• 30 November 2020

    Mobile Apps Are Changing the Banking Sectors

    Benefits of Mobile Apps in Indian Banking SectorsMobile banking app is the quickest and the most convenient way to efficiently and securely handle your money, i.e., pay bills, transfer money, check balance and more.Why Develop a Mobile Banking App?Mobile applications have made a way into every field of our lives, including financing. A vast number of banks worldwide are winning increasingly more business by providing their customers with a useful mobile app. Almost every adult of the world's population today makes transactions on their phones. However, the expense of banks serving a customer is lowered by fifty to seventy percent since mobile devices are hugely used.The Top Guide to Create a Mobile Banking AppPresently, the most usual trend is getting all of your work done via phone. It also involves managing financial jobs. Years back, a bank's failure and success was hugely judged on the ground of its interior and exterior structure. Nevertheless, now whether the bank has a luxurious interior or is prosperous doesn't matter anymore.All you need is an innovative and well-functional website where users can easily access their personal bank account. So a mobile app development company is essential for you to create an app for the bank customers with which they can pay bills, check balance, and do lots to handle their bank account anytime and anywhere.Importance of Mobile Banking AppYour mobile app development company should create a personalized application that can survive the ever-increasing competitiveness. The app should be innovative enough to stand out among other banks. Above all, the app should make banking simpler, effective, and convenient for the users.Today's customers will prefer internet banking rather than visiting their banks in person. However, it is better if a bank offers internet banking via a user-friendly mobile application. An app also enables the bank to win the customers' loyalty and make them more mobile.Features an excellent mobile banking app should haveThere are several features you should keep in your mind while creating a mobile banking app. Make sure your app developer does not overlook these features. The two key features are simplicity and safety.SimplicityMake your mobile app development company create a user-friendly and straightforward banking app. Not all customers will need all banking functions. However, the app should offer a simplified layout. It is preferable to have a lighter version of your mobile banking app than the exact copy of the website version.SafetyLooking at the ever-increasing incidence of information leaks worldwide, it is apparent that customers nowadays are more anxious about the security risks involved with payments through the mobile banking app. However, when creating a responsive mobile app, your android and IOS app development company will need to give the security measures the top priority.Here are a few tips you should keep into consideration while creating a mobile banking app.Keep it simple and user friendly by lowering the total number of functions.Make the design more appealing and easy to use so that everyone can use it regardless of age.Create an inherent interface to enhance the safety level.Let the users have a personalized experience while using the app.Customize the customers' experience and use it further for additional app development.Keep the response time shorter for higher customer satisfaction.Functions your Mobile Banking App Should HaveThe app should make it easy for users to pay bills like www., cover mobile communications, loans, and utility services.The app should allow customers to transfer money with ease from one account to another.The app should help customers check their balance and transaction history anytime and anywhere.The app should have a money conversion facility.The app should notify the users each time an amount is credited or debited to their account.The app should provide customers with statements to review the complete account activity.The app should provide information on the nearest banks or ATMs through geolocation services.So, these are the significant measures you need to keep in mind while creating your mobile banking app. Reach out to a professional company to learn more about app development in India. Only an experienced developer can guide you through the app development process efficiently.

