resolved in quite a less time. The professionalism of expert developers will always turn back to you whenever needed and manage the project as per your guidelines. This would further provide you the most advanced and high performing mobile apps.The best idea is to do a complete background check on the company you want to appoint to hand over your application project. The best source to check the company’s creativity is the past projects and the clientele. You can also give a chance to the offshore companies that offer the same services, but at the most reasonable prices. Mainly, prefer the experienced company that can be trusted to provide superior iPhone apps.Hiring expert iOS app Development Company could be time-consuming, but for sure things can be simplified. Well, get down to a few tips that can get you through your entire journey by helping you hire the best and hook up the right resources.Documentation is crucial. Make a neat document, and share it amongst the app development companies you feel could be the right choice. This would help the developers estimate exactly what functionality, features, and specifications you want to be incorporated into your application. The point listed above would provide you with a list of expert brains bidding to work on your project. Inviting these bids would further help you experience what all it takes to create a successful iPhone application. Furthermore, the greater the number of bids you receive, the greater the number of feedbacks you would get about the conception of your application. Now that you have shortlisted the best companies, it is time to break the ice. Offer a final price for the company and pen down your project. Not to forget, it is very important to maintain any financial terms in writing. Pen down the payment terms, with mutual understanding – i.e. the time, and the technique of payment. At the final stage, once you have hooked up an expert developer, register yourself at the apple store. To sell your application with no third-party involvement, you require possessing an Apple developer ID. This would help the iPhone application development company submit your furbished application for approval to the store on your behalf.Beyond everything, researching for the developers and picking up the skilled resources out of an endless list is a tough process and time consuming as well. But once you get connected to the right brain, what all you require to do is just relax and wait for the overwhelming outcome.Source: www.consumer-sketch.com

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  • 14 December 2016

    Top Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Resources

    You might have a bunch of outstanding ideas while developing your new business website. But, your ideas, in all likelihood, will go in vain in any case you fail to hire the right talent. This means you need to hire someone that can fruitfully execute your ideas and flawlessly put them into action. This is where you require to hire a dedicated resource that can help you put your great thoughts into action.Unlike a freelancer, a dedicated team is an important term for the entrepreneurs, like you, who wants to hand over their website development project to the pool of devoted and expert developers from another organization to work adequately for them. Making it easier, a dedicated resource carries out only a specified job.Dedicated resources hired by the right and reputed company can make you work with a team of skilled developers that are capable to fulfill your requirements at your convenience. They aptly keep in touch with you updating about the progress of the task you have assigned them. This way they develop a transparent and reliable relationship with you. The expertise and professionalism they possess for their profession frame them the most reliable option to hire for whatever sort of requirements you might have, whether easy or complex.Depending on your project requirements, you can either hire a solo resource or an entire team amounting on hourly, weekly or monthly basis. The undeniable fact is that hiring these resources won’t be an easy task at all. What method you should choose to hire them? Well, while researching to find out the expertise, you need to accurately bring about your belief onto some website design and development company. An open sea of benefits for outsourcing your project to the dedicated resources briefed below might help you choose the right expertise with the least possible hassle.Saves you time. Being in no doubt, outsourcing dedicated resources saves your precious time. As you finalize the expertise, that is capable to be handed over your project, be in your right mind that all essential points of your project will be executed promptly, and once finished would anticipate growing your deadlines.Caches your revenue. The name of dedicated resources is judged according to their pricing. Hence, the pricing packages of these resources most likely can be client friendly. Isn’t it amazing to know that you can save a lot of money when hiring dedicated resources?Offers professional services. When you hire dedicated developers, you would experience the professional and competitive services offered by the experts to fulfill your expectations. So choose the company that has a world greatest portfolio to showcase and can continually intact with.Provides dedicated workers. The most essential aspect of outsourcing your project to a successful and dedicated firm is that it enables you with expert workers. Ultimately, it makes you earn the best possible and highly experienced hands that will with full dedication bring your project to an end.Have better infrastructure. At the time you hired dedicated resource company, they will facilitate you a tremendous work alike your expectations. Their services will most likely be so remarkable that you would not opt to research for some other choice.Protects your privacy. To the dedicated resource companies, the privacy protection of their customers matters the most. They make sure that none of your information or details is leaked or shared out.Gives you full rights and credit. Yes, it’s absolutely correct, when you hire professional app developers from the dedicated resource company, you will be provided with full rights and credit with your project. This means they would never give up with whatsoever extreme or wrongful measure it could take.Bids you competitive workers. The dedicated developers you hire, will come up with highly competitive hands that will, depending on your requirements, offer you an outstanding end result, by setting up the documentation with whatever needs or options you might have.Helps you decide the resource type. Being inexperienced in the field, you will for sure determine a particular source and its definite nature. Whereas, the experienced resource providers would be able to impose anything or any idea you might have until an accurate decision is mutually developed between you and the company.And finally, allows you access at any time. Hire dedicated resources to meet up your own demands. These professionals work day and night tirelessly and also allows you to approach them whenever you require.Source: Consumer-Sketch.com

