• 24 April 2019

    10 Simple Tips for using a local SEO to Get Ahead Your Competition

    What is A Local SEO?Running a business all by oneself is a very hard task. You may be satisfied with your loyal customers who purchase from you regularly, but you should eye for more new customers if you want your brand to be known among others and gain popularity. Keeping your Website and your SEO up to date can be hard work too. Sometimes you need to hire a professional search engine optimization agency which helps you in ranking your website.  It may occur in your mind that improving your website or updating the SEO may either be difficult or very expensive.Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a helpful way to promote your local business online. When a consumer wants to buy a product or service they go online, specifically to say, take the help of Google, to find the best options for their needs, and many want that option to be local and readily available to them. You can advertise your services and products to your local customers, who live within same city as yours at the time when they are looking for the product online. The practice of Standard SEO is much different from Local SEO.According to Google, 46% of the online product searches have a ‘local intent’. Whenever someone searches for a product or a service online, the SEO automatically tracks the intent of the customer and further reduces it to local boundaries. Searches which typically includes a location or ‘near me’ keyword, go to the territory of local search engine results page (SERP).You may notice that the local search engine results are much more different from the standard results and include many criteria like opening times, reviews and ratings and even in some cases, photographs are also provided. Everything that’s displayed in the local pack comes from your business’ ‘Google My Business’ profile, a critical part of Local SEO.How to use a Local SEO?1. Get an orderly Title and Description of your Business:You get a brief space for propagating the marketing message of your brand. You have to use it wisely by adding a Title and Description, banishing generic words and terms that have nothing to do with your business and get the best first impression among your potential customers. In that way, your company can head to the top of the search list when anyone searches with local intent. You should also research the keywords that will help you gain top position on any search engine.2. Get on Google My Business:Google My Business or GMB is just like an online directory, which contains the name and details about many companies. It is important that your brand or company gets a section of its own. It is simple to register your business to ‘Google My Business’ with a verification process of your company at first, to ensure that you are the legitimate owner of the company. Then you get established in the directory and you can add your Business description, categories of service, hours that your business remains open and other important information. Your Google My Business Profile may contain important information which you can submit by yourself.3. Get Online Reviews:In order to establish a believable identity to your customers, you need some online reviews for your company. You should ask people who are satisfied with your business to post a review online so that others can see them and engage with you further. This process will help you flourish more. It may be noted that most of the Google My Business Attributes, Questions and Answers, and Online reviews are posted by the customers. So you need to communicate with your customers in order to give them a better experience of your business. Insist your customers to give genuine reviews on your business’ Social media profile like Google+ and others.Sometimes your business gets some bad reviews by costumers. Which brings down your online reputation. So you should know how to handle negative comments on your content or business in a positive way to maintain your business reputation and client base.4. Get Backlinks From Non-Competing Local Business:You should look for getting some backlinks from the websites of other local businesses. You must approach your non-competing business owner with an offer of exchanging backlinks- you will provide a backlink to the other business, and the owner of the other business will provide you with another backlink. In this way, both businesses will flourish online.5. Gain Local Coverage:To keep your business at the top of the search page you should..' instead you should collaborate with local journalists and reporters and give them a chance to take your interview. You should talk about something new and open a path of opportunities to your customers. In this process, the local coverage on the websites will gain your business with more backlinks- meaning that your business is slowly becoming popular to the masses. You may also search for bloggers who may write about your company in their blogs. You can use searches in Google like ‘your location blogs’ for that. You can also take the help of social media in order to make your brand’s name known across your locality. All these will offer you with positive results in the future.6. Provide Citations:If you want to make your name known across the cyberspace and put your brand’s name at the top of the search engine, you should do that with citations. The list of your name, address, phone number should be mentioned in order to aggregate business data. You can take the help of tools like Yext and Moz Local. Provide Citations in as many websites and listings as possible. It will prove beneficial for you as your business will get locally listed. The citations are particularly important to get in place for a local SEO.Two types of citations are there: Structured and unstructured. The structured citations appear in business listings and come from fields being filled when the listing is claimed. Unstructured citations generally come from the backlinks you get from social media and other web media coverage.7. Provide Link to Other Web Pages:When you furnish your details in Google My Business list, you should give the opportunity to add links to the ‘about’ section of the website. You should link the inner pages of your business website in the section. It will be good for you if you are offering a portfolio of products and services of your business. Remember to be consistent and keep this information in all of the social media profiles and websites of your business. Many sites only have their important pages linked to the main menu navigation either on the homepage or in the footer, but you should be adding relevant internal links within your pages’ content as well, including blog posts and service pages. After improving your site’s internal linking structure, your business is sure to rank better on Google.8. Sponsor Local Meetups:You should try to sponsor a local meet up in order to gain credibility and a sense of trust among your potential customers. You can use Meetup.com, a site which brings people together with common interests. If you wish to sponsor any local meet up in the Meetup.com website, you will get backlinks which will help you with the local SEO.9. Make sure your Site Loads Quickly:You must always keep an eye on the technical factors about your website. A lot of people use mobile devices while performing a local search because the mobile devices are either location aware or the customers are looking for a company which is nearer to them. Everybody cannot get access to a Wi-Fi router, many keep connected to 3G and 4G Connections as well. That is why your site’s speed must be fast enough to open on time. You can visit many websites and download software that performs data test on your website.10. Check For the appearance of your site on a mobile device:Your website should be responsive, that is to say, it should not be user-hostile in a mobile device and should load easily. You can hire a professional deliver in order to take care of your website’s appearance on a mobile device. You can also perform the Google Mobile-Friendly Test in order to see whether your business website is responsive or not.Final Say:These are some of the tips and suggestions that you may follow during your local SEO in order to take your business to the top. Otherwise, you could end up in losing market share to your competitors. This is the reason primarily why so many SEO agencies and consultants specialize in local SEO rather than universal SEO. Your goals get different when you opt for Local SEO, and it helps in maintaining high visibility of your business to your potential customers. Also, through researching and adding important keywords while performing local SEO will be better. You should not only think about the technical part but stress on the content of your website as well. The more content you will add, your customers will get more informed on your business like valuable advice, entertainment value, and others.

