• 26 June 2016

    Does Cross-platform Mobile Application always Work?

    When researching for a mobile app development company to build your business application for iOS, Android and Windows bearing the minimum cost, you might come across some developers that will try to convince you to use cross-platform approach, saying that it can reduce your cost and time as well. No, this is not completely true, and may not work in all cases.Many companies have experienced several issues by using a cross-platform approach to develop their mobile application and being unable to resolve the issues, they have recreated their application using a native app development approach. Well, cross-platform and native are two different approaches. In layman terms: Native app development – takes separate developers for same application but for different platforms. Viz. iOS developer to create the application for iOS; Android developer to create an application for Android app, and App Developer for Windows Phone to create Windows applications. Cross-platform app development – takes just a single developer to create the same app for different platforms – iOS, Android and Windows. And to build the application, it uses different frameworks. To name a few, JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, and Titanium.At first glance, Native or Cross-platform, which approach you to think would be the best for your project? For sure, it would be a cross-platform approach, as it can reduce your cost, time and efforts. But, be careful when making the decision. The cross-platform approach does have the chances to create a slow, buggy and non-scalable mobile application.Really, it could be a very tough task to decide the best approach. There are several critical considerations to be kept in mind while making your decision. Consider:If your UI design is very graphics intensive – If the application you want to create requires a sleek user interface or is having animations or custom graphics, then cross-platform mobile app development approach might not work. IOS and Android have lots of popular devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.It can get really messy if you try to reach all screen sizes with the same source code. Again, if you want to have different layouts in terms of design for different platforms, a cross-platform developer will mostly need to work not less than two native developers to handle various screen constraints.Cross-platform app development approach can work well if the interaction points in your app don’t take a lot of server-side interaction. Hence, brochure apps, information apps with simple contents can better go with cross-platform app development approach. But, interaction, graphics, and apps with heavy contents should go for the native approach.If you are planning to integrate external devices with your application – The cross-platform approach might not be the right technique if you want to create an app that can integrate with external devices through your Bluetooth phone, WiFi, or Audio Jack connector. A lot of external devices, just to name a few fitness sensors or credit card readers, don’t integrate robustly using the cross-platform approach.The device manufacturers normally provide native Android SDK (software development kit) or iOS SDK that supports native technique only. Your developer might somehow make the code work with the help of JavaScript code, but this would not support all iOS and Android devices.If your local database is going to be large – Mobile applications with large databases and which works offline and needs frequent syncing with the server might not do well with a cross-platform approach. You do get the option to add SQLite or WEB SQL for server syncing and offline functionality.In any event, if the application does not make several asynchronous queries to the database – local or server – and if your layout is very large, you will experience slow performance and there would be more chances of the app getting crashed. Therefore, avoid cross-platform approach if you are sure your app is database driven and need to sync frequently.If your application would use native mobile APIs and how many – If your application uses Push notifications, or address book API, or any other advanced phone APIs, you need to be very careful. Check out if your mobile app development company can make sure to get these through a native approach bearing no performance issues. Most of the time these integrations take more cost and time by using a cross-platform approach rather than a native approach.If your application needs 508 compliance – Several healthcare apps or other government apps needs to be 508 compliant, so that blind, deaf or other disabled people can use them easily. The cross-platform approach would not work for these type of apps, especially for Android phones. Because it needs a Talkback feature, and the cross-platform approach can create issues while creating them. A native approach can rather ensure to make an easy-to-use 508 compliant app for all iOS as well as Android devices.In addition, the Native approach provides you with numerous benefits, to name some incredible performance and all other native functionality, whereas a cross-platform approach reduces the time and cost of the development. But as indicated, maximum developers prefer to use native approach rather than the shortcuts of cross-platform.Source: Consumer Sketch