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  • 07 October 2016

    5 Tips for Having a Responsive Web Design

    The trend of using mobile devices or smartphones to access the internet has grown rapidly over the past few years. It is being said that the traffic of mobile internet has overtaken desktop traffic. Today, the way a website should be displayed and be used is completely changed. A few years ago, websites were optimized keeping desktop screens in mind, and now, designers need to involve mobile devices while creating a website.There are various ways to optimize a website according to mobile devices. You can either create a mobile version of your website, or you can develop a mobile application. But, for many reasons, having web design services has become a standard and a necessity for almost all enterprises.However, there are best, tried and true tips that can impact the performance of your responsive website design. A perfect design ensures that your visitors are able to navigate through your website with a welcoming and seamless experience regardless of any device they hold to access it. Below listed are a few tips for having a responsively designed website.1. Adopt a mobile-first approach. This means, designing your website first of all for mobile users, maintaining the layout and elements progressively suitable to larger screen sizes.In short, build a layout inclusive of all sizes of devices your prospective visitors might use to access your website. But, why you should go “mobile-first?” The best reason is to build a website taking the smartphone users into account that would mostly use their handy devices for making up the majority of their internet searches.2. Cover all sizes of screens in the design. Nowadays, people use an array of devices to go online. Some of them also use multiple devices to make even a single purchase. So, make your responsive site serve a seamless and pleasing experience for all screen sizes.To do this you need to include all sizes of screens in your design, i.e. from small mobile devices to big-screened desktop monitors. Over and above, a  professional web design service provider can help you create a custom fluid design that can automatically adapt the variable screen sizes.3. Let the device control the content and layout that should adapt as per the device that is being used to go online. People using mobile devices would for sure seek some essential information – like direction, contact information, etc. – to come to any conclusion.Some of them would most likely prefer to use desktop screens to make any in-depth searches – like if they need some extra research, reading blogs & articles, etc.Therefore, don’t take the screen size as one and the only factor to control the content and layout of your website. For instance, on a mobile screen, the priority should be your store locator, the search button, or any other essential information that can help your audience with their research and decision.Whereas on a desktop screen, you should concentrate on your blog content, or form content for your users if they need any detailed information. Take the help of your developer for the best website designs to help you decide what would be the most important and useful feature suitable for all sizes of devices.4. Adopt scalable navigation. The navigation also needs to adjust automatically on each device size like your content strategy. Mobile users would prefer to navigate through a site that can play down the scrolling and typing time they every time need to do.5. Simplify the navigation and allow the mobile users to surf between your homepage and other web content with possibly fewer clicks. When talking about desktop users, can handle any sort of puzzling navigation with any number of clicks.Not only this, but the larger screens also require more varied navigation than a mobile screen. Scalable navigation will give your potential visitors a seamless experience regardless of the device they are using.Cut short the image size. A responsive site seems to be a little slower than other websites. Whereas today’s mobile users would expect instant page loads.Therefore, you need to create a web design that can most possibly load quickly. Because larger images, mostly take a lot of time to load, you need to increase the loading speed, by lowering your image size. Let your web developer suggest to you suitable options to streamline your website.Bottom line, having a responsive web design layout for your website is a necessity if you actually want to reach the maximum possible customers that conduct their internet searches on mobile devices. Due to the simplicity, flexibility and seamless User Experience (UX) of responsiveness, having it onsite would be the most effective choice.Working with a customized web designer or a web developer, you can create an appealing website, easily accessible on any screen size. And for yourself, you earn an end result of having better search engine optimization followed by more leads, and more sales bearing simpler and affordable maintenance.Source: https://www.consumer-sketch.com