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  • 02 April 2019

    Starting Off With Mobile App Development

    Top Reasons to Invest in Mobile App DevelopmentIn this modern era, the internet has facilitated users with every power on their fingertips. Fulfilling their desires with simple taps and clicks on their smartphones, it leads them to demand their every requirement served immediately. The cheaper rates of high-speed internet and affordable smartphones prices have contributed their fair share in making it possible for all audiences worldwide to gather at the single platform and demand their needs served.Changing the trends of vast industries globally, it has shaken all the conservative ways of dealing with customers and potential customers from the root. Even marketing strategies have changed their phases and now online and inbound marketing are ruling the world of promotions. A single platform where you have the audiences watching your efforts from all over the earth raises one in a million opportunity for any business to create their demand and start flourishing in this modern technology-based world.Making Your Appearance OnlineHowever, understanding the necessities of people has become important as it gives you an insight into your potential audience's mind and also gives you a global platform to earn recognization from audiences belonging to different parts of the world. Well, in order to get started on the world of the internet, the basic necessity is owning an identity online which can get you recognized as your own brand.What Should Be Considered First: a Website or an ApplicationThis can be accomplished by owning a website or an application for your business. However, the point here is whether you should opt for a website or an application? You can start off by owning a website which can support and increase the downloading of your application and also which promotes your application among the potential customers out there. With the changing times of industry, many things have changed and websites are no different from others. Being responsive and content-oriented, the websites have achieved the optimum format where users are delighted to view them and are inspired to use the application from the website.But what comes after owning a website? Obviously, owning an application dedicated to supporting your business and aiming at serving your customers better. However, owning an application can raise many queries in many business owners' minds. Starting from the basic reason behind owning an application to how to get it developed at affordable charges, all of these queries can be answered if you are willing to do so. With many mobile app development company services available in the market offered by reputed software companies, it has become easier to get an application developed from the experts at good rates.How Does it Help?Rather than monitoring and managing the task of development by yourself, you can rely on development service offering companies who get your application developed with extreme excellence and just as you desire it and also in your budget. However, these applications are supposed to perform their best when launched in the technology market to ensure the success of your business and also it helps in leaving the best impression of your services. With an excellently working application by your side, you can focus on serving your customers with the best of your services and the application will continue leading more customers to you.It Promotes Your Business Too!Being a handy thing for your users, the application also promotes your business among the possible competitors and if you are the first one among them who have adapted to this digital approach and have brought something new to the market, you can swear by success with an excellently working application. The application must be robust, working and compatible with all upgrades. The maintenance of it is required to be performed to ensure no bugs can harm your users' data and it also ensures the security of your organization's data too.Compete in the Tech MarketTherefore, owning an application results in making your business stand among your competitors and giving a tough fight to them by offering your services and products directly to your potential customers as you allow them to contact you directly through your website or using the application and ask for your services anytime. Facilitating those demands and also offering discounts on prices helps you to earn their trust and also makes them return to you again to avail your services soon.Final NotesWith the support of mobile application development company, you can rely on getting your application crafted by experts and also they tend to deliver your project to you as soon as possible in your specified deadline. With the market full of such companies, you can find the perfect match for your development task, the company which provides mobile applications development services at affordable rates and also which ensures that you get extended support and gets your queries and doubts answered by their expert developers anytime. Searching and finalizing such companies is a hard task and therefore you must choose a company wisely which is worth your spent resources like time and money and which can give you maximum output in return of your investment.

