• 21 February 2020

    TikTok For Business: A New Way To Boost Your Business

    TikTok is a whole new social media platform with millions of active users worldwide. This avantgarde social media marketing tool helps businesses reach millions of audiences across the globe through short user-recorded video clips. Demographically, the most significant users of TikTok are younger generations below the age of 30. Since its commencement, the app has progressed from a video app merely created for the users who want to showcase their creativity to a vast platform for social media marketing and advertising.How TikTok Can Benefit for your Business in 2021TikTok is an Android, and iOS app launched back in 2016. Commenced as a video platform where the users can create, edit, and share their videos to showcase their creativity, in past few years, the app has acquired an impressive number of followers spread all over the globe.  Primarily, the trend is apt for the younger generations.Most influencers and promoters are tapping into TikTok since the statistics indicate that most individuals using the app belong to the age-group below 30. TikTok, as a platform, is continuously increasing its popularity.Several brands are considering using this fast-growing platform to fetch the right opportunity for enhancing their brand awareness.  However, various causes make TikTok Advertising one of the best influencer marketing tools.How does it work?"For You" and "Following" are the two areas on TikTok. As you launch the app, it will take you straight to the FYP (the for you page) where you will get to see various trending videos, including the top and highly view video creators. Once you look into the app, start following the ranks and files, and you will be able to see more stuff.A unique element that makes TikTok one of the most attractive influencer marketing tools is that the users don't need to follow anyone only to get some experience. However, the tab "Following" will take you to the latest video clips created and uploaded by the users you are following.AdvertisingIf you are looking forward to investing in social media marketing, review these critical forms of formats you can consider implementing.Infeed Ads - The infeed TikTok video clips are, as by the right, 9 to 15 seconds long. A full-screen content is displayed like how you can see Instagram stories and are not inevitable. However, you can make use of various features like app downloads or website clicks. The effect of your video will be measured through the number of clicks, click-through rates (CTR), impressions, video interaction, and play duration.Brand Takeovers - It involves the use of videos, animated images, GIFs, and still images. The links attached takes you to website home pages or hashtags and challenges within the same platform. Moreover, it provides unique reaches, clicks, and impressions.Hashtag Challenges - They are the right option to incorporate when a brand wishes to use the advertised hashtags. It holds in a link directing the users to the main challenge page where they can get the detailed information of the #challenge. The measuring elements for this category are the number of banner views, video interaction, clicks, and analogous videos generated by other TikTokers.Branded Lenses - With the highest rate of success, TikTok is taking steps to make the app more engaging. One of the future projects the company is working on is the branded lenses. Much like AR lenses offered by apps like Instagram and Snapchat, the branded lenses launched by TikTok will incorporate elements like 3D objects, face filters, and more.User InteractionAnother vital aspect that makes TikTok marketing a fortunate influencer marketing tool is user interaction. One ideal example for this would be a challenge to the users to participate in a hashtag challenge. However, one of the major reasons for the success of TikTok is based on the perspective that helps users to interact with the customers without giving them off a forced viewpoint.Unique And Creative ContentOne of the unique tools that make TikTok the best platform for influencer marketing is that people don't need significantly polished or top-grade content in view of creating the required impact. Still, indeed, originality needs to be a significant factor. Most TikTok users appreciate corny and silly content promotions. Their reaction will guide you with the best opportunity to influence your prospective buyers.Hashtag ChallengesFor brands looking for the best platform to enhance awareness and associations, #Hashtag Challenges are an essential part and the signature offering offered by #TikTok.It encourages people to share their captures on the challenges released by various companies or individual personalities. This is the best way to establish user-generated content and develop consumer connections with the products.TikTok has turned out to be a crucially crucial social media marketing tool for various brands. What you need to do is, install the app, and sign up to create an account. Navigate through the videos to look at the way other users are using the platform. Spend enough time experimenting and create your first clip.Indeed, it will take enough time to get used to, but it is essential to, first of all, develop a presence on the platform. Rather than starting a direct campaign, create a community around your service or product. When you do this, you will already have a base to start your campaigns.