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  • 16 October 2020

    Top 5 Best Technology Used for Mobile App Development in India

    Whether it's iOS app development or Android, determining the platform for your mobile application can be a challenge. If you want to target customers on both platforms, then you need a cross-platform app. Once you decide the platform, you can hire the right mobile app development company in India to develop your mobile application. A significant question then arises - Which technology is the best for your mobile application? An iPhone application development company in India will work on SWIFT or Objective C to build your application. On the other hand, an Android app development company can develop your app on React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, or Ionic. In this article, we will highlight the 5 best technologies used for mobile app development in India. It will include the technology for building both iOS and Android applications. 5 best technologies for mobile app development in India The best technology for your mobile app will make a world of difference in the application experience. You need a technology that can deliver a high level of user satisfaction with its interface and robustness. Here are the 5 best technologies that a mobile app development company in India can offer you for mobile applications - 1. React Native One of the trending and emerging technologies for mobile app development is React Native. It is a cross-platform app development framework that uses a single codebase for developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS. The best thing is that it interacts perfectly well with the platform components and provides a native look and feel to the application. You don't have to separately hire an iPhone application development company in India if you are building your application with React Native. 2. Flutter A classic in the mobile app development industry, Flutter is an exceptional platform for Android and iOS app development. The framework uses Dart to enable developers to build native interfaces for their mobile applications. It is an open-source mobile app development SDK by Google that offers complete flexibility in the development process. Read more about the cost to make a flutter app for Your business in this post. 3. SWIFT Arguably the champion in iPhone app development, SWIFT, is one of the best programming languages for coding mobile applications for iOS. It offers additional layers of security and is a flexible programming language, which has an open-source codebase. Any iPhone application development company in India will offer SWIFT as the first option for building iOS apps. You can also use it as a scripting language. 4. Kotlin If you are only looking for an Android application, then Kotlin is one of the best choices. You can hire an Android app development company that can work with this beautiful, statically-typed programming language. It is considered as an advanced version of JAVA, and developers who have already worked with JAVA can easily switch to Kotlin. It is a progressive language that is used to create scalable mobile applications. Examples include Trello, Pinterest, Evernote, and more. 5. Python One of the most in-demand technologies for web and mobile apps in Python. It is a robust, simple, and easy-to-use programming language for building feature-rich applications. Python enables enterprises to build scalable applications that can handle the massive traffic load. Companies like YouTube, Instagram, Google, etc., use Python in their technology stack to deliver features for their mobile and web applications. Today, there are a large number of customers on both iOS and Android - and you should not miss out on both of them. You should hire a mobile app development company in India that offers cross-platform application development using the best technologies available. They can decide on the best technology for your web application and ensure your presence on both iOS and Android.

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  • 24 July 2020

    JioMeet vs Zoom: Which video calling app should you use?