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  • 24 May 2016

    3 Things to avoid while Developing a Mobile App

    The mobile apps market has displayed amazing innovations within the past few years. And it is still evolving from time to time. Today, smart mobile devices have become important assistance to carry out each and every day-to-day activity. This certainly is responsible for the fierce competition in the market of mobile applications. Therefore, every company involved in mobile app development India needs to have a keen knowledge about its latest trends.The process of application development is not only complex, and resource-rich, but also problematic. Many mobile apps out there in the market are either to be replaced or rewritten in the near future. After spending considerable efforts and resources, why many of the apps are not up to the mark?Reason #1 – Complicated Apps mostly Goes up in SmokeWeb apps and websites are almost similar. People log in, and find the page they are looking for and manipulate the data by clicking several pages. Mobile apps are not the same. Being developed with a limited set of tasks, mobile applications enable people to perform their tasks quickly with its minimal navigation. Therefore, they should be simple with single-serving gateways. Mobile apps don’t provide desired results if built like a website.Reason #2 – Adapting wrong ResourcesAs per the researchers, the process needs considerable efforts and resources, and to hire professional and expert app developers is also not easy. The developers today are enjoying the high in demand market of mobile apps where they only work for the productive projects they find interesting to work on. Unfortunately, an application revamp is not as interesting and productive as creating a new mobile app, or say another big creation!Reason #3 – The marketing of Mobile AppsMobile app development India is time-consuming and dear. You are just done with a half attempt after completing the long and the complicated development process. It is not easy to gain exposure over your competitors. It again requires more investment. CPC ads are the first key step for the new mobile apps. But unfortunately, a lot of businesses have moved back to the print-ads and if budget allows TV ads on popular networks.The performance of a mobile application depends on many factors, from competition to the marketing budget to absolute luck. Not only this, poor execution and poor research are the most common reasons to avoid. And to succeed, it is key to put up more efforts on marketing as well as audience research, to follow the best practices and to test the complete quality assurance.Source: consumer-sketch.com

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  • 07 May 2016

    Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing - Which is Better?

    While there are various marketing strategies to gain more visitors and drive more traffic to your website. The two particular marketing platform is a search engine and social media that every business, investing their time and money, always struggle with. It is sometimes a conflicting issue to decide where to invest, either in "Search Engine Marketing" (SEM) or "Social Media Marketing" (SMM) in 2021 and beyond.Let's lookout why people prefer search engines over social media marketing.People mostly search for any business or information on the internet. Most likely, they go to a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. while looking for any business, information, or help themselves review any product before purchasing. To get noticed, businesses need to rank high on specific target keywords.Now, let's lookout why people choose social media marketing over the search engine.A lot of youngsters say below 25 or 30, prefer social sites to review any product before purchasing. To it’s a positive side, once you get seen on a social network – like Facebook, Twitter, etc. you will come into view as soon as someone likes your page, comments you on any social network or tag your brand. These actions will make other connections view your product or service and simultaneously make your brand get discovered by others.It would any time be beneficial to invest in both. Why?The one good reason to invest your valuable time, money and efforts into both, – social media and search engine is you don’t want to put all eggs into a single basket. You can get a good balance of traffic by investing in both. Like, if you experience one source is failing, you can put up your efforts in another source. This way you will not lose your prospective viewers entirely.It is for sure possible to completely lose one source of traffic, either due to penalty or loss of your ranking against your competitor or due to some misunderstanding that can result in the removal of your say Facebook page. Motivating your fear of losing traffic will only diversify your marketing efforts between the search engine and social media. Move ahead, keeping in mind that a digital marketing Company in Vadodara can be good assistance for your social media and the other way around?