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  • 10 February 2020

    How Mobile Applications are Transforming the Hospitality Industry

    We live in an age where we cannot imagine our lives without mobile phones. Starting from setting an alarm for the morning to sending good night messages to our loved ones at night, we are dependent on this small device for almost everything. They are extremely useful and help us manage from minor to major works and activities of our daily lives like restaurant reservations, booking flight tickets, handling monthly budges etc.Although the trends of these mobile apps has touched almost every industry, the travel and hospitality industry in particular, has been greatly influenced by its growing use. As travelers need everything instantly, the hoteliers across the world have now increased their budgets for technological advancements to fulfill their needs.It is quite evident that the technology-driven generation is very much inclined towards hotel applications as they show all the hotel facilities with price details on their mobile screens eliminating the need of visiting the place.This is one of the major reasons why hospitality industries are opting for mobile hospitality technology. Hotels can serve their clients better as mobility is now powered by the internet. A recent survey revealed that almost 50% of corporate travelers consider free Wi-Fi as an important criterion for selecting a hotel. 1. Implementing hassle-free check-ins and mobile keys Hotels have now introduced the facility of online check-ins which enables travelers to check in even before they arrive and their keys would be ready. Mobile keys are another beneficial option for travelers that allow them to open the room doors simply with the help of their smart phones. You do not need to be worried about keeping your hotel keys in a safe place as your phone itself will be the key for your hotel rooms. 2. Improving the bandwidth of the hotel Today’s modern travelers prefer Wi-Fi enabled hotels and it is considered as one of their priorities while traveling. A recent survey showed that more than 49% of business travelers consider Wi-Fi as a deciding factor at the time of selecting a hotel. That is why hoteliers throughout the world are upgrading their network and increasing their coverage. 3. No need of concierge Today, many hotels have mobile applications that offer their clients local information so that they can get all these information at their fingertips. The introduction of online navigators has eliminated the usage of physical map and your phone conveniently guides you to your preferred destination. Moreover, travel-based social apps like Foursquare, Trip38, Tripadvisor, OpenTab play the role of the traditional concierge by offering necessary information to the travelers. 4. Technology-driven rooms As mentioned above the entire world is driven by technology today and we all want our hotels to offer the same. Smart hotel rooms are the rooms that can be easily accessed with the help of tabs or mobile apps, TVs that can also be operated through your phones. Such technologically advanced hotels provide all in one system so that you can control lights, temperature, music etc with your mobile devices. 5. Building a personal bond When your guests get the opportunity to share their feedback on their experience in your hotel through their smart phones, it automatically builds a connection between you and your clients. Moreover, you get the chance to know them by knowing about their preferences and you can also provide them exciting deals on the drinks they prefer in your restaurant. when you receive constructive feedback from your customers about the hotel online, try to act as soon as possible. Your guests would know that their feedbacks do matter to you. 6. Saves time and money Mobility in the hotel industry is known for its ability to save money and time. When your dependency on manpower reduces, it automatically cuts down additional costs on staff maintenance and time on training them. This gives you the scope to handle multiple departments on the go including marketing, sales management, front desk, revenue management and more. 7. Faster guest service Responding to the queries and requests of guests is indeed a time-consuming task for hotel staff. It often becomes difficult to manage guests in the hotels and also on the phone calls simultaneously. However if these queries and requests are raised online, it becomes easy for the hotel employees to track and answer the same instantly.From the above mentioned benefits, it is pretty clear that mobile applications are redefining the way hotel industries work. The new concept not only increases service efficiency but also allows hotels to offer customers, value for money deals. This helps hoteliers increase their business as well as maintain efficient operations. If you are into the hospitality business hire an efficient app development company in India to build mobile apps in Android and IOS platforms for your business.

