• 22 September 2022

    Ultimate Guide to Responsive Web Design

    When designers create a site today, they need to ensure it looks perfect, works well, and conveys the right message across a wide range of browsers and devices. It's essentially known that web design clients will request a mobile rendition of their website. Responsive web design standards, devices, and layouts make it practical. Nonetheless, a "mobile rendition" of a site actually doesn't cover the wide types of cell phone and tablet screen sizes and resolutions at play. That is where responsive web design services come in - the capacity to make one site that adapts autonomously. What is responsive website design? Responsive web design is a way to deal with how to design a site that makes it practical to deliver pages on different screen sizes. This is an illustration of UI plasticity — the limit of an interface to be liquid and present itself in an ideal design in light of the accessible screen space. A responsive web design agency helps with making the layout fluid. However, responsive design is something other than a special methodology. It's the foundation of good client experience. Don’t contemplate the screen size and resolutions as design requirements. Consider your content as fluid, giving clients full oversight of how they need to see it. Why is responsive web design important? The response is straightforward. It's presently not enough for a web design company in India to design a website for a solitary device. Mobile web traffic now surpasses desktop and presently makes up most of the site traffic, representing over 51%. At the point when over a portion of your potential guests are utilizing a mobile phone to browse the web, you can't simply serve them a page only for desktop. It would be difficult to read and utilize, and further lead to a terrible user experience. Throughout the course of recent years, mobile has become one of the main marketing channels. Indeed, even in a post-pandemic market, mobile promotion spending is becoming 4.8% to $91.52 billion. Whether you decide to publicize via social media or utilize an organic methodology like YouTube Search engine optimization, by far most of your traffic will come from mobile clients. Therefore, web design services for mobile are highly critical. In the event that your landing pages aren't responsive for mobile and simple to utilize, you will not have the option to enhance the return for capital invested in your advertising endeavours. Terrible conversion rates will prompt fewer leads and waste promotion money. Components of responsive website design Since it is now so obvious what responsive website designs are, now is the time to understand the different components designers use to enhance client experience on different devices. Flexible design There are countless dimensions of devices. So you can't depend on one explicit viewport setting. CSS permits you to code the design utilizing adaptable frameworks with percentages rather than pixels. These keep up with content separating as the viewport changes. Media queries A media query is an exact bit of code that applies the proper design styles for different devices. It is basically an on the off chance. On the off chance that the viewport is X size, apply X format. Media queries empower broad changes to the design for various viewports. Fluid grids A responsive website architecture utilizes a calculation to standardize the UI components to the size of the screen and the pixels. It does this with what is known as a "liquid layout.” It considers every part by the percentage it takes up in the width - a block, picture, and the cushioning between and around blocks all add together to make up 100 percent of the width. Differences between mobile and desktop design On mobile, you have less space for your content and have to only focus on what you need to show. Since clients interact with content utilizing their fingers on cell phones, movement like drift impacts won't function admirably. Individuals can interact with content in a hurry (e.g., while sitting tight for a train), so mobile ought to be intended for more limited client meetings and a more modest capacity to focus. Conclusion Responsive website design paves the way for businesses to reach a wider audience. Professionals in web design services, India ensure that websites have the right mobile-friendly vibe. They focus on meeting the standards of responsive web design and create sites that bring in maximum users from all mediums.