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  • 08 April 2016

    Word of Advice For Hiring PHP Developers

    In today's fast-paced business world, companies get lots of ways to raise their business to greater heights. Out of these, the one necessary access is creating a user-friendly website. Hire PHP developers in India that can make this possible. PHP development has made-up its way towards creating attractive websites. And therefore, there is a massive demand for the same by businesses of any size.PHP developers play an important role in shaping your business by converting your ideas into reality. Whether your business is small or big, what you require is a proper infrastructure to host your website. However, web hosting is required after your website is fully developed and to get the job done you need to hire a PHP developer for your website development in PHP framework. Being popular and versatile, PHP is today's highly demanded technology as in other programming languages.Things to Consider while hiring a PHP Development CompanyIt seems a tedious task to hire dedicated developers India. Here are a few important features you must keep in mind while hiring a PHP development company to get your project done.Categorize PHP developers in three levels according to their technical proficiency. Level one is the beginners, those who have just entered into the industry. Therefore, they might need guidance from senior developers. Avoid making them your first choice. The second and third level, i.e. the mid-level and advanced developers would be your right pick, as having worked on an array of development projects, these developers would be well experienced and professional.After choosing the right level, you need to find out the correct source of hiring PHP developers that can match your selected level. The best way to a source is to get references from your known people. Secondly, you can also search them through web portals where you can get numerous freelance developers. Hiring one from a well-known web development company is the best option.And in conclusion, you can hire PHP developers in India either at a fixed cost or on the basis of a dedicated model. If hire under the dedicated model, you pay the developer as per the number of hours washed up on your project, whereas under the fixed cost, you pay the fixed quote decided while signing your project by the service provider.Source: www.consumer-sketch.com

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  • 15 March 2016

    Increasing Demand Of PHP Programmer In USA

    A perfectly designed website can succeed the campaign of your online business, only if your website is user-friendly. An attractive website is not the only thing needed. To carry out these criteria, business owners are now turning to hire a PHP programmer to develop an attractive, user-friendly and business-oriented website. The reason behind this is that today, PHP is rated as one of the most widely used programming languages for years. This programming language connects your valued customers with your business website using various scripts. It also adds more functionality to the website.No matter if you are in USA, CA, IN or anywhere, hiring a PHP developers could be a good choice, due to their extensive knowledge, experience and communication skills. With the help of the PHP developer’s portfolio, it won’t be that hard to find out an experienced programmer. The PHP developers can execute the complete analysis of the development cycle, like testing, documentation as well as maintenance, together with developing the website, using the latest methods and tools plus following the standards set by the international IT organizations.Consider outsourcing web development resources, if you want to top the competition, simultaneously focus on your another most essential business activities. Out of different web development companies from the USA, to hire PHP programmer USA fits the best in the present business-centric internet world. The reason behind this is, the PHP companies offer different development packages at affordable prices, fulfilling all your business needs.Hire PHP programmer from the USA, who is experienced in programming as well as some other latest technical developments. The programmer should also understand the main aim of your company right from the beginning. So, if you are wanting to alter the design of your business website, hire the best PHP developers from the USA, who will succeed your online business.Companies offering high end PHP solutions have the full advantage of USA talent source of PHP programmers and developers as they can easily hire PHP programmer USA and PHP developers the USA for their website project. The PHP programmers or developers help the foreign companies to optimize their cost, and save time, providing them the quality services.Source: https://www.consumer-sketch.com

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  • 16 February 2016

    IPhone App Development Company in USA

    Whenever an iPhone app development company in the USA updates an application, that is already available in the market, the company is free to code whatever is essential for the update. Like it can add new features and make the application more stable, or just fix some bugs in the programming. The company is also responsible to code the application in a professional manner that matches with the original application as approved for sale in the app store.iPhone App Developer has a strong effect with QuasiDisk, a file sharing app, snuck in an unsanctioned and highly desirable feature of iPhone tethering. The app was pulled back just after blogs started to spread the news about the hidden feature within the iPhone app.With all obvious reasons behind Apple’s banning of iPhone tethering, it is still going on nicely with cell phone service providers. There are iPhone app Development companies, still willing to blow over on a sudden burst of sales they get by producing such an app, doesn’t matter if it is pulled from the market sooner or later.Ethical Business for the iPhone App Development CompanyThe decision to flex the rules by an iPhone app company or by iOS app development is ethical in nature and is an individual choice. How to decide, if the business is worth flexing the official rules? Is it right to defy the governing rules of providing a service to consumers that is in high demand?Should the iPhone app development company be free to make individual decisions regarding the services for mobile phone consumers, or is it essential to have a governing body, that assists the interests of the firms, which is providing valuable services to keep the mobile world operating at a full speed? The answer depends fully on which part of the ethical fence you rely on.Source: consumer-sketch.com

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