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  • 23 March 2019

    Web Designing and Development Company in India: Types and Features

    The website is the online identity of your business or of any individual who is involved in digital marketing and websites is important because they represent the company, sell its name, attract more users, generate good business, promote sales of the products and services of the company and finally help to gain more return on investment. In order to run the business, a smart businessman looks for a professional website designing and development company that could help him to attract more potential clients and generate the best results out of it.  So, in that case, you could consider hiring a leading web designing and development company in India that gives its customers positive results. The services provided by the company use contemporary technology which takes the businesses to the next level. Let us explore the various types of website designing and development services India provided by the company in details below: Website Designing Services  * Dynamic Website Development – A customized designing for business websites which will run your website fast on all the search engines with dynamic web pages. The website content is flexible and easy to manage on these types of websites. It is widely used by most of the medium and large scale businesses.   * Static Website Development – The static web pages are not that much easy to manage as dynamic ones because it is a one-page website which is just for providing information. Although it requires low cost and maintenance. It is basically for the small business and for the buyers who just want to circulate information about their business.  * Logo Designing – We all know that any big company is recognized by its logo and by keeping this thing in mind we provide quality and productivity with our logo designing services from highly skilled professionals.  Best Website Development Services  * PHP Website Development – It works faster on LAMP stack technology followed by Ajax, Web 2.0, 3.0 technologies to fulfill the particular website targets.  * Wordpress Website Development – The development services which helps to write theme based website on page content or blog content with diversity and compatible Wordpress options.    * CMS – Content Management System development provided by us are secured and scalable that makes your business versatile at any platform alongside Joomla and Drupal development.   * Magento Website Development – It is the platform where the needs of your online business store are managed including inventories, cross-selling, supply and demand, shipping details and up selling requirements.   * Open Cart Website Development – Open Cart is basically a shopping cart system which opens arms for its potential users. It is basically an entire online shopping cart management system that has recently boomed up with its digital presence.  An Only Impeccable E-commerce Web Development Company India A professional e-commerce web development company in India has some good reasons why the customers prefer to choose the company which is very helpful in every aspect. Some of the advantages of having such a company by your side are:  * No physical cost is stored in commercial areas   * A very cost-effective method of carrying the business forward.   * A global level marketing with no geographical boundaries   * Doing businesses directly with global buyers.  * Doing online business have the advantage of low running cost.  * Low maintenance with the only website and hosting services.  * Use of technical tools and knowledge  * Secured websites generate more transparency and efficiency in business 

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  • 22 March 2019

    Top 4 Social Media Scams you should be Aware

    The use of social media seems to have become a part of our daily lives. It is increasingly being used as a means of communication among friends and family. This makes the medium vulnerable to scams and malware attacks more than ever.It is estimated that over 1.52 billion people log on to Facebook every day and are thus considered daily active users. More than 1.15 billion users log on using their mobile devices, showing the increasing trend of mobile phones to access social networking sites.This highlights the need for fraud prevention measures like mobile ID verification by social media sites and smartphone companies. Here is a list of some of the most common social media scams that users must be aware of;Hidden URLsSocial media posts are often designed to entice the reader into clicking the link provided in the post. Those links are often shortened to fit the character limit or simply just to hide the illicit nature of the link.Such links are often malware and can infect the user’s computer or mobile device with a virus. If you ever see an article or post that looks intriguing enough that you want to click on it, think twice before doing so.Make sure the post is from a page or account that you trust. Moreover, have adequate anti-malware and anti-virus software installed to your computer as well as your mobile devices.Phishing SchemesPhishing is perhaps one of the most common and oldest types of cybercrimes out there. In theory, phishing is done by e-mail and direct messages sent to users posing as a bank, a government authority or someone they know.It is primarily used to deceive users into giving their personal information that may be further used by the criminal to commit more serious crimes like identity fraud. The e-mail or DM may go something along the line of "someone just put up a wild video of you at your graduation party, see the full video here!”.When you click on the link you are taken to a Facebook login page where you enter your credentials, thus giving your credentials to the scammer and consequently access to your account. Such cases also require more discretion on part of social media websites to implement tools like mobile ID verification to verify users.Chain LinksYou may have seen links like "Like this post and Bill Gates will donate 1 dollar per like to a charity". It makes a person wonder why, if at all, would a person like Bill Gates need to wait for likes on some random post to donate to a welfare cause.Such posts are created for the sole purpose of generating likes and traffic towards it. Any social media post that is designed or pitched in a way for people to like and share it is most probably a scam and is often used to find "friends" to scam later on.Mysterious ChargesOften social media posts are posited in a way that attracts users into clicking the links in them. For example, "Take this quiz to find how much more intelligent are you than your friend (or any of your favorite fictional characters)".This and a number of other techniques are used to attract people into subscribing to a weekly or monthly offer by entering their cell number and other details. Once they do so they end up receiving dubious charges in their cell phone bill.