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  • 21 September 2022

    10 Things to Consider When You Hire a Digital Marketing Company

    Marketing can be a challenging assignment for some companies. Regardless of whether you're a small business or not, it is vital to hire a digital marketing company for your success. There are so many marketing companies that you can hire. However, it's always a benefit to hire the best digital marketing agency in India. Thus, you need to figure out how to sift through your choices. In doing so, you will ensure the greater capabilities of these marketing companies work properly for your business growth. Important Tips to Know When You Hire a Digital Marketing Company Not all digital marketing agencies in India are similar. To settle on your choice easily, here are the significant things to remember while picking the right digital marketing company: 1. The specific offerings of the marketing company While looking for the right marketing company, consider the specific offers that the company has. You need to ensure that the marketing company you'll hire offers the digital marketing services that you're searching for. 2. Figure out their pricing model Obviously, you will pay the company for their digital marketing services. However, when you have clashing pricing models, it becomes hard to adapt. If you have a particular budget, you wouldn't need to hire a company that charges way higher than you can manage. 3. Look beyond the obvious Try not to hire a digital marketing agency in India just because they're "Google Adwords Certified," or have a gigantic portfolio or show first-page rankings. Google Adwords and high web page rankings are great to have - yet they're just a single piece of the riddle. 4. Look at their Experience A lot of companies might spend significant time in a wide range of industries. Check their experience as a digital marketing company in India. Understand their experience and see their service industries before making a decision. 5. Try to focus beyond keywords Any digital marketing agency in India can create a keyword list (in spite of the fact that it's not generally a decent keyword list). In any case, go for what more the company can offer apart from keywords. There’s a host of organic marketing activities that the company should offer. 6. Know how they will position your brand You most likely wouldn't work with a specialist who doesn't understand your image, voice, style, mission, objectives, vision, and each and every other viewpoint that your brand addresses. To discover this, you can have time for testing and find out if the company can align with it. 7. The motivation of the company As you talk with the agents of the marketing company or peruse their portfolio, it helps if you can make sure that they're results-driven. The company ought to have the option to provide you with documentation of their earlier results. 8. Find their reputation as a company Check their online reputation through client feedback and reviews. Through these, you will know how to work successfully with them. You can, too, make a Google search to have a more extensive view and look at their Google My Business (GMB) ratings. 9. Adopt a holistic strategy It's significantly important to find a digital marketing agency that likewise works with you to foster areas of strength for transforming calls into sales, takes a look at your disconnected marketing campaigns, and helps to promote your services in the local area. 10.  Know if they can innovate A decent digital marketing company in India ought to be creative. They should utilize the most recent digital marketing trends to figure out how to lead your business to success. With the information they have about your image, they should utilize the best tools and resources to help your mission. Conclusion The decision to hire a digital marketing company is important to create a holistic marketing plan and achieve your goals.  As well as eliminating the pressure of marketing on your own, they also have the experience and skill expected to give you a major lift. However, you need to go with the best decision. However much a company has specialists, they must have insights about your industry. It will simplify the process for them and you.