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  • 03 January 2020

    Importance of UI UX Design

    Do you know the Importance of UI/UX Development?  Both the terms UI/UX customization and personalization are highly popular in the world of design and development. Users often tend to use these two terms interchangeably but there is a subtle difference between the terms. It all depends on business goals. Today the technology-dependent generation looks for the best technology without spending much time and tiring their busy brains. Importance of Personalization in UI UX Design The scenario remains the same when it comes to surfing the websites and mobile applications where the success of a website depends on how quickly it is able to respond to its users. In simple words, it is all about user experience. Most firms depend on User interface and User experience UI/UX Design services when it comes to offering user satisfaction. What is UX Development? User experience development is the process of improving the overall user experience when they use a particular website or application. It frames up an application keeping the customers in mind. It mainly emphasizes wireframing an application and structuring all its components and elements properly to create the user flow. What is UI Development? On the other hand, the term User Interface refers to the process of improving the presentation and interactivity of a website or application. It mainly focuses on the overall appearance and the way it interacts with the users. Each screen, page, button (call-to-action) and other visual elements you see while using an application fall under the category of User Interface of that application. Importance of UX/UI Design The main objective of every business is to boost sales and accelerate its growth. UX/UI design contributes a lot to achieving this goal by improving user experience and customer satisfaction ultimately leading to an increase in the number of users of the specific application. As you offer a huge array of choices and alternatives for your products to users, you get a very small span of time to grab their attention. So you need to hit the bull’s eye during this time period. UX/UI design helps in gaining your customers’ confidence and makes them use your website or application by ensuring that they get what they are looking for. The importance of UI and UX design becomes more crucial for startups or small ventures as it helps to make a solid first impression that lasts long and increases brand recognition. Customization in UX/UI Design Customization in UX/UI design is primarily done by the users to make changes based on their specific needs by configuring layout, content, or functionality. Customization takes the concept of user experience to a different level due to the control to maintain interaction. After all, this gives users the scope to get what exactly they want. Customization works on the principle of "Customers are King". It prioritizes the natural intelligence of the users over Artificial Intelligence (AI). It allows users to select depending on their choices regarding what to see or set preferences for how information is organized or displayed. A prominent example of customization, where the user is allowed to select based on his or her preferences is the popular networking site Facebook where users are suggested content based on their preferences. It also offers the option to turn on notifications for individual people, pages, or posts. Personalization of UX/UI Design Personalization is done by the app itself depending on the principle of intelligence. The app aims to provide highly personalized and contextual information following the users’ preferences and usage patterns which allows them to view the content, offers, or features that match their needs. This type of personalization not only adds value to customers but also increases their sense of loyalty in them. Personalization has become an inseparable part of designing a digital system due to its incredible ability to build a bond with the end-user. The concept of personalization focuses on providing a contextual experience by offering content and functionality that suits specific user needs or interests without any effort from users. The real purpose of personalizing is to offer users highly relevant content. Netflix is a perfect example of that that sends push notifications to its users or subscribers about their favourite shows and their timings. So it won’t be wrong to say that UX/UI design service has become an integral part of both iOS and Android Mobile app development.

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  • 01 November 2019

    Native App Development vs. Hybrid App Development

    Mobile Website, Native App, or a Hybrid App – which platform you should opt for? This is the most common question that routinely floats up in today's app development landscape. As an app developer, you will need to consider a few essential things before developing an app.Hybrid App Development & Native App Development: Advantages and DisadvantagesThe existence of budget-friendly smartphones has hugely resulted in our addiction to smartphones. This ultimately makes it a challenge for app development companies to choose the right platform between Native and Hybrid App Development.Role of UI & UX in Mobile App DevelopmentBefore exploring the Hybrid and Native App Development platforms, the most essential aspect of it you being a developer needs to consider is 'the Customer'. Well, customers are least concerned about the platform and technology used to create the app they are using. They are only concerned about accessing the app rather than knowing how they are created. To add more, customers use an app once or twice in case if it is inoperative in the first attempt. Only 10 to 15 percent of customers offer an app more than two attempts. This is the reason why User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) is a vitally important aspect of an app.Read also: React Native vs Ionic: Which One of Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks Is Better?How to identify mobile app is native or hybrid?A Native Mobile App is created to be used in an individual platform or device, like iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Android. Native apps are particularly created to be used in a specific mobile platform in its aboriginal programming language;  • iOS (Swift / Objective-C)  • Android (Kotlin / Java) • Windows (C#)Each platform follows different guidelines and the app developers have to stick to each since they are different in terms of graphic styles, visual effects, gestures, typography, data entry, etc.In regards to the hybrid apps, a Hybrid App Development Company creates a single app for multiple platforms; that are Android, Windows, and iPhone. In actuality, hybrid apps are a combination of both native and web apps. A hybrid app is a single product that collaborates with multiple operating systems; that can be iOS, Android, or Windows.A hybrid app looks like a native application but is operated by the company's website. It is built with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 and fundamentally is a web-based program chimed in a native app shell and associated with the device hardware.Hybrid vs. Native app advantagesThere are various pros and cons to both hybrid and native app techniques.Native App Development – Advantages  • Performance – While developing a native mobile application, developers will have to code for various platforms employing different programming languages for each operating system. This means, there are various versions of a single application created for each platform and for being precise to the specific operating system, it can give you a smooth performance.  • Speed – Since the native application has been optimized for OS or iOS, it tends to achieve the highest grades in terms of performance and speed. Every single thing including memory and battery utilization is considered while developing a native app. When developing a native app it becomes quite easy to establish gesture support for an app and incorporate new innovative functions.  • User Experience – For app developers it is very important to build mobile apps that can create a good impression to ensure that the apps once installed are not deleted immediately. The feel and user experience in a native app are greater with smoother scrolling, profound effects & animations, special gesture recognition, appealing elements, and much more. • Protection & Security – A fully efficient hardware resources are most needed to protect data and that is practicable in native app development.  • Flexibility – Native applications offer easy and fast access to the inbuilt device utilities; that are a camera, calendar, GPS, microphone, and various other functions smartphones may have. Nevertheless, hybrid app development particularly has limitations when creating the interface since a single app will be using multiple platforms. With no restrictions, everything offered by the technology in native apps is implemented.  • Personalization – Native app development is the best way to adjust the layout on various android devices available with various screen sizes. Hybrid App Development – Advantages  • Cost – While creating hybrid apps the development process happens only once for whatever platform it may be; whether it is Windows, Android, or iOS. There isn't any need to employ different Programmers. This makes Hybrid app development cost pocket-friendly when compared to the native app development.  • Maintenance – Hybrid apps are web applications that are incorporated into a native shell. You can update the contents as many times as you require. This indicates that hybrid apps offer low maintenance. • Time – In today's competitive market a similar idea can be picked by various businesses. So, you will want your mobile application to go live as early as possible. If so, you should opt for a hybrid app. ConclusionFeatures like once source code, easy updates, budget-friendly costs, cross-compatible technologies, availability of required resources, and speed to market make hybrid apps more appealing. The added advantages the native apps have are specific to the OS whereupon the app is built; i.e. GPS address book, camera, and etcetera. Moreover, the native approach proffers the best security for an application, the best performance, and access to native APIs, and highly responsive user interface.Ultimately, the higher investment you make for your business will save both money and time, in the long run, offering you the best user experience and standard app performance.Also read: How to Build a Mobile App using React Native?

