PHP has been the choice of scripting language for web development for many years. Developers prefer to use the programming language because of its ease of use and simplicity. It is useful in developing a variety of web applications - both static and dynamic. PHP web development has been popular for so long that developers used it as the primary technology for all interactive websites.

But in recent times, several developers argue about its effectiveness. While Laravel, a top PHP framework, has grown significantly in popularity, the language is witnessing mixed opinions from developers. They are skeptical about its prowess to build modern-day applications that are required for small and large businesses to succeed.

However, PHP has what it takes to build applications that match the pace of today’s world. Any PHP website development company can confirm that the scripting language is still one of the most popular and useful scripting languages. We will highlight the latest trends in PHP development that showcase the relevance of the programming language for building robust and engaging websites.

Five Top PHP web development trends to know in 2021

PHP is an open-source scripting language, which makes website development affordable. Companies can hire PHP developers at a much lower cost than other developers. The technology also offers data flexibility, ensuring that developers can work with modern-day data-based applications.

Following are the top PHP trends that web developers should know in 2021 to make the most use of the programming language - 

1. Push notifications on websites

One of the biggest trends in PHP web development is the emergence of push notifications on websites. Earlier the feature was available only on mobile devices. But because of PHP’s interactive nature and smart capabilities, today's websites can also send push notifications to the users. It will increase the engagement rate while improving the user experience, providing a more personalized feel to the visitors.

2. AI-powered chatbots

The next big thing to build using a PHP framework is AI-powered chatbots. Today, more and more companies want chatbots that can serve their customers. These bots act as virtual assistants and provide a wide variety of services to visitors. Chatbots enhance the user experience by being available 24x7, ensuring that the customers get the services as and when they need them.

3. Voice search integration

Today, you can hire a PHP developer and get websites with voice search integration. It is the latest trend in web development. Voice search improves the effectiveness of the website and ensures that your results appear in the top result. Effective website development with PHP ensures that the company can integrate the voice search feature in your website, enabling users to easily navigate through your site.

4. Next-gen UI

PHP is used to build next-gen user interfaces as the technology has all the elements required to develop a dynamic website. The scripting language is one of the favourites for building user interfaces. There are amazing features for buttons, navigation, and media elements to design a top-notch interface for the website. It improves the user experience and the quality of the website, along with its performance.

5. AR and VR

Today, AR and VR are the two most popular technologies in web development. AR and VR provide a personalized experience to the users where they can visit and test different things. They can bring the world closer to the users by connecting them with it in real-time. Augmented and Virtual reality is used by experts in a PHP framework to integrate into websites for delivering a real-time experience of the products without visiting the store. The era of PHP web development is not over yet. It is still one of the best technology stacks for developing interactive, dynamic, and world-class apps.