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  • 30 August 2022

    6 Best Platforms for ECommerce Website Development

    Looking for the best platform for eCommerce website development? It's a major choice. It will significantly affect your company and business strategy going ahead. While beginning eCommerce, picking the right platform is likewise a difficult choice. There are many factors to consider. All in all, even the best eCommerce website design company in India feels it is a challenge. But first let's understand what an eCommerce platform is. What is an eCommerce Platform? An eCommerce platform is a software that an online store uses to deal with all their vendor purchasing needs and their own seller needs. These requirements incorporate product pages, reviews, transactions, orders, client service and returns. The best eCommerce platform comes down to a plan of action and business strategy. That’s why it’s important to choose the right one. Top 6 eCommerce Platforms When you take a look at eCommerce programming, it may very well be truly difficult to tell how minor contrasts in features and execution can significantly affect your development process. All vendors say they're quicker, more solid, useful for website development, PCI-ready for credit cards, and so on. Be that as it may, what's the truth? Here are the top 6 eCommerce platforms to save you some money and time: Shopify Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for developers of huge stores selling more than 10 products. It comprises over 600,000 online stores. It has more than 1 million clients around the world. More than $100 billion has been sold on Shopify. Therefore, something is right. Shopify is the best platform for selling. Assuming you plan to outsource, depend on Facebook Ads or Instagram reels. It is the most ideal decision. Shopify is somewhat better in a few regions over BigCommerce, for example, post-buy 1-click upsells. Wix Wix is an enormously famous intuitive eCommerce platform. It has over 110 million clients around the world. Wix did some critical upgrades to its e-commerce offering that brought about performance improvement. The top eCommerce website development company in India considers it a leading platform for online stores. Wix is a significant power in the eCommerce space. It delivers astonishing incentives for solopreneurs and small eCommerce organizations. Wix's eCommerce features have definitely grown in a couple of years. They currently offer multi-channel integration, abandoned cart recovery, outsourcing and print-on-demand capabilities. BigCommerce BigCommerce is a notable eCommerce platform that flaunts a few major names - including Clarks and Ben and Jerry's - as clients. Furthermore, it's no big surprise! Online stores that use BigCommerce are known to grow at a practically twofold rate. All that you really want is there in its library of plugins. They are ready to make your online store succeed. BigCommerce is the best decision in the event that you're looking to develop your online store into a huge and fruitful business, as a matter of fact. Squarespace Best for more modest stores or those hoping to sell advanced products on the web, Squarespace is eminent for its imaginative artfulness. In the event that you're hoping to make your online store as outwardly successful as could really be expected, this is the most ideal decision for you!  Astonishing layouts with a decent stock platform and bunches of value features, make Squarespace an appealing choice for a website development company in India. Squarespace is truly impressive for providing a stylish-looking eCommerce site. It has exemplary eCommerce features, for example, offering discounts and special pop-ups. WooCommerce At the point when WooCommerce is in competition with platforms like BigCommerce, it is the best single platform to run eCommerce and sub-web pages under one rooftop. Be that as it may, the genuine eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify sell better, yet at the same just barely. It works with WordPress to transform any site into a practical eCommerce store. Likewise, there are plugins accessible for incorporating payment gateways, online entertainment, email advertising, 1-click selling, and transportation. PrestaShop PrestaShop is a reasonable open-source eCommerce platform. It is perfect for small organizations that have a fairly basic foundation. There's no inherent client service, and integrations can be all in or all out. PrestaShop clients do a great deal of research themselves with the assistance of the local community. Business tools and elements include stock following, online shopping cart, worldwide selling, and analytics reporting. You likewise have loads of command over the protection and security settings on your PrestaShop site. Conclusion Selling on the web takes many levels. You could sell basic products or advanced products, and others. On the off chance that you outsource, for instance, you'll need an eCommerce platform that can undoubtedly work in the backend to finish operations. We trust we've made sense of how different eCommerce platforms assist you with developing your eCommerce store. They provide a proper structure and experience to the users. It's the reason picking the best eCommerce platform - one that is adaptable and has the right tools - is truly significant.

