JioMeet vs Zoom: Which video calling app should you use?

With the entire world under lockdown, remote work has become the new norm. And with remote work taking the reins, video conferencing apps are the new normal for offices across the globe. Whether you are MNC or a small business, video calling apps have now become an inevitable part of your operations.

The popularity of video conferencing apps is reflected in the fact that Zoom had 10 million users in 2019, which increased to over 200 million in March 2020.

This spike was a result of most of the employees working from home, education institutions taking online classes, and almost everyone turning to video conferencing for face-to-face meetings.

The latest addition to the video conferencing industry is JioMeet. Since its launch, Reliance’s JioMeet app has become the talk of the town. From asking “What is JioMeet?” to “How do I download JioMeet?”, the increase in its popularity was pretty quick.

Let's have a look at which video conferencing app you should use from JioMeet and Zoom in 2021.

JioMeet vs Zoom – Video calling apps you can use in 2022

JioMeet app is giving tough competition to Zoom. Many people believe that it is the product of the Indian government's self-reliant, make-in-India scheme. Here's comparison between both apps.

What is JioMeet?

JioMeet is a video conferencing app for Android, iPhone, and PC, which enables users to do video calls. It focuses on serving enterprise users rather than creating a personal user base. Users can register with their company email address or phone number and join the application.

If you are asking yourself, “how do I use JioMeet?” - don’t worry. It has a really simple user interface and is similar to Zoom. People who have already used Zoom will have no problem using JioMeet.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a popular American video conferencing app that became extremely popular during the lockdown of COVID-19. It provides a simple user interface and more freedom for video calls than Skype. Zoom is used by enterprises as well as personal users on an equal basis. The founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, said that he never anticipated Zoom would reach such a level.

Zoom video calling service enabled a lot of companies to take advantage of remote work in the early days of the pandemic.

JioMeet vs Zoom: Features

While both are video calling apps, JioMeet for PC and Zoom meeting have a lot of similarities and differences from each other. Let's compare the features of both apps.

Group call users

JioMeet allows you to do a group video call with 100 participants. On the other hand, Zoom allows one-to-one meetings, group meetings of 3-4 people in the free plan and up to 1000 people in the paid plan. The basic plan allows group meetings of up to 100 people with a few restrictions. JioMeet has not launched any paid plans, and there’s no more information on more than 100 users for a group call.

Time limit

The best thing about JioMeet could be the fact that it enables group video calls of 100 users for up to 24 hours. That is much longer than what Zoom offers.

It offers video calls to 100 users for only up to 40 minutes after which you have to start a new meeting. If you find yourself asking how do I download JioMeet?, it is probably because you are tired of Zoom's limited-time meetings.

User experience

The interface for both the video conferencing apps for Android, iOS and PC is similar. JioMeet and Zoom provide almost the same user experience. JioMeet download for PC is available on Windows and iOS - so is Zoom.

Both are also available for Android and iPhone. Don’t ask yourself " How do I use JioMeet?" if you have already used Zoom. Both JioMeet and Zoom allow users to schedule meetings in advance, create password-protected meetings and waiting rooms. The video quality for the video calling apps is 720p HD.


Zoom has recently faced a security issue that put millions of users at risk. That debacle led to a decline in the downloads for Zoom. However, it provides end-to-end encryption to its paid and free users.

While Zoom basic users have restricted security, paid users can access all the security encryption. However, JioMeet claims that all the calls through the app are encrypted, but there are no details about end-to-end encryption.

Multi-device login

JioMeet app supports multiple device login, and users can log in from 5 devices at once. Users can easily switch between devices while they are on a call. Zoom allows logging in from 2 devices, and users can’t switch during the call. They have to join the call again. JioMeet also enables users to utilize safe driving mode to continue the video call in the car.

JioMeet or Zoom: Which is better?

Whether it's JioMeet or Zoom App, it is up to the users to decide which video calling app is best for them. When you compare both the video calling apps in terms of paid plans, JioMeet is the clear winner. Why?

Zoom has three paid plans for small enterprises, medium enterprises, and large enterprises, respectively. The plans start at Rs. 1,120 per month for up to 9 hosts.

On the other hand, JioMeet has not launched any such paid plans. It offers free, unlimited calling for up to 24 hours, which makes it one of the best apps for video calling.

Most people are either asking “How do I download JioMeet?” or “How do I use JioMeet?” but the answer is quite simple. It is available on the app store, and you can use it easily with its intuitive interface.

Reliance's JioMeet is becoming highly popular in India because it is a result of the make in India initiative. With the current focus on Indian products, JioMeet will give tough competition to all the other video conferencing apps in the industry.

Zoom can improve its interface and provide more features if it wants to stay ahead of the competition. The real situation will be presented by the end of this year.