Angular vs. React: Choosing the Right Front End for your Project in 2024

May 8, 2024, 12:00 AM

Angular vs. React: Choosing the Right Front End for your Project in 2024

If you are working on a project in 2024, you are probably thinking of which is the best front end to use. Two options that come to your mind are Angular and React. 

The question you would have is Angular vs React, which one to use? What are the react advantages over angular? 

Let us help you with answers to these questions before you choose a front end for your 

web design and web development project.

Angular vs React: Best frontend for mobile app development

Let’s first understand the basic concepts of Angular and React. Angular is a Model View Controller framework that has been developed by Google. 

Angular offers mobile app development teams tools to help them create complex apps. 

The features of Angular are 

  • Modular architecture

  • Two-way data binding

  • Dependency injection

Hence, Angular is a great choice for front-end projects.

React is a library that helps you create user interfaces. Created by Facebook, React gives you a component-based architecture with a virtual DOM. 

React focuses on the view layer and its main features are 

  • Flexibility

  • High-performance Speed 

  • Open Source framework

  • Based on learn once and write anywhere concept

Comparative analysis of javascript react vs angular for custom web app development

The comparative analysis of javascript react vs angular for custom web app development states - 

  • React is a javascript library, while Angular is a full framework.

  • React can be used to create interactive UI components, whereas Angular can be used for dynamic web app development.

  • Both are high performance, but React has virtual DOM allowing for faster performance at run-time.

  • Data binding in React is two way, while it is one-way in Angular.

  • React is best suited for mobile app development, and also to develop web apps. Angular is ideal for developing single-page web design and web development, and is used for creating complex enterprise apps.

Refer to the table before you proceed with React or Angular for your web development tasks





JavaScript library

Full framework


Interactive UI components; mobile and web apps

Dynamic web app development; 

web-page apps


Utilizes virtual DOM for faster runtime performance

Slightly slower performance

Data Binding

Two-way data binding

One-way data binding


Versatile for various types of apps

Ideal for complex enterprise apps and single-page apps

Angular advantages vs React for web design and web development

It is time to dive in deep for more insights and do a detailed comparison.


When we review react framework vs angular for popularity, we find that React is ahead of Angular. On GitHub, React has 203K stars, while Angular has 86.7K stars. React scores higher in user surveys.


You have the option to use either Angular or React for your web design and web development. Both are good at performance, but React is again a bit ahead. 

React uses a virtual DOM, allowing it to update only those components, which have changed. This feature makes React faster. React performs better because of its reusability of components.

Data binding

When we look at data binding, we find that Angular offers two-way data binding. Any change in the interface element would lead to a change in the model state, and it happens automatically. 

React uses single data binding. So, when UI components are changed, the model state does not change. React users have more control over apps.

Learning curve

Angular is a comprehensive front-end, which is why the learning curve is steep. Before usig Angluar, make sure to understand all its concepts like dependency injection and decorators before put to use. 

React is Javascript-focused and hence developers prefer using it. 


As we mentioned earlier, the React advantage over Angular is in its flexibility. You can choose the libraries that you need for state management and routing. Angular is full-fledged and is less flexible. However, it must be noted that Angular offers a more consistent structure that is needed for complex applications. 


Both React and Angular have large communities of users from whom you can get support. Angular offers direct support from Google. React has more third-party libraries and communities maintained by Facebook and individual developers. 

Javascript React vs Angular: Which one to choose?

The above comparison indicates that React scores over Angular on many counts. However, it does not mean that Angular is any less. If you require to create a complex app with a structured approach, then you may want to choose Angular. However, for flexibility and fast performance, React is better for your web design and web development needs. React also offers a wider community support for developers. 

We hope this guide is useful in making the suitable decision on whether to use 

Angular vs React for your front-end development. 

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