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  • 27 September 2016

    Peak Points for Creating a Mobile Application

    Most mobile application development companies or even individual freelance developers believe that they own the best app idea. But, as a matter of fact, most of the newly developed mobile apps often fail soon after they are launched in the market. There are a few peak points you should consider creating a successful mobile app. You need to execute good research and identify your best suitable opportunity.You might have experienced some apps hitting top charts. To reach up to this success you need to notice your market and industry thoroughly. You also need to be sure about who your viewers are. This research can help you place yourself in your niche and wrap up what strategies can differentiate your app.Let’s take an example: Imagine, you are planning to create a messenger app. Your clever research would help you to point out towards the well-known messenger apps, like Facebook Messenger, that stands out from others. In this case, you need to create an incredibly well-crafted application included with cutting-edge features that can easily convince people to switch to your app.In-depth market research is the very first key thing that can give you a successful app. What you need is to invest both time and money into your market research before getting started with the project.Secondly, after doing thorough market research you need to plan out your app development project in the right way. It is key to know your app flow clearly and accurately work out everything before starting the project. If you aren’t a technical expert and if you haven’t yet worked on any mobile app project, it is advisable to work out your planning stage with the help of an expert developer. The good news is, most of the application development companies help their clients out with their planning stage. Getting a right layout for your application means setting yourself up to get a smooth and successful app development process.It is equally important to decide whom you should hire, a freelancer app developer or a well-known app development company. Hiring a freelancer sounds tempting if you are having a tight budget. But, software projects are not always easy to handle. And so, things could go wrong if handled by inexperienced hand. It is a complex task to get a dependable, experienced and hard-working freelancer in today’s market that is overflowing with a lot of unskilled developers.Many times people contact app development companies to handle their incomplete and messed up the project when inexperienced freelancers disappear after handling them an unfinished project. Yes, it’s true, a freelancer app developer would charge lesser than a well-established company, but of course, it has a risk of getting the best app or having a nightmare.On the other hand, handing over your project to an established company is completely a different thing. After all, it is the reputation, companies have to work hard to protect and maintain their happy clientele. Companies charge much higher than a freelance developer. But, hiring a company, you are getting a whole team of experts in return to work on your project. Companies can provide you guaranteed deliverables depending on the initial terms and conditions of your signed contract.Unlike a freelancer, a mobile app development company works on your project endlessly. A company would not take leisure time, a company would not get sick, plus a company would never lose interest in any sort of project once contracted. A company has the expertise and a dedicated team that contacts you and follow up with you directly.Another key aspect to think about is either you want to develop an IOS application or an Android app. First of all, be clear for what purpose you want to build an app. If it is for internal company use, find out how many of your staffs are using IOS and what percentage are using Android.Just imagine, you create an app, assuming each of your staff owns an IOS device, to find out your most of the staff base is Android users. Work on what area and what sort of clients your app will target and focus on the percentage of the mobile usage amongst that particular area or clientele.Last but not least, one of the major challenges of developing a mobile application is the budget. Everyone wants to have an exceptional app. But, most of them don’t own the budget. Creation and maintenance of apps are costly, and without sufficient budget, a company would have a huge struggle to launch its product or service.Therefore, if you are low in budget, and still want to proceed with your application development project, most advisably prefer any one of these two options. – Create a web application instead of a native mobile application, and secondly create a simple and stripped down application with minimal features.Source: Consumer Sketch

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  • 29 August 2016

    4 Things to Keep in Mind When You Hire a Web Design Company

    Handing over the website design project to a dedicated web design service provider means getting a good time to focus more on other essential projects. But, before signing an agreement, it is key to keep an eye on a few essential practices of web design. A lot of things go into the creation of a website – from the actual layout for the pages filled with content that pulls up your brand in the search engine results.Your website is the first impression of your brand. So, don’t you think that it should display the right impression? Despite the fact, that an array of things is responsible for building a successful web presence, it is key to not fully believe that the designing company is the only feast for your website. You should also have a basic knowledge of each and every section that ensures you are getting a quality service with a positive impact on your business.Here, before signing a designing company, take a few minutes and evaluate the company bearing the below listed 4 key points into your mind that could save you from higher cost.Quality of the Content. It is the content that builds trust by educating visitors, and sooner or later might turn tail towards purchase decisions. Seeing that, if you fail to provide engaging and knowledgeable contents to the visitors, you will most likely fail to convince them to weigh your company any more. Not only to attract potential visitors but are quality contents also essential to rank up your company brand high in the search engines. Pricing Structure. Going through a few website development companies, you will experience some variations in the pricing and payment structures. But, rather than getting too caught up and accept a payment structure just because it is cheap, it is strongly advised to check out what exactly you are going to get. A company that is significantly cheaper than other companies, might most likely provide low quality work.And on the other part, it is not at all obvious that a highly expensive designer will surely provide you with better results. Therefore, give good research, discuss your requirements with some number of reputed companies, and tie up with one that matches your needs and budget too. Process. Regular communication and deadlines are very important. Keep a timeline for several steps during your website designing process. Check out if each step is completed within the estimated timeline. This will help you to figure out if your website development process is going as per the planning or the team is lagging behind. Doesn’t matter whatever sized company you select to finish your project, important is that you don’t let yourself wonder how long the team might take to complete every single step.Have a word with the team through any source – email, phone or in person – on a regular basis. Regular exchange of information and ideas, plus the cooperation of both – you and the designer or developer – is the most important factor to have a successful website design. A Reputation of the firm. A company’s reputation is again an essential part to start and finish your website project successfully. Therefore, most importantly, go through the case studies and portfolios of the company you have shortlisted to hand over your website development project.Also, check out the company reviews and feedbacks. No reputable company will hesitate to provide you with this information. You can also fetch this sort of data online.There are other points to be taken into consideration while selecting the right company for your business website development– the coal and ice of your online presence. It is not something you should rush to make with no essential information. Therefore take time and evaluate your own shortlisted website design companies properly and considering the words of their past and present clients, make an on the ball decision that is fruitful for your business.For more info visit us on: https://www.consumer-sketch.com

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