Know the 7 C's of Digital Marketing

Many digital marketing companies in India and globally, adopt several methods to provide quality, ROI-focused, and affordable digital marketing services. The primary aim remains to connect with and engage potential customers. Digital marketing is a powerful means to connect with the target audience and turn leads into consumers, from social media marketing and content development to SEO and email advertising.  

Additionally, it can be applied to strengthen and develop relationships with current clients. Digital marketing companies in India can help businesses of all sizes and in every industry grow and prosper with the proper combination of methods. 

Digital marketing is all about how to use technology and customer understanding to achieve business goals. It involves knowing customer needs and desires while creating content that connects with them. Blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, and eBooks are some of the content forms used to inform, educate and engage potential customers. 

Additionally, digital marketing can help to boost organic visibility, increase website traffic, and drive more leads. Consumer Sketch is a leading Digital marketing company in India that offers affordable digital marketing services. Contact us today to develop and implement your digital marketing strategy. 

Benefits of Incorporating 7 C's Digital Marketing into Your Strategy

  • Digital marketing builds customer relationships and enhances brand loyalty. It enables businesses to monitor their marketing campaigns’ performance and amend their strategy accordingly. It also allows for better targeting and segmentation of audiences, which can lead to higher ROI.  
  • Digital marketing helps you connect with potential customers and convert them into loyal paying customers. It allows live interaction with customers and can be a great channel to provide helpful business information and promote products & services. Digital platforms can also help respond to customers’ queries and complaints. 
  • Digital marketing helps in building a positive brand reputation. It allows businesses to engage with customers and develop a positive online reputation. Businesses can run and engage customers in creative campaigns that can help them stand out from their competitors.  
  • Digital marketing helps businesses to minimize marketing costs. keep costs down. It is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing mediums. Digital marketing companies in India offering quality and affordable digital marketing services also empower businesses to rapidly scale up their brand presence and reach a larger audience. 

7 C's of Digital Marketing

In the last decade, digital marketing services have gained great prominence. Businesses use digital marketing to reach consumers through a variety of channels. However, it is absolutely critical to understand the basic aspects of digital marketing. Here are the 7 Cs of digital marketing.  


Marketing strategies should always have customer profiles and their needs at the core. Map your target audience, know their needs and socio-economic profile, and how you can best connect with them. This research will help you determine which platforms are best suited for your target audience. 


Content is king and will always remain. Focus on providing content that adds value and meaning to customers’ lives. The presentation of information should be attractive, engaging, and persuasive. Focus on developing quality content and distributing it regularly through strategic channels. 


Your content is just as valuable as the context in which it is presented. Make sure that the context of your message is in line with your target audience. Understand the platform you are using and how your message will be received. For example, if you are targeting a younger audience, make sure your message is lighthearted and fun. 


Digital marketing can get expensive if not monitored. It’s important to understand the cost associated with each platform and the expected ROI. There are different platforms available and one needs to determine which ones are the best according to your customers and marketing budget. Also, look for affordable digital marketing services online to make the best cost-effective decision. 


The distribution platforms you choose for your content are crucial. Each platform has its own unique features, so make sure you are leveraging them in the most effective way possible. Take the time to test different channels and find the ones that work best for you. 


Conversion is the ultimate goal of any digital marketing campaign. Make sure you optimize conversions by using calls to action and tracking performance. Monitor the performance of your campaigns and adjust your strategy as needed to ensure you are getting the highest return on your investment. 


A core ethical tenet is keeping your promises. But in the commercial world, breaking your promises becomes unacceptable. Gaining back a customer's trust in a brand is incredibly difficult after it has been lost. Credibility in marketing communications is essential for a company to succeed.  


By understanding and following the seven C’s of digital marketing, businesses can create comprehensive digital marketing strategies to further their reach and increase their success with affordable digital marketing services