    With the entire world under lockdown, remote work has become the new norm. And with remote work taking the reins, video conferencing apps are the new normal for offices across the globe. Whether you are MNC or a small business, video calling apps have now become an inevitable part of your operations. The popularity of video conferencing apps is reflected in the fact that Zoom had 10 million users in 2019, which increased to over 200 million in March 2020. This spike was a result of most of the employees working from home, education institutions taking online classes, and almost everyone turning to video conferencing for face-to-face meetings. The latest addition to the video conferencing industry is JioMeet. Since its launch, Reliance’s JioMeet app has become the talk of the town. From asking “What is JioMeet?” to “How do I download JioMeet?”, the increase in its popularity was pretty quick. Let's have a look at which video conferencing app you should use from JioMeet and Zoom in 2021. JioMeet vs Zoom – Video calling apps you can use in 2022 JioMeet app is giving tough competition to Zoom. Many people believe that it is the product of the Indian government's self-reliant, make-in-India scheme. Here's comparison between both apps. What is JioMeet? JioMeet is a video conferencing app for Android, iPhone, and PC, which enables users to do video calls. It focuses on serving enterprise users rather than creating a personal user base. Users can register with their company email address or phone number and join the application. If you are asking yourself, “how do I use JioMeet?” - don’t worry. It has a really simple user interface and is similar to Zoom. People who have already used Zoom will have no problem using JioMeet. What is Zoom? Zoom is a popular American video conferencing app that became extremely popular during the lockdown of COVID-19. It provides a simple user interface and more freedom for video calls than Skype. Zoom is used by enterprises as well as personal users on an equal basis. The founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, said that he never anticipated Zoom would reach such a level. Zoom video calling service enabled a lot of companies to take advantage of remote work in the early days of the pandemic. JioMeet vs Zoom: Features While both are video calling apps, JioMeet for PC and Zoom meeting have a lot of similarities and differences from each other. Let's compare the features of both apps. Group call users JioMeet allows you to do a group video call with 100 participants. On the other hand, Zoom allows one-to-one meetings, group meetings of 3-4 people in the free plan and up to 1000 people in the paid plan. The basic plan allows group meetings of up to 100 people with a few restrictions. JioMeet has not launched any paid plans, and there’s no more information on more than 100 users for a group call. Time limit The best thing about JioMeet could be the fact that it enables group video calls of 100 users for up to 24 hours. That is much longer than what Zoom offers. It offers video calls to 100 users for only up to 40 minutes after which you have to start a new meeting. If you find yourself asking how do I download JioMeet?, it is probably because you are tired of Zoom's limited-time meetings. User experience The interface for both the video conferencing apps for Android, iOS and PC is similar. JioMeet and Zoom provide almost the same user experience. JioMeet download for PC is available on Windows and iOS - so is Zoom. Both are also available for Android and iPhone. Don’t ask yourself " How do I use JioMeet?" if you have already used Zoom. Both JioMeet and Zoom allow users to schedule meetings in advance, create password-protected meetings and waiting rooms. The video quality for the video calling apps is 720p HD. Security Zoom has recently faced a security issue that put millions of users at risk. That debacle led to a decline in the downloads for Zoom. However, it provides end-to-end encryption to its paid and free users. While Zoom basic users have restricted security, paid users can access all the security encryption. However, JioMeet claims that all the calls through the app are encrypted, but there are no details about end-to-end encryption. Multi-device login JioMeet app supports multiple device login, and users can log in from 5 devices at once. Users can easily switch between devices while they are on a call. Zoom allows logging in from 2 devices, and users can’t switch during the call. They have to join the call again. JioMeet also enables users to utilize safe driving mode to continue the video call in the car. JioMeet or Zoom: Which is better? Whether it's JioMeet or Zoom App, it is up to the users to decide which video calling app is best for them. When you compare both the video calling apps in terms of paid plans, JioMeet is the clear winner. Why? Zoom has three paid plans for small enterprises, medium enterprises, and large enterprises, respectively. The plans start at Rs. 1,120 per month for up to 9 hosts. On the other hand, JioMeet has not launched any such paid plans. It offers free, unlimited calling for up to 24 hours, which makes it one of the best apps for video calling. Most people are either asking “How do I download JioMeet?” or “How do I use JioMeet?” but the answer is quite simple. It is available on the app store, and you can use it easily with its intuitive interface. Reliance's JioMeet is becoming highly popular in India because it is a result of the make in India initiative. With the current focus on Indian products, JioMeet will give tough competition to all the other video conferencing apps in the industry. Zoom can improve its interface and provide more features if it wants to stay ahead of the competition. The real situation will be presented by the end of this year.

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  • 07 July 2020

    The Future Of Mobile Applications 2022

    Nowadays, people are using mobile applications for almost everything. Holding their smartphones, they can solve any query at their fingertips. Android app development in Vadodara is a fast-growing development industry "creating innovative mobile applications for businesses" to draw in people’s interest.Cross-platform mobile applications are also essential in this present era to achieve a bigger group of people. This means all mobile owners – either android or an iPhone – can use your application on their device. This can also support your deals by reducing the gap between your clients and your company.Mobile applications can earn lots of interest in your organization, so they should be developed in such a way that they can deliver faster and more effective results. There are two highly anticipated mobile application trends.Mobile Apps Transformation from Pull to PushThe web is serving all our requirements for years and is still doing the same. The current trend of web technology is “pull” based, and it also refers the mobile technology. Pull-based technology means, we search for our requirements throughout the web and fetch our needed content from it.But soon a new technology “push” might take over this old trend. This means we won't search for any content, but the content will find us. Just like the social networking sites push content on our profiles, future mobile applications will be based on this push technology.New Ads RetargetingAds retargeting always seems annoying. Your smartphone screen gets colonized displaying the product you just viewed. For instance, you are searching for a product and the retargeting concept follows your every click.But the future new intelligent ad retargeting will give you a serious drool only for yourself. It will understand if you are really interested in the product or you just visited the app to kill your time. You will only find ads for those products you are interested in.By the end of the year 2022, "mobile app development in India" is expected to transform the next generation leaps. Technology is giving more and more beautiful experiences all the time, and in the future businesses will find new prospects and customers will get more interesting things to explore.