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  • 04 March 2019

    Empowering Your Law Firm With Advice From Digital Marketing Agency

    Even when your law firm attracts clients and reflects growth, you have to stay at par with the latest marketing strategies for maintaining your position. With changes taking place very fast in the marketplace, the law firms must stay relevant and engage clients with the same tempo. Working with a reliable digital marketing agency can help you to maintain the productivity of your law firm.Although your firm may have survived competition in the past through referrals and other mundane advertising means, the future is going to be different. It is the experience and the knowledge of the legal teams that can assist you to market your services effectively. The points below are some of the strategies from a digital marketing agency for lawyers allowing you to establish your firm.Creation of Mobile-Friendly InterfaceStatistics reveal that a majority of searches conducted from the mobile device are based on location and further studies evolve that many people preferred visiting the local store within 24 hours of completing the search. The searches take the focus on the significance of the mobile marketplace for driving traffic to the website.Developing your legal firm mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour so that it provides easy access to the online customers and help them to get the information they require. Consequently, the trend also indicates that you are going to attract more clients within the local community. Make sure you are aware of the performance of your website across several mobile devices to orient your optimization methods accordingly. It can also help you to strengthen the presence of your law firm in the online world.Online Reviews are UsefulIt is true that many legal firms relied on referrals and word of mouth for collecting reviews about the performance of the firm previously, but the scenario has changed now. Today, the same firms look forward to the internet and encourage online reviews on their firms. Quite naturally, the generation of positive reviews can help when you are in an increasingly competitive world where the legal firms struggle to make it to the top.Another top benefit of the online reviews is their longevity as they are available for several years from the first time they were published so the satisfaction ratings are available for the future readers as well. You never know how the positive reviews can create confidence in people planning to use your services. Apart from this, the positive reviews also act as references for the law firm and showcase the services clearly.Online Appointment ScheduleOnline appointment not only enables your clients to book your services beyond the usual working hours, but it is the ideal option for those customers who find the online interfaces, chatting and texting more comfortable and convenient. When you offer the clients with the opportunity to book your services over the phone and online, you will build the reputation of your firm and emerge as one of the leading service providers in the legal industry. With this strategy of online marketing for law firms, your customer base is also going to exceed your expectations.Optimizing the Local Searches For those law firms trying to target their services in a limited area, the insertion of hyperlocal keywords is a good strategy wherein the reference of your services with the names of neighborhoods, monuments, universities, and other landmarks prove useful. Establishing your services among the local community offers you plenty of benefits. Make sure the consultant you hire knows how to optimize the local searches for your law firm.Using the Legal DirectoriesEstablishing your law firm in the legal directories helps you to establish the name of your business in the legal industry. Not only do the listings provide a boost to the efforts of branding, but the reputation of your firm can be clearly established as a prominent part of the entire legal community.However, you have to ensure the information uploaded in the directories are similar across the online platform and are correct. Try to keep a note of the directories where the name and the contact details of your law firm are present so that you can easily update the changes when needed.Invest in Social MediaEveryone is aware of the social media platforms today, and if you are planning to enhance the reach of your services, you can integrate your brand with the sites. The style of interaction differs from one firm to another so you have to align the social media interactions accordingly for enhancing the popularity of your firm. With increased reliability and reputation of your law firm, you can boost the services and make more profits. For the law firm marketing agency you hire, you have to ensure that it has digital marketing experts to help you to get through with the latest trends for achieving success.Analyzing the CompetitionKnowing what the competitors are doing in digital marketing can help you to assess your position in this field. If you fail to make a note of the strategies and the efforts of digital marketing of your competitors, you can never go past them and experience success.Working with the BestTo experience success in the field of online digital marketing, you have to hire the services of a reputed firm equipped with the tools and the know-how to support you through the marketing procedure. With reputed firms, you are more likely to experience positive results and stay in track with the modern practices in the online marketplace. Get Free Quote

