• 30 April 2021

    Top Elements That Make a Good Ecommerce Website

    eCommerce websites are a great way to expand your business and generate more revenue. It enables you to reach customers and markets that were once left untouched by you. Ecommerce website development is now a priority for retailers who are looking to lure digital customers. It is becoming the most convenient solution to purchase products, more so during the pandemic. Today, eCommerce stores are serving the world by making shopping easier.However, there are various aspects to eCommerce. Hiring a website development company will simplify your work - the professionals will provide valuable information and insights. There are multiple elements on an eCommerce website - the primary purpose of which is to make the shopping experience smoother. While most businesses make the mistake of thinking that a low-cost product on the front page will solve their problems, there’s more to it than meets the eye.In this article, we will focus on the top elements that make a good eCommerce website. Every eCommerce website design company follows a similar layout for online stores. Strategically placing the elements on the website will ensure that customers spend more time on your website. It will also encourage them to purchase and drive the right action at the right time.Top elements that make a good eCommerce websiteThe biggest benefit of an eCommerce website is that potential customers can reach you from anywhere. However, if they see a mismanaged website, they are more likely to leave the site than make a purchase. That’s why it is important to place the right elements in the right manner to ensure that visitors turn into customers. Here are the top elements that make a good eCommerce website - 1. Best Selling productsOne of the most important elements in eCommerce website development is the category of best-selling products. It needs to be displayed on the homepage. Knowing which products sell the most and often is a great motivator for customers. They get social proof and become psychologically accepting of that product. Therefore, showing the best-selling products is a necessity for every eCommerce website.2. Search functionThe search bar must show accurate results. It is an element that gets the most attention from your returning user or people who know your products. Even if they don’t the search bar must match the user's query with the exact product they are looking for. Most search functions do not provide accurate results. An eCommerce website design company can help you build an advanced search feature that can deliver better results to users.3. Zoom optionsA neglected element of an eCommerce website is the zoom option. Product pictures are important because most people want to look at their products before making a purchase. Allowing zooming in and out ensures that the customers can view the product carefully before they make the payment. By zooming in, they can feel the product and make an informed decision about whether to buy it or not.4. User-friendly navigationIf you are selling a lot of products, then user-friendly navigation is important for your website. Provide proper links to product categories, so that users can easily find the products. The navigation menu is essential for allowing the swift movement of customers from one product to another. It also increases the chances of upselling and cross-selling - which happens in good eCommerce websites more often than not.You can hire a leading website development company to install all the necessary elements on your eCommerce website. Apart from the above four, there are other aspects like the checkout process, ratings and reviews, and others that can impact the engagement of users with your site.

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  • 22 March 2021

    Reasons Why You Should Develop An ECommerce Website

    If you are looking to bring your business online and generate more revenue, then an eCommerce site is your perfect combination. Companies specializing in web design and development in India suggest that you have your own eCommerce website to build a brand name for yourself and increase your sales.  Today, more and more businesses are hiring a website design and development company in India for their own eCommerce site and reaping the advantages of online selling. The pandemic has driven the entire world online. Customers want convenience and easy access to products they love. An eCommerce website lets them purchase products online without stepping out from the comfort of their home. Whether you are a clothing business or an electronics store, you need to hire a web development company in India and get your own eCommerce website. In this article, we will look at the different reasons for owning an eCommerce website for your business. If you want to reach a large number of customers and don’t want to lose out on revenue, then having an online shopping site should be your priority. Let’s look at all the reasons in detail. 5 Reasons you should have your own eCommerce website A website is the digital front page of your business. It showcases who you are and builds your brand. Having an online marketplace will turn your business into an easily accessible online store. Here are a few reasons you should have your own online shopping store in today’s times - 1. Direct marketing Just like offline marketing, you can directly market to potential customers and existing ones through digital channels. In fact, you can reach out to more people than ever before. By building an email list, you can directly target your customers by sending them offers and discounts on products. It also provides you with the opportunities to promote your products to customers that were once out of your reach. 2. Increase your revenue Online shopping trends are increasing every day. Companies offering website design and development in India are seeing a surge in demand for online stores. An eCommerce store will help to increase your revenue twofold as most people now prefer to purchase products online. You can multiply your sales by targeting customers both online and offline. It will ensure that while you may lose offline revenue, your online business is generating enough profits. 3. 24x7 open store The best thing about hiring a website development company in India for your eCommerce site is that you will have a store that is open 24x7. Yes, even when you are sleeping, the chances are that someone will place an order. This way, you can sell products all the time without having to worry about missing customers if they find your store closed. You can also provide good customer support if customers know what time you will be available for calls through a chatbot. 4. Market expansion A website design and development company in India can build a store for you that enables rapid market expansion. With the right SEO plan, social media, and content marketing, your eCommerce store can reach new markets and get more opportunities to increase sales. While physical stores had geographical restrictions, online stores have no such boundaries. People can search you online and place products while sitting in another city. 5. Increase brand identity You can easily strengthen your brand identity by hiring a web development company in India and getting an eCommerce site of your own. Most customers today remember the marketplace rather than the company itself. Therefore, if your brand has an online store, there are more chances that your brand awareness will increase. Not only will it lead to new customer acquisition, but it will also lead to repeat customers and increase your business. Contact us if you need web and mobile application development services for your eCommerce site.