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  • 21 February 2020

    TikTok For Business: A New Way To Boost Your Business

    TikTok is a whole new social media platform with millions of active users worldwide. This avantgarde social media marketing tool helps businesses reach millions of audiences across the globe through short user-recorded video clips. Demographically, the most significant users of TikTok are younger generations below the age of 30. Since its commencement, the app has progressed from a video app merely created for the users who want to showcase their creativity to a vast platform for social media marketing and advertising.How TikTok Can Benefit for your Business in 2021TikTok is an Android, and iOS app launched back in 2016. Commenced as a video platform where the users can create, edit, and share their videos to showcase their creativity, in past few years, the app has acquired an impressive number of followers spread all over the globe.  Primarily, the trend is apt for the younger generations.Most influencers and promoters are tapping into TikTok since the statistics indicate that most individuals using the app belong to the age-group below 30. TikTok, as a platform, is continuously increasing its popularity.Several brands are considering using this fast-growing platform to fetch the right opportunity for enhancing their brand awareness.  However, various causes make TikTok Advertising one of the best influencer marketing tools.How does it work?"For You" and "Following" are the two areas on TikTok. As you launch the app, it will take you straight to the FYP (the for you page) where you will get to see various trending videos, including the top and highly view video creators. Once you look into the app, start following the ranks and files, and you will be able to see more stuff.A unique element that makes TikTok one of the most attractive influencer marketing tools is that the users don't need to follow anyone only to get some experience. However, the tab "Following" will take you to the latest video clips created and uploaded by the users you are following.AdvertisingIf you are looking forward to investing in social media marketing, review these critical forms of formats you can consider implementing.Infeed Ads - The infeed TikTok video clips are, as by the right, 9 to 15 seconds long. A full-screen content is displayed like how you can see Instagram stories and are not inevitable. However, you can make use of various features like app downloads or website clicks. The effect of your video will be measured through the number of clicks, click-through rates (CTR), impressions, video interaction, and play duration.Brand Takeovers - It involves the use of videos, animated images, GIFs, and still images. The links attached takes you to website home pages or hashtags and challenges within the same platform. Moreover, it provides unique reaches, clicks, and impressions.Hashtag Challenges - They are the right option to incorporate when a brand wishes to use the advertised hashtags. It holds in a link directing the users to the main challenge page where they can get the detailed information of the #challenge. The measuring elements for this category are the number of banner views, video interaction, clicks, and analogous videos generated by other TikTokers.Branded Lenses - With the highest rate of success, TikTok is taking steps to make the app more engaging. One of the future projects the company is working on is the branded lenses. Much like AR lenses offered by apps like Instagram and Snapchat, the branded lenses launched by TikTok will incorporate elements like 3D objects, face filters, and more.User InteractionAnother vital aspect that makes TikTok marketing a fortunate influencer marketing tool is user interaction. One ideal example for this would be a challenge to the users to participate in a hashtag challenge. However, one of the major reasons for the success of TikTok is based on the perspective that helps users to interact with the customers without giving them off a forced viewpoint.Unique And Creative ContentOne of the unique tools that make TikTok the best platform for influencer marketing is that people don't need significantly polished or top-grade content in view of creating the required impact. Still, indeed, originality needs to be a significant factor. Most TikTok users appreciate corny and silly content promotions. Their reaction will guide you with the best opportunity to influence your prospective buyers.Hashtag ChallengesFor brands looking for the best platform to enhance awareness and associations, #Hashtag Challenges are an essential part and the signature offering offered by #TikTok.It encourages people to share their captures on the challenges released by various companies or individual personalities. This is the best way to establish user-generated content and develop consumer connections with the products.TikTok has turned out to be a crucially crucial social media marketing tool for various brands. What you need to do is, install the app, and sign up to create an account. Navigate through the videos to look at the way other users are using the platform. Spend enough time experimenting and create your first clip.Indeed, it will take enough time to get used to, but it is essential to, first of all, develop a presence on the platform. Rather than starting a direct campaign, create a community around your service or product. When you do this, you will already have a base to start your campaigns.

