Digital Marketing and Customer Service Support

Do you believe that digital marketing and customer service support each other? Most businesses encourage a cross-departmental collaboration between the sales and client support teams. 

However, the answer to the question most of the time will be a “no” or a “maybe”. This article will encourage most people to reply to the query with a resounding “yes”. 

When both the sections work in close synergy then the organization as a whole gets a better understanding of the consumer’s mindset. A Vancouver-based web design company asked its marketing executives to share information with the client support team. This helped the company in identifying the types of solutions the target audience was looking for and it modified its promotional strategy accordingly.

Let’s check out how digital marketing and client support can be each others’ force multipliers.

1. Create Content which People Want

Content is one of the most important components of any marketing strategy. An organization constantly requires fresh ideas to keep its user base engaged. Marketers are always looking for ideas that will resonate strongly with the target audience. The customer support department is a good place to find relevant content topics. The section will have data regarding the kind of problems faced by clients which can be used by marketers to fashion useful content. Organizations must go one step further and encourage the support staff to suggest ideas which they think will be liked by customers. 

2. Create FAQs in a language the client speaks

the common approach of most users is to first check the company website in case of an issue. They try to see if the content has any solution for their problem. the first section checked by a client is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Most businesses provide answers to generic questions related to their industry.

A marketing team should coordinate with the support staff to identify the most common questions. The web development firm should consult with its support team to finalize the FAQs list. It then ensured that the answers to the queries were composed in a language the target audience was familiar with.

3. Identify the types of content the audience searching

As mentioned earlier, marketers are constantly in search of unique ideas that can be used to improve user engagement. they can use the feedback generated by the customer service department to identify the type of content the users are interested in. For instance, a website design company found out that a majority of its clients were asking for video tutorials for managing their interfaces. the firm shared this data with the marketing team who then created a series of short clips explaining how some essential website management features worked.  

4. Use Social Media for Client Service

An innovative way digital marketing and customer service can support each other is by using social media for helping clients. Social networks have become important promotional tools for marketers. they use these channels to connect with the target audience and increase their involvement with a brand.

Customers, on the other hand, use social media not only to check new offers but also to voice their discontent. Giving the service staff access to customer feedback will help in providing better service to clients and resolve issues quickly.

5. Setting Realistic Client Expectations

Many times a marketing campaign creates unrealistic expectations about a product or service among the target audience. This negatively affects the brand as paying users soon find out that reality does not match their presumptions. Such situations can be avoided if the marketing and support teams align their efforts.

The service staff gets access to valuable feedback which it can pass on to the marketers. the marketing team can then modify the campaigns by removing inconsistencies from them. 

6. Creating Accurate Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is the fictional representation of the ideal consumer of a business. Personals enable marketers to perceive the target audience as humans and relate to them. the entire customer acquisition and retention cycle depend on an in-depth understanding of the average target audience member.

The support staff is interacting with users on a regular basis. They know the customers’ requirements, problems, and interests. Involving the customer service team in the process of creating buyer personas will ultimately help the marketing division in devising better campaigns.

7. Marketing Products in a Better Manner

the customer service section knows exactly how a product is being used by the target audience. they are aware of the features that people like and the changes they desire in the item. their knowledge can be used to fill the gaps in the product’s marketing campaign.

This will allow the promotions to focus on the aspects of a product which the audience is finding useful. Adopting this approach will help in creating more informed product marketing initiatives.

Closing up

You must have got the answer to the question do digital marketing and customer support service each other? Synchronizing the efforts of the two sections makes sense as both departments have the same objective of retaining clients by providing efficient services.