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  • 08 February 2021

    5 Reasons Why Branding Can Make or Break Your Company

    5 Crucial Things About Branding Every Entrepreneur Should Know If a half-bit piece of fruit can make you relate to one of the sophisticated tech product companies in India, it’s because of branding. Branding is one thing companies spend most of their time, money and effort on because the results branding fetches for your company or business can never be compared to any other effort you take to run your business. For the uninitiated, branding for a company is as important as having a business model in place for its sustenance. Not only does branding play a crucial role in the success of your venture, it also helps establish a connect with your audience. When it comes to branding and its allied activities, it does not matter if you run a small, mid-sized or a big company. It does not matter if it’s a B2B or a B2C venture as well. What matters is the amount of branding efforts you take to grow your sales. In this post, we have compiled a list of 5 essential things about branding and if you are an entrepreneur, you should read them and by the end of the post, you would be looking to get in touch with the best digital marketing company in India. Branding = Identity Every business needs an identity. It’s like its address in the market, which customers can find. It sets you apart from thousands of other product in the market and helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Besides, branding also helps you create the identity which would reflect on the class of customers you reach out to, the messaging, the tone of the language you intend to use for it and more. Sometimes, it could take years for businesses to establish this identity while for a few with their creative and quirky ideas could get this done in a few months. If you take Zomato as an example, you would realize that it’s the go-to place for people to check out good restaurants and food around them. But if you’re working with a good branding agency, you could fast forward a couple of months. Branding Increases Visibility As a startup owner, one of the main things you should focus on is increasing your brand’s visibility. Ask any digital marketing company in India or abroad, you would get a unanimous answer that you are not the only company to offer solutions to a specific concern in the market. There are tons of them and every brand claims its services as the best in the industry. So, to compete against them, your brand needs to be visible to your target audience. Only when your business is visible that it could attract leads, customers and even potential investors. Apart from offline visibility, your business needs to be visible online as well. They say if you can’t find something on the first page of search results, it does not exist at all. So, you need to ensure you work with the best branding agency to increase your visibility. Branding Establishes an Image for Your Business Customers are not conventional anymore. The market has evolved and people have learnt to make informed decisions. So it is now on you as the brand owner to make them take the right choice with your brand. For that, you need to have set the right image for your business and branding will help you do that. If you can make your business look credible and the ideal solution to their problems, customer would find your brand trustworthy and connect with your product. So, if you intend to work with a digital marketing company in India, check to see the credibility of the brands they build. Branding Resolves Customer Concerns If you notice, customers are not looking for your brand – or any brand to be honest. They are looking for solutions to their problems. Branding becomes the face of the solution you offer through your product and any branding agency in India would acknowledge this fact. This is how customers would relate your product with their problem and choose yours from among many others. For instance, if you need to buy running shoes, you know that you would prefer Nike because it has been operating in the market as one of the best brands for running shoes for decades. That is the power of branding, where the company does not make you think of any other brand in the industry it is in. Brand Talks For Your Company In the initial years, it is crucial to invest on branding because it is what would take your business forward. When you create a value for your business, customers would find your product investment-worthy. For a customer, it always boils down to RoI and when your company offers values apart from solutions, it is when it nails its presence in the market. The more efforts you take in branding, the longer the lifespan of your company is. If you look back, Murphy is still looked up as one of the best radio manufacturers in the world. Why? Branding! If you are an entrepreneur who has understood the importance of branding but is still unsure of how to go about it, we at Consumer Sketch can get you started. We are the fastest growing digital marketing company in India and we would ensure your product reaches your audience without a fuss. Get in touch to grow your business today.