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  • 30 September 2019

    5 Key Ingredients in Successful iOS Mobile App

    The growing app dependence amongst people has made the competition between app development companies tougher. Starting from shopping to ordering food, the technology dependent generation prefers to do everything online due to its convenience and the easy availability of smartphones. Technically, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that apps have captured the entire world into the small electronic device making human life easier.Besides this, the increasing usage of IPhons is also prominent in our society today, which is another reason why the competition in iOS app development is growing with each passing day. No matter what, an iPhone application has to be attractive if you want it to be downloaded time and again.This to a great extent depends on the UI user interface and User experience. Unfortunately many apps in the past have been built without paying much attention to the UI and UX and as a result, they were failed to impress its users.So if you wish to stand out in this over crowded market of iOS app development companies in India, you cannot miss the following tips to build a competitive UI.1. Having a solid ideaThe first step of creating an IPhone app is to make a list of your requirements in this project. Having a clear concept of the need will help you see how a design can fulfill the needs and demands of your target audience. You need to keep in mind that if your iOS app does not have the ability to solve real problems then you would need to start everything from a scratch. Critical thinking is a must at this step of designing. As a UI designer or iOS developer, it is essential for you to brainstorm to figure out the possible obstacles that may come in your way to your design implementation. Once you have a solid idea in your mind regarding this you can proceed to the next step of designing.2. Connect with your users on an emotional levelBuilding a connection with your target audience through an outstanding UI is the key to create an impressive iOS app for them. This helps you in staying in touch with your users. That is why designers need to stay updated with present trends in designs and acquire more knowledge on how to build a smoother and appealing app. For example if your app was designed many years ago, you need to redesign it keeping relevance and an attractive appearance. UI trends not only contribute to your app’s visual appeal but also work on its usability.3. The first impression is the last impressionIt is said that first impression is the last impression and the theory truly works in this case as well. It takes few moments for your users to form a judgment about your app. So having an extraordinary UI design is very important to keep your users glued to your app. Starting from selecting the right color palette to the right pixel combination, the design needs to stand out. According to a survey 21% of users leave an app after first use and the reason is poor UI design. A smart and impressive design contributes a lot to increase the credibility of your business because majority of us believe that a company that prioritizes its app designs, their products and services will be equally good.4. Attractive content and layoutGifting your target audience an impressive and user friendly app does not put an end to your challenges. This is because users would always want to use and access their favorite app on their other iOS devices as well. So you need to make sure that in the designing process, the components and layouts are arranged in such a way that they can automatically change shape and size according to the gadgets. A versatile interface is crucial here to give users a wonderful experience in every situation. The layout should be suitable for every iOS gadget so that users can see the primary content without scrolling up and down.5. Play with colorsWe all are very much aware of the power of colors in influencing our mood on a regular basis. Keeping this in mind designers should focus on colors that can instantly light up their users’ mood and that can only be possible with an attractive UI design that has the ability to grab attention. For example, contrasting color combination should be used in the background and text to make the text more prominent.As the User interface is an inseparable part of an iOS app development, an outstanding interactive design of your app is crucial to make it successful. This will remarkably improve your business incomes, boost your brand identity and will help you serve your clients better. After all everyone loves to use an app that is convenient to use and visually appealing. So if you are willing to build your own iOS app consider the above mentioned points to make it successful.