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  • 27 February 2019

    How to Safeguard Your WooCommerce Store

    Protect your Woocommerce Store from Getting Exploited   The chance to use the free and paid WooCommerce plugin encourages many people to convert sites to WordPress. In this article, will cover important aspect to improve WooCommerce store security. This online e-commerce plugin is one of the most downloaded items of the WordPress platform. People can easily create add a virtual marketplace on their websites with the help of this tool. It contains all the necessary features for creating a virtual marketplace like product displays and payment options. However, financial transactions and vital user information make these outlets an attractive target for hackers. There are some in-built safety measures in the CMS and the plugin but store owners must take some extra efforts to enhance the security. The following tips can help to improve their outlet’s security:  1. Select a Trusted Web Hosting Service Provider First and foremost, business owners must not look to save money by choosing an untested hosting service. The sensitive nature of financial transactions makes it necessary that a reputed hosting agency is selected. They must look for a service which constantly upgrades its server software and has features for monitoring and preventing attacks. Choose an agency which provides regular solutions that can provide you with the right solutions to common WordPress issues like bugs and plugin exploits. It will be sensible to choose a dedicated WordPress hosting service as they will provide all the necessary features. Related post: Things to Know About Custom Web Design & Development Services 2. Always Create Strong Passwords WooCommerce store owners must make it a habit to create strong passwords for their accounts. Many people have the habit of using a single easily-remembered term for all their virtual accounts. This approach must be discarded as soon as possible. Choose a completely unique and different term as the password for the e-commerce interface. The term must include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Try to create long and complex passwords that cannot be guessed easily. 3. Protect your Website’s Sensitive Directories Unscrupulous elements can try to access the website’s FTP and upload malicious files to key directories. It is another reason due to which website owners must use only trusted hosting providers and create strong passwords. Such attacks can be prevented by controlling the write access to these directories. Owners must ensure that only their FTP account has to write access to the root directory besides wp-admin, wp-includes, and wp-content. 4. Use 2-factor Authentication An online marketplace must have multiple layers of security. While a strong password acts as the first line of defense, 2-factor authentication (2FA) app such as Googe Authenticator, Authy, can be a powerful secondary shield. There are various mobile applications that can be used to enable 2FA on the store. Owners will have to register their telephone number with the app. A code will be sent to this number during every login attempt. This will prolong the login process but definitely make it safer. 5. Install SSL Certificates on the Website Another effective way to improve WooCommerce store security is to install SSL certificates on the website. E-commerce websites are involved in the exchange of sensitive information which must take place in a secure environment. SSL certificates ensure that all the information is communicated in an encrypted manner. This helps in securing important areas like the account creation and the checkout pages. Most hosting providers also offer these certificates as part of their service packages. Owners must choose a suitable license after assessing their requirements. 6. Create and Maintain Multiple Backups One of the most important tasks that all website owners must do is to create regular backups of their interface. It will be pertinent to create and save more than one backup. This will ensure that a version of the website will always be available in case of an issue. Website Backups are essential for securing the vital content of the interface. WooCommerce users can deploy a plugin to schedule and conduct backup creation at regular intervals. Many hosting agencies also offer this service. Owners can set the frequency of backup creation according to their preferences. 7. Avoid Using Admin as a Username WooCommerce users must avoid setting the username of their account as "admin". Many people feel that using a strong password is enough to secure the login area. Creating a difficult username will make it even more difficult for a hacker to gain unauthorized access. In order to replace "admin" with another username, the old account will have to be deleted. For this, users must access the admin dashboard of their website and go to "User > Add new". Now, they must create a new account followed by assigning "Administrator" to it from the available user roles. Once the new account has been created, they must log out from the panel. Then they must use the new account to log in again to the dashboard. This must be followed by deleting the old account and linking all posts with the new admin user. Wrapping up Business owners who convert sites to WordPress must use these important tips to improve their WooCommerce store security. They must also conduct a periodic assessment of their virtual outlets to identify security loopholes and take appropriate steps.

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