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  • 06 January 2021

    Top 10 Features Your Landing Page Should Have

    A landing page is a valuable asset for your website. It is the online sales personnel and the front page that will convert your visitors into customers. Any website design company would lay special emphasis on the development of a landing page as it needs to be appealing and engaging. Landing pages are important because they are the link between the company and a prospect.However, designing a landing page is a crucial activity. You need to carefully place different elements on the page so that it convinces the users to take the desired action. A digital marketing agency can help you make a great landing page and promote it. You need to take extreme precaution in the design while ensuring that your customer doesn’t go away as soon as they land on it.In this article, we will look at the top 10 features that make for a great landing page. By ensuring the right elements in web development for your page, you will be able to better persuade the users into taking the desired action.Top 10 features of a great landing pageWhile there are several things that you need to take care, a landing page comprises a few major things that determine whether the user will stay for longer or not. Here are the top 10 features of a landing page that you should ask the digital marketing agency to incorporate -1. Understandable URLYour landing page URL should be easily readable and comprehensible by everyone. Try to keep it as short as possible so that most people can recognize it. Google will also be able to rank you better if it knows that you have an easy presence.2. Appealing headlinesApart from stuffing keywords in your headlines, it also needs to be catchy. The more persuasive it is, the better it is for Google to understand your content and rank you. Your ad quality score will improve if the headline matches the page content.3. Navigation barThere needs to be an appealing navigation bar as well. It showcases the structure of the website. Any web development for the landing page starts with the navigation bar. Make sure that the bar leads to different complementary offerings.4. Call-to-actionsMake sure that all call-to-action lead to your desired outcome. They all should take the user in the same direction without confusing them about the product. Call to action is the most important element - design them elegantly.5. Clear contentYou must always articulate the point you are trying to make in a clear and concise manner. Your content should always match the product you are selling and the action you want customers to take. Don’t bore the users with irrelevant content just to stuff keywords.6. Design specificallyDesign the landing page for a specific purpose. This is the most important feature that any digital marketing agency will suggest to focus on. A generic page is nothing but a lost sale. You need to be clear about what the page is about, what it is selling, and why it is there.7. Reduce linksIt is essential to reduce the internal and external links on your landing page. First of all - they create extra noise and distract the users from taking the desired action. Second of all - you don’t want the prospects to leave the landing page.8. Use attractive imagesAnd videos as well. The more you can engage your customer on the landing page, the better it is for you. You want your prospects to stay on the page for as long as possible. Attractive multimedia will keep the users returning and showcase your value.9. Above the scrollEnsure that maximum content is showcased on the first screen of the landing page. Everything important should come above the scroll so that you can deliver the point without making the user scroll too much. It is necessary for selling high-value products.10. Stand outIt is essential to stand out. You cannot make your mark by building the same landing page as other people. You need to ensure that your landing delivers a unique user experience to everyone who visits it. In this way, you will convert your users into customers and keep on doing that.

