Our Expertise In Full Stack Web Development Services


MEAN uses four powerful tools to create the powerhouse for your web apps. Consumer Sketch maximizes the MEAN stack development services to produce the best applications for your company. The four platforms establish a front and back-end environment for the site and apps. Node.Js allows you to create scalable server applications. Angular.JS provides a domain-specific framework for solid directives. MongoDB is a script that enables efficient data management for websites. ExpressJS is ideal for multi-page and hybrid web applications. They have the NodeJS server framework. Consumer Sketch has deep-dived into utilizing technologies that can build applications compatible with every device.


The term LAMP refers to a paradigm now used by millions of developers to create sophisticated systems and logic to meet the needs of enterprises. It combines superior development technology stacks such as Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB/MongoDB, and PHP/Python/Perl. We use the LAMP framework to create websites for businesses such as eCommerce/Marketplace, Real Estate, eLearning, Banking, Voting, Social Media Platforms, and other dynamic websites that handle massive databases.

While running on the LINUX operating system, the LAMP technology is open-source and highly secure. Compared to other software architecture bundles, the LAMP stack is relatively inexpensive. LAMP stacks are regularly updated to include new features and improvements. They may run on various platforms, offering users a wide range of web application development solutions with high-quality standards for a robust online presence.

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Open Source

Consumer Sketch specializes in various web application development services, but open source development and customization stand out among them. Customers that want a professional appearance and feel with the option to tweak and change it for unique applications love our ability to flourish with open source development technologies.

We specialize in, but are not limited to, the following open-source software applications:

  • Joomla Website Design & Customization
  • Magento Website Design & Customization
  • WordPress Website Design & Customization
  • Codeigniter Website Development
  • CAKE PHP Website Development
  • Drupal Website Design & Development
  • OSCommerce Shopping Cart Development
  • Jquery Web Application Development

We eliminate complexity by delivering integrated web development services from consulting, design, and integration to maintenance and support.

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Microsoft services assist businesses in driving innovation, metamorphosis, and originality through modern software development as well as the transformation of legacy applications. Microsoft software supports users and procedures across the enterprise, marketplace, and supply chain. In a nutshell, Microsoft is a global platform for developing strong, dependable, and scalable desktop and web applications. Furthermore, Microsoft develops the most powerful, resilient, and valuable technological solutions and platforms to help businesses improve their efficiency and productivity. We use either a waterfall or an agile development methodology depending on the client's specific demands and goals.

Our Custom Microsoft software developments:

  • Software Integration
  • .Net Development
  • Silverlight Development Services
  • Ajax jQuery Development Services
  • SharePoint Development Services
  • CSharp Development Services
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Software Maintenance and Support

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Front End

Consumer Sketch specializes in front-end development for custom websites and mobile apps cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-platform. Our team uses the most up-to-date front-end technology to produce sites with a superb user experience. From code analysis through UI/UX design, front-end development, and application debugging, get a consistent user experience throughout the development process. Our experienced front-end developers can create wonders with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks.

Our platform includes the most up-to-date technologies, tools, and frameworks, such as React.js, Angular, and Vue.js. We're continuously looking for new trends and technologies to help us build more appealing online and mobile apps.

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Custom Web Application Development Service

UI/UX Design

Consumer Sketch provides web, desktop, and mobile UI/UX design and development services. We create applications tailored to your company's and users' needs. Our staff works hard to establish your company's core goals and difficulties so that the design may be tailored to your preferences. Thanks to Consumer Sketch, your ideas will come to life in the shape of imaginative, catchy, and intuitive design! Our design development services cover the following:

We specialize in, but are not limited to, the following open-source software applications:

  • Mobile app UI/UX design
  • AR UI/UX design
  • Web app UI/UX design
  • SaaS UI/UX design
  • Website UI/UX design
  • Software interface design
  • Game UI/UX design and many more.

Our UI/UX design team enhances your product interfaces for a unique online appearance. We offer creative layouts with rich features, outstanding usability, scalability, and universal compatibility.

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Custom Application Development

Consumer Sketch understands your company's goals and issues to give top web application development services. We design custom online apps that fit individual company requirements, from basic landing pages to complicated customized web solutions. We assist clients in managing expenses without investing in massive software where they may not require all modules and wind up paying more for customization.