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  • 13 September 2019

    Google Moved One Step Ahead to Identify Nofollow Links

    What is every SEO expert trying to do? Optimize his/her content for various platforms, including search engines. Which is the essential search engine?  Google. Previously, nofollow attribute used to identifying various links that are related to sponsors, advertising, or content that is not intended to pass along ranking credit. Google has recently announced two new rel values that are "sponsored" and "UGC" therefore, the nofollow attribute is no longer a catchall for these types of instances. This step further specify the purpose of the link for ranking in the algorithm of search engine. rel=" sponsored":  To identify commercial links on your site, use the sponsored attribute. This attribute will identify the links on your website that are the part of advertisements. If the link is for sponsorship, advertisement, or any other compensation agreement that its relation should be "sponsored." rel=" UGC":  UGC stands for User Generated Content. It is another rel link that Google recently introduces. For links within user-generated content, the UGC attribute value supported. Such as forum and comments posts. rel=" nofollow":  For cases, where you don't want to imply any endorsement but are willing to link a page, use this attribute. Remember, it includes passing along ranking credit to another page, according to Google. For interpreting the new link attributes, Google is also shifting to using a "hint model": Instructions By Google: Google also gives a few notable instructions regarding usage in its announcement. There is no need to change existing links. For the ranking purpose, all the new link attributes are working today as hints.  Google recommends switching over to using rel= "sponsored" for all sponsored links. Google isn't enforcing this; you can change it when it is convenient for you. By March 1st, 2020, Google is planning to use the hints for crawling and indexing purposes. Google is also allowing to use multiple rel values, depending on the scenario. For example, a relation could be rel=" UGC sponsored." How New Ways Will Impact SEO: Plugins that add the nofollow attribute sitewide or otherwise will be affected by this. These links will also impact how connections are created for sites by users. The option provided in the product created by plugin authors, they want to reevaluate it. What can you do? Don't use any blackhat techniques to cheat Google. You can use tips, but the best approach is, to work along Google as Google wants you to work.  Many companies are providing course material to understand specific technologies such as AZ-900 dumps that can help to understand and pass the exam for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. You can buy any paid or get any free training about SEO from Udemy or any other platform to understand the recent changes in Google's Core Algorithms and many other advancements in SEO. What happens if a wrong attribute used with a link? "Except in the case of sponsored links, there's no wrong attribute. If a non-ad link or UGC link is marked as 'sponsored' Google will consider it a hint. The difference is, Google will not count the link as a credit for other pages or websites.", according to Google. Non-ad links and UGC were used as nofollow, it doesn't differ from them. Links which is sponsored or ads should use the rel attribute "nofollow." Which one is better? "Sponsored" or "nofollow."  As explained earlier, you can use any of them for ads, preferred by google is "sponsored," but if you use "nofollow," it is also acceptable. For now, all the link attributes, UGC, nofollow, and sponsored work as hints. After March 1st, 2020, Google will use it for crawling and indexing purposes. Should We Care? To the search results, as a result of this new change by Google, there should be no significant impact, according to Google. It will impact if Google decides, how he will count the nofollow link. Take an example of Wikipedia. If you have so many nofollow links from Wikipedia's page and Google to start counting them your ranking will improve. For almost 15 previous years, the nofollow link attribute has been a staple to the SEO industry. Now for the first time, it is going to change in a big way.

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