Generative AI in Digital Marketing

The influence of Artificial Intelligence on enterprises today is all but impossible to ignore. There is no exception in the marketing sector. We are bombarded with information, from ChatGPT's ascension to become the fastest-growing platform of all time to nearly continual headlines on the newest developments of AI-related products. Generative AI is the latest buzz that everyone is talking about. And the benefits of generative AI in digital marketing are going beyond expectations.  

What is Generative AI?

So, what exactly is Generative AI? Generative AI leverages already-existing text, images, and other data to produce new content. They employ underpinning technologies like Stable Diffusion (used for image generation) and GPT3 / 4 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer, used for text generation). They receive either specialized or more general data and information for training.  

For this type of AI to produce output, the user must supply a prompt. Remember that everything produced is based on some existing knowledge or source text, photos, or other things and that the underlying technology is constantly improving. The outcome's quality is determined by that as well as the content that the tools are "trained" on.  

Benefits of Generative AI in Digital Marketing Operations

In marketing, generative AI is expected to generate $1.3 Trillion by 2032, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 28.6%, according to a Market.US analysis. We can therefore safely say that generative AI is advancing assistive technologies.

The benefits of generative AI in digital marketing include;

  • Content Creation

The correct content, at the right time, in the right tone, and through the right channel, is a key component of digital marketing operations.

Regardless of their brand or the difficulties in providing well-defined target audiences with relevant customer experiences, digital marketers can make use of generative AI capabilities.

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While generative AI tools like Adobe Firefly can have a substantial negative influence on productivity and creativity, they also enhance the brand team's understanding of consumer behavior.  
Generative AI allows digital marketers to prepare new and original content. These technologies can help save time and bring new levels of creativity to their operations and content development. Adobe claims that its software would enhance human creativity and imagination in digital marketing, not replace it. 

  • Personalization

Customers of today demand customization at every turn. We just discovered that 65% of customers claim they will remain loyal if the business provides a more personalized experience.

Marketers may design these kinds of digital consumer experiences by fusing the strength of generative AI with their CRM data.  

Together, this produces marketing journeys that are more effective and better suited to their target audience in terms of content creation, design, and targeting.

  • Creative Asset Generation

Deep learning techniques and generative adversarial networks (GANs) used in generative AI can automate the creation of images. There are various ways to use image generation using these tools in marketing, including: 

  1. Producing incredibly realistic product photos for use in online shops, social media platforms, and other promotional content. 
  2. Creating logos and other visual branding for content. 
  3. Creating compelling, aesthetically pleasing advertising. 

Additionally, generative AI video techniques can be used to produce professional marketing and product demonstration videos that can boost sales. 

  • Data analysis and predictive insights

AI is capable of analyzing large data sets, gaining insightful conclusions, and forecasting customer behavior. Generative AI allows digital marketers to create successful marketing tactics based on these insights and achieve better outcomes. 

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Have you ever submitted an open-ended survey only to dread having to manually sort through the responses and organize/visualize the data? You might copy and paste the (anonymized) comments into a tool like ChatGPT and instruct it to identify topic clusters, themes, and other commonalities.

  • Chatbots and customer support

AI is capable of responding to customer questions on social media, the phone, and even chatbots. It can respond quickly and individually, enhancing customer service and freeing up human personnel for more difficult jobs.  
Artificial Intelligence can be used to automate the customer service model because it has been shown that conversational AI models can grasp consumer inquiries quickly and reply to them more swiftly than people. Currently, generative AI automates customer service activities by: 

  1. Messaging applications and bots that provide round-the-clock customer care channels. 
  2. Automated email responses to frequent client questions and requests that are quick and efficient. 
  3. Self-service portals with embedded generative AI capabilities that provide clients with customized recommendations and answers based on their inquiries and past behavior. 
  4. Localization and multilingual support, which serves a wide swath of society. 

Final thought

Marketers may take advantage of content recommendations, engaging picture creation that improves brand perception, and personalized content catered to previous engagements with the use of existing AI technologies.

These capabilities are expected to grow further as a result of ongoing AI development, as demonstrated by Adobe Firefly and other similar programs.  

But it's crucial to recognize that human interaction is still crucial for building real relationships with clients.

Delivering pertinent and relatable information across multiple digital marketing channels is essential to creating these connections. Even though generative AI may surely speed up the process of creating such content, it still needs a human touch.