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  • 10 February 2020

    How Mobile Applications are Transforming the Hospitality Industry

    We live in an age where we cannot imagine our lives without mobile phones. Starting from setting an alarm for the morning to sending good night messages to our loved ones at night, we are dependent on this small device for almost everything. They are extremely useful and help us manage from minor to major works and activities of our daily lives like restaurant reservations, booking flight tickets, handling monthly budges etc.Although the trends of these mobile apps has touched almost every industry, the travel and hospitality industry in particular, has been greatly influenced by its growing use. As travelers need everything instantly, the hoteliers across the world have now increased their budgets for technological advancements to fulfill their needs.It is quite evident that the technology-driven generation is very much inclined towards hotel applications as they show all the hotel facilities with price details on their mobile screens eliminating the need of visiting the place.This is one of the major reasons why hospitality industries are opting for mobile hospitality technology. Hotels can serve their clients better as mobility is now powered by the internet. A recent survey revealed that almost 50% of corporate travelers consider free Wi-Fi as an important criterion for selecting a hotel. 1. Implementing hassle-free check-ins and mobile keys Hotels have now introduced the facility of online check-ins which enables travelers to check in even before they arrive and their keys would be ready. Mobile keys are another beneficial option for travelers that allow them to open the room doors simply with the help of their smart phones. You do not need to be worried about keeping your hotel keys in a safe place as your phone itself will be the key for your hotel rooms. 2. Improving the bandwidth of the hotel Today’s modern travelers prefer Wi-Fi enabled hotels and it is considered as one of their priorities while traveling. A recent survey showed that more than 49% of business travelers consider Wi-Fi as a deciding factor at the time of selecting a hotel. That is why hoteliers throughout the world are upgrading their network and increasing their coverage. 3. No need of concierge Today, many hotels have mobile applications that offer their clients local information so that they can get all these information at their fingertips. The introduction of online navigators has eliminated the usage of physical map and your phone conveniently guides you to your preferred destination. Moreover, travel-based social apps like Foursquare, Trip38, Tripadvisor, OpenTab play the role of the traditional concierge by offering necessary information to the travelers. 4. Technology-driven rooms As mentioned above the entire world is driven by technology today and we all want our hotels to offer the same. Smart hotel rooms are the rooms that can be easily accessed with the help of tabs or mobile apps, TVs that can also be operated through your phones. Such technologically advanced hotels provide all in one system so that you can control lights, temperature, music etc with your mobile devices. 5. Building a personal bond When your guests get the opportunity to share their feedback on their experience in your hotel through their smart phones, it automatically builds a connection between you and your clients. Moreover, you get the chance to know them by knowing about their preferences and you can also provide them exciting deals on the drinks they prefer in your restaurant. when you receive constructive feedback from your customers about the hotel online, try to act as soon as possible. Your guests would know that their feedbacks do matter to you. 6. Saves time and money Mobility in the hotel industry is known for its ability to save money and time. When your dependency on manpower reduces, it automatically cuts down additional costs on staff maintenance and time on training them. This gives you the scope to handle multiple departments on the go including marketing, sales management, front desk, revenue management and more. 7. Faster guest service Responding to the queries and requests of guests is indeed a time-consuming task for hotel staff. It often becomes difficult to manage guests in the hotels and also on the phone calls simultaneously. However if these queries and requests are raised online, it becomes easy for the hotel employees to track and answer the same instantly.From the above mentioned benefits, it is pretty clear that mobile applications are redefining the way hotel industries work. The new concept not only increases service efficiency but also allows hotels to offer customers, value for money deals. This helps hoteliers increase their business as well as maintain efficient operations. If you are into the hospitality business hire an efficient app development company in India to build mobile apps in Android and IOS platforms for your business.

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