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  • 16 August 2022

    What is the Future of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

    Throughout the long term, cross platform mobile app development has gained popularity. It is one of the most famous software development approaches. Taking on the cross-platform approach allows experts to create applications for various platforms with a single codebase. It saves time, money, and additional effort. What cross platform applications do? There is a wide range of mobile platforms available. From Android to iOS on mobile and Windows to macOS on the work area, it is turning out to be progressively troublesome. It is also for engineers to enhance as well as code separate applications for these platforms in any case. The solution? It is to build cross platform mobile apps. It is one of the most useful approaches with regard to application development. Most developers today are edging nearer to adding cross-platform development as a component to their skill. Indeed, there are frameworks that will enable developers to make applications for various platforms, for example, iOS and Android without composing a code for every OS independently. Also, read this amazing blog on Mobile App Development Trends. Top cross platform frameworks for mobile development Xamarian Xamarian came out in 2011 and got famous when Microsoft bought it in 2016. Today, it has thousands of clients. It requires two significant programming languages, .NET and C# to make mobile applications. With C# codebase, code-sharing is helpful on various platforms; in this manner, making Xamarian one of the most mind-blowing ways of making cross-platform applications.   React Native In 2015, Facebook came up with React Native application development system in the application market. It enables the developers to make native-like applications for iOS and Android.  It utilizes javascript and non-standard editors to wrap native features with the best UI and UX in the cross-platform application.   Flutter Like Xamarian and React Native, Flutter is another open-source application development framework. It's a product from Google to make native designs for Android. It is valuable in making applications for iOS as well. It is one of the top cross-platform frameworks for the top mobile app development companies in India. It’s flexible programming capacity to utilize Dart language makes iOS and Android applications achieve exceptional native interactions on the devices.   Adobe PhoneGap Otherwise known as Apache Cordova, Adobe PhoneGap utilizes open-web developments to make mobile applications by utilizing JavaScript, Java, HTML5, and CSS being developed. Wikipedia is the best illustration of the cross-platform application that uses PhoneGap. It simplifies applications! Indeed, even beginners can utilize it to create applications. These cross-platform application development frameworks facilitate the application development process. They reduce the cost of hiring a mobile app development company in India by paying only for a single codebase and app. Why do we need cross platform applications? More extensive market reach Every one of us has our number one mobile development framework. However, you shouldn't allow individual inclinations to hinder your business growth. Making your mobile application similarly accessible to Android and iOS users, you're preparing to fundamentally expand revenues later on.   Single codebase As the name proposes, the cross-platform approach enables you to create a single code for multiple platforms. Obviously, there will be cases in which taking care of platform differences will call for greater investment and exertion. In any case, one codebase will without a doubt impact all phases of the product development process. Cross platform mobile app development in India will save you overall cost and effort that you would have to spend on creating separate codebases.   Faster and affordable app In spite of requiring only one codebase, cross platform mobile app development actually makes developers consider approaches to really deal with OS differences like UI or platform explicit store distribution systems. Simultaneously, one can't reject that this approach will lessen the sketch-to-launch time. This, thus, can convert into the chance of saving a huge extent of money. Once the prototype is ready, companies can spend more money on creating the final app. Future of cross-platform mobile development We now understand the need for cross-platform mobile application development. It is important to build cross platform apps so that enterprises can save money. However, in the competitive market, it also provides an edge over others. Any mobile app development company in India can suggest creating an app that works on both platforms. It will benefit the business from all aspects. The benefits and weaknesses spread out of how cross-platform conditions will shape the eventual fate of development. It is practically unavoidable regardless of the downsides. Cross-platform application development is the future of mobile applications. With the rising tide of client interest, the sheer volume of new tools and frameworks for mobile app development, for example, React-Native are now getting some decent momentum. It is evident that these new systems and development devices for building a multi-platform application will be a prevailing power. From here on out, regardless of whether they replace native coding or not - that will be a thing to witness.

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  • 19 July 2022

    What is the cost of OTT application development in India?

    Netflix, Hulu, and SlingTV are prominent examples of OTT application. Numerous TV consumers are dynamically distancing themselves from regular TV.  They are moving toward over-the-top (OTT). Today, every web development company in India is straightforwardly embracing this unavoidable change. Convenience and ad-free experience are the two primary purposes for their popularity. The interest in these video-on-demand applications gives a simplified TV viewing experience. This article will feature the cost of making an OTT application. But, let's look at their features first. Features an OTT application should have Before we get into the costing, here's a concise explanation of five features an OTT application must have: 1. Registration/Login Joining and signing in are fundamental services. They empower users to contribute individual data that is then used to improve the overall experience. 2. Multilingual Content To target worldwide crowds (which the vast majority of the OTT platforms do), ensure the content accessible is multilingual. 3. Payment Gateway Assuming you're offering content free of cost and charging for the subscription, ensure your payment gateway is basic and simple to utilize. 4. Search Enable suggestive search on your application. Many times the gadgets the user utilizes are not typing-friendly. For this situation, give voice search as that is the most straightforward way a customer can look for your content. 5. User profiles User profiles in your application should enable users to tailor their experience. This includes what data they see, how they pay, and personalized recommendations. How to make an OTT App? To create an OTT app or video streaming app, finalize the technology stack first. This will include picking the right server, streaming protocol, and security frameworks. If you are new to this field and have no or little idea of the OTT development process, then contact an expert OTT web application development company in India. You can also hire dedicated engineers with significant skills. Male your decision wisely to get the value of your money. What is the cost of OTT application development? The cost of building an OTT app depends upon a lot of factors. Features and complexity, platform for software release, global or local audience target, and more. Time and skill are two of the most important factors that determine the cost of OTT application development. However, while features are important, the major part of the cost will be seen in the hiring of a web development company in India. Development partner cost Web development services are the most significant OTT application development cost. They decide how much you have to pay to the development company.   The most suitable development partner will ensure timely completion. Search for hundreds of companies before you make the final decision. The cost of hiring an outsourcing partner can range from $25,000 to $250,000. It depends upon the size of the project. Therefore, ensure that your scalability of the project doesn’t interfere with the budget. Project size The project size is another big factor in cost determination. The features and complexity of the project will decide the time taken to complete it. More the time, the higher the cost. Cross-platform web development services are cheaper than native development. A single full-stack or react native developer can build a cross-platform app. There’s no need to spend all the money in the first phase of the project. OTT developers recommend saving the money to invest in later stages. These two factors determine how much it will cost to build an OTT platform in India. Generally, the cost will range between $5,000 to $100,000. It all depends on whom you hire and what you demand to build. Conclusion The cost of making an OTT (Over-The-Top) media streaming platform is a major worry for anyone with any interest at all in making an OTT video application. We've seen a huge expansion in the number of individuals utilizing online streaming platforms, which is positive. If you have any idea for an OTT platform and need to take it further, we, a reliable web application development company in India, are ready to take on the project.