Because our comprehensive knowledge depends on numerous created ERP and CRM systems for enterprises and startups, our solutions make it easier to manage the company's operations, workflows, and paperwork. We can assist firms with migrations and upgrades in addition to developing robust, scalable, and secure web solutions. Consumer Sketch can handle even the most challenging problems quickly and easily.

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Rest API Development

We create cloud-based backends using REST APIs so that your consumers may access your product from anywhere in the globe on any device. You'll need Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow each client app to communicate with your cloud-based back-end application, whether starting with a single web app or launching with web, iOS, and Android apps.

The user interface (UI) we provide retrieves data from the cloud and uses APIs to update data fields entered by users. Most APIs, also known as web services, are either SOAP or REST APIs, and they react with data in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. We prefer to build modern web apps with REST APIs and JSON answers because REST APIs are easier to integrate, and applications read JSON more quickly, improving the end-user experience.

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Open Source Framework Expert

We are a well-known company that provides comprehensive and affordable open source development services. Our high-end services appeal to various industries, and we offer a variety of open-source web application frameworks based on the clients' needs. To provide cost-effective services, we use the newest open-source tools and technologies, such as CakePHP, Ruby On Rails, Django, and others. Our ability to provide the best open source development services has made us the chosen choice of business owners seeking open-source CMS and other IT software solutions.

Consumer Sketch's open-source engineers are experts in various open-source web application frameworks.

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Hire Web Expert

If you're looking to employ web experts to help you revitalize your company's online presence, Consumer Sketch is the place to go. For the growth and advancement of your company, bridge the skills gap, and handle unforeseen spikes in demand, hire our team of specialized web application developers in India.

Consumer Sketch builds websites that provide customers the best first impression on digital platforms, thanks to an in-depth understanding of website creation and exposure across sectors worldwide. Today is the best time to outsource website design services to us!

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Custom Web Application Development Service

Why Choose Us
For Your Web Application Development Services

Assurance of high quality

Our web application company stands out to employ a complex QMS (Quality Management System) that has been certified by ISO 9001 and depends on the IMAAT (Integrated Manual and Automated Testing) technique to ensure your web app's performance is secure, long-lasting, and fast.


We provide seamless integration of your web app/portal with a CMS and your software infrastructure via custom APIs to help you automate and streamline procedures. Our integration experts leverage the CI/CD pipeline to add new functional modules to existing web solutions, allowing for a smooth deployment without disrupting the functioning of the web app.

Support 24/7

The L1, L2, and L3 support levels are where we debug your web app and deal with any new issues arising from usage, customizations, or code. Our team ensures that your web app, web portal, or other web-based solution is always available and functional, ensuring workflow stability and high customer satisfaction.

Optimization and evolution

We regularly optimize and develop your web app, providing new relevant functionality to keep up with your company objectives and user expectations. We release scheduled app updates every 2-6 weeks and deliver urgent fixes within 1-2 days, owing to our established DevOps culture.


Web applications use a remote server to display the data and interface on your screen. You can access it from any browser. The remote server takes care of storage while the client-side displays the application data.

We specialize in developing the following types of web apps:

  • Static and Dynamic Web Applications.
  • PWAs.
  • Multi-Page Applications.
  • Animated Web Applications.
  • Portal Web Applications.
  • CMS Web Applications.
  • Rich Internet Applications.
  • JavaScript Web Applications.

It is not possible to put an accurate number for web app development since every client’s need is different. There are a few things that impact the price directly:

  • Features of the web app
  • User Interface and User Experience design.
  • The complexity of the project.

There are many platforms that you can use to develop a web application. Therefore, it is better to analyze each platform and weigh its pros and cons to find which one will be suitable for your requirements.

The following are the popular platforms that let you develop a web application:

  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS

Contact us to know about other platforms as well.

The typical time taken to build a web app from scratch is around 3 to 3.5 months. However, based on various factors, the duration may increase/decrease. Common factors influencing the development time are:

  • The complexity of the project.
  • Features required.
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Building an app from scratch requires expertise. Opting for a professional Web application development service is the smartest decision you can make. We can cut down the time for development and also improve the performance of the app.

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