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  • 30 November 2020

    Mobile Apps Are Changing the Banking Sectors

    Benefits of Mobile Apps in Indian Banking SectorsMobile banking app is the quickest and the most convenient way to efficiently and securely handle your money, i.e., pay bills, transfer money, check balance and more.Why Develop a Mobile Banking App?Mobile applications have made a way into every field of our lives, including financing. A vast number of banks worldwide are winning increasingly more business by providing their customers with a useful mobile app. Almost every adult of the world's population today makes transactions on their phones. However, the expense of banks serving a customer is lowered by fifty to seventy percent since mobile devices are hugely used.The Top Guide to Create a Mobile Banking AppPresently, the most usual trend is getting all of your work done via phone. It also involves managing financial jobs. Years back, a bank's failure and success was hugely judged on the ground of its interior and exterior structure. Nevertheless, now whether the bank has a luxurious interior or is prosperous doesn't matter anymore.All you need is an innovative and well-functional website where users can easily access their personal bank account. So a mobile app development company is essential for you to create an app for the bank customers with which they can pay bills, check balance, and do lots to handle their bank account anytime and anywhere.Importance of Mobile Banking AppYour mobile app development company should create a personalized application that can survive the ever-increasing competitiveness. The app should be innovative enough to stand out among other banks. Above all, the app should make banking simpler, effective, and convenient for the users.Today's customers will prefer internet banking rather than visiting their banks in person. However, it is better if a bank offers internet banking via a user-friendly mobile application. An app also enables the bank to win the customers' loyalty and make them more mobile.Features an excellent mobile banking app should haveThere are several features you should keep in your mind while creating a mobile banking app. Make sure your app developer does not overlook these features. The two key features are simplicity and safety.SimplicityMake your mobile app development company create a user-friendly and straightforward banking app. Not all customers will need all banking functions. However, the app should offer a simplified layout. It is preferable to have a lighter version of your mobile banking app than the exact copy of the website version.SafetyLooking at the ever-increasing incidence of information leaks worldwide, it is apparent that customers nowadays are more anxious about the security risks involved with payments through the mobile banking app. However, when creating a responsive mobile app, your android and IOS app development company will need to give the security measures the top priority.Here are a few tips you should keep into consideration while creating a mobile banking app.Keep it simple and user friendly by lowering the total number of functions.Make the design more appealing and easy to use so that everyone can use it regardless of age.Create an inherent interface to enhance the safety level.Let the users have a personalized experience while using the app.Customize the customers' experience and use it further for additional app development.Keep the response time shorter for higher customer satisfaction.Functions your Mobile Banking App Should HaveThe app should make it easy for users to pay bills like www., cover mobile communications, loans, and utility services.The app should allow customers to transfer money with ease from one account to another.The app should help customers check their balance and transaction history anytime and anywhere.The app should have a money conversion facility.The app should notify the users each time an amount is credited or debited to their account.The app should provide customers with statements to review the complete account activity.The app should provide information on the nearest banks or ATMs through geolocation services.So, these are the significant measures you need to keep in mind while creating your mobile banking app. Reach out to a professional company to learn more about app development in India. Only an experienced developer can guide you through the app development process efficiently.

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  • 16 October 2020

    Top 5 Best Technology Used for Mobile App Development in India

    Whether it's iOS app development or Android, determining the platform for your mobile application can be a challenge. If you want to target customers on both platforms, then you need a cross-platform app. Once you decide the platform, you can hire the right mobile app development company in India to develop your mobile application. A significant question then arises - Which technology is the best for your mobile application? An iPhone application development company in India will work on SWIFT or Objective C to build your application. On the other hand, an Android app development company can develop your app on React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, or Ionic. In this article, we will highlight the 5 best technologies used for mobile app development in India. It will include the technology for building both iOS and Android applications. 5 best technologies for mobile app development in India The best technology for your mobile app will make a world of difference in the application experience. You need a technology that can deliver a high level of user satisfaction with its interface and robustness. Here are the 5 best technologies that a mobile app development company in India can offer you for mobile applications - 1. React Native One of the trending and emerging technologies for mobile app development is React Native. It is a cross-platform app development framework that uses a single codebase for developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS. The best thing is that it interacts perfectly well with the platform components and provides a native look and feel to the application. You don't have to separately hire an iPhone application development company in India if you are building your application with React Native. 2. Flutter A classic in the mobile app development industry, Flutter is an exceptional platform for Android and iOS app development. The framework uses Dart to enable developers to build native interfaces for their mobile applications. It is an open-source mobile app development SDK by Google that offers complete flexibility in the development process. Read more about the cost to make a flutter app for Your business in this post. 3. SWIFT Arguably the champion in iPhone app development, SWIFT, is one of the best programming languages for coding mobile applications for iOS. It offers additional layers of security and is a flexible programming language, which has an open-source codebase. Any iPhone application development company in India will offer SWIFT as the first option for building iOS apps. You can also use it as a scripting language. 4. Kotlin If you are only looking for an Android application, then Kotlin is one of the best choices. You can hire an Android app development company that can work with this beautiful, statically-typed programming language. It is considered as an advanced version of JAVA, and developers who have already worked with JAVA can easily switch to Kotlin. It is a progressive language that is used to create scalable mobile applications. Examples include Trello, Pinterest, Evernote, and more. 5. Python One of the most in-demand technologies for web and mobile apps in Python. It is a robust, simple, and easy-to-use programming language for building feature-rich applications. Python enables enterprises to build scalable applications that can handle the massive traffic load. Companies like YouTube, Instagram, Google, etc., use Python in their technology stack to deliver features for their mobile and web applications. Today, there are a large number of customers on both iOS and Android - and you should not miss out on both of them. You should hire a mobile app development company in India that offers cross-platform application development using the best technologies available. They can decide on the best technology for your web application and ensure your presence on both iOS and Android.

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