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  • 29 June 2022

    Why Hire Dedicated Developers Instead Of Freelancers?

    Thanks to the internet, anyone with an idea can now become successful. All you need is an idea to help a genuine problem and a technical team to turn it into reality. However, when creating a technical team, you might get confused about whether to choose freelancers or dedicated developers? Choosing between a dedicated developer or a freelancer is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. This can impact the rest of your project greatly. In this post, we will further discuss how choosing dedicated developers instead of freelancers is the right decision for your project. What are dedicated developers? When a software developer is hired monthly for a long-term project is called a dedicated developer. One of the key points of hiring a dedicated developer is that they will be working on your project on a full-time basis. One of the key components of hiring a dedicated developer is that you need to keep in mind they are your employees. This means, at the end of each month, you will have to pay their monthly salary irrespective of the amount of work done. This means they will not be taking on other projects in-between hence giving your project their undivided attention. Dedicated software developers can be hired by software development companies. All you will have to do is contact these companies and hire developers from them. What are freelance developers? When developers are hired based on hourly rates or project basis, they are referred to as freelancer developers. The key component of freelance developers is that they only have to be paid for the amount of work they do. Unlike dedicated developers, you won’t have to give them a full-month salary at the end of the month. One of the main things that you will need to keep in mind while hiring a freelance developer is that while working on your project, they can take on other projects as well. Hence this can result in their divided attention on your project. Now you are familiar with the concept of dedicated developers and freelancers, let’s talk about why you should hire dedicated developers in India. Reasons to choose dedicated developers Availability of talent One of the best reasons to hire dedicated development team is the availability of talent in companies. By hiring dedicated developers, you will have the freedom to choose from a vast pool of talent based on your technical requirements. This means you can ask companies to provide you with a developer that suits your requirements. For example, you can ask for a react native developer for front-end support, while for the backend, you can get a PHP Laravel developer. End to End service The next benefit to hire dedicated resources in India is that you will receive end-to-end service for your project. Everything from the start of the project to deployment on the App store will be done by them. In addition, since dedicated developers have proven experience, you will not face any technical issues they cannot handle. Endless & quality service Apart from end-to-end service, this is another benefit of hiring a dedicated development team. Dedicated developers who are working on a particular project on a full-time basis tend to provide quality and on-time services. This produces trust between the product owner and the development team. Increased productivity When a team of dedicated developers is working on a full-time basis, they will be working on a daily schedule. This brings out the maximum productivity and development speed in the project (a problem that is often faced by freelance developers). Better management A team working on a project from start to finish has a better understanding of the workflow as well as the technicalities of the project. In addition to this, through a web designing and development company in India, it is possible to get a team of dedicated developers which makes businesses work easier and more efficient than managing a team of freelance developers. Highly skilled As we have already mentioned, creating a dedicated development team is way easier than hiring different freelancers from different sources. However, it would help if you always researched whether they have the said expertise before hiring a developer for your project. Conclusion Now that you are aware of all the benefits to hire dedicated resources in India. Let’s talk about where you can hire them. Consumer Sketch offers great services as well as the #1 place to hire dedicated developers. Visit our website and request a quote and we will get in touch with the perfect solution for your requirement.

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