7 Types of AI Agents: Exploring the Future of Intelligent Machines

AI has revolutionized the world with virtually every sector adopting this technology. Among the various uses of AI is an AI agent. Bill Gates has said that AI agents can replace search and shopping websites. AI agents can play a key role and help businesses with automation in a big way. AI agents can be the drivers of intelligent machines in the future.

If you are running a business, you must explore how AI agents can help you. You can use web design and web development to create an AI agent to automate your business.

Types of AI agents and using web design and web development to create them

Businesses need to understand AI agents, their types, how they work, and their importance. Before discussing types and uses of AI agents, it is time to first understand what they are.

What are AI agents?

AI agents are software programs that use AI to interact with users. An AI agent can be appropriately programmed to do various things. You can use it in finance, healthcare, customer service, smart homes, and in production units. Web design and web development services can be used to create AI agents.

The 7 types of AI agents

AI agents created by top web design and web development firms can be classified based on their capability and intelligence. The types include:

1) Simple reflex agents

A simple reflex agent works on ‘if and then’ rules. The agent does not keep in mind what has occurred in the past or consider future issues. It just checks for a condition, and if that condition is met, then it takes a predefined action.

For example, a sensor checks if a particular temperature is reached while cooking. If yes, it switches off the oven. This agent is basic in functionality but can be very useful.

2) Model-based reflex agents

Here, the AI agent has been created with an internal model to understand the environment and then respond to any stimuli. Unlike a simple reflex agent, a model-based reflex agent would keep past events in mind, as well as analyze future consequences.

For instance, a self-driving car understands the environment and drives accordingly. If it encounters an obstacle, it analyzes what could happen and then takes action, like applying the brakes. You can take the help of a leading web design and web development company to create such an agent.

3) Goal-based agents

Here, the agent is programmed with a goal and sub-goals. It is capable of solving problems to meet the goal. For example, you can use the agent in a factory to monitor production. When it finds that productivity is less, it can change the machine settings to increase productivity. The agent can adapt itself to the environment.

4) Utility-based agents

It uses a utility function to make a decision. Rather than achieve a goal, it maximizes utility. For example, an AI agent can maximize the safety of passengers in a self-car and reduce speed. Where speed has to be maximized, the agent can detect shorter routes with less traffic.

5) Learning agent.

The agent is capable of learning from experience, just like humans. It alters its behavior based on the learning. It can be supervised by a human or be unsupervised and work using data. A Reinforcement learning agent learns based on reward or punishment for particular actions.

6) Multi-agent system

Here, multiple agents work together to achieve individual and common goals. Such AI agents are best suited for complex tasks. You can create such an agent by using the services of a top web design and web development company.

7) Hierarchical agents

Here, many agents are used with a hierarchy. Agents at the top level control agents at the lower level. It is ideal for a system where there are multiple tasks that need to be broken down.

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If you are excited about AI agents, you can consider using the technology in your business. You need the help of a technology partner to help you create the AI agent. Get in touch with a leading web design and web development company that is experienced in this field. They can help you deploy AI agents to get the best results.