Pros and Cons Custom Website Design

Whatever kind of business you have, having an online presence is of foremost significance. Likewise, to have your own identity in the web climate, it is basic that your website is SEO-friendly and has a decent google ranking.

What are the Pros and Cons of Custom Website Design

However, which choice will you pick with regard to the sort of site development to consider? Picking between a custom website and a template-driven site can be confusing. There are definite pros and cons of custom website design and a readymade website template as well. 

What is a Custom-built Website Design?

Whether it is a B2B web design or B2C, custom sites are developed from scratch. This includes writing code to make the adaptable components you need to include on your website. Accordingly, you have full command over how the site will look and work. One of the biggest custom website advantages is that it is made for a specific business only.

At the end of the day, when you pick a custom web design, it is a surety that the design is not a part of any other website. As a result of its intricacy, you'll have to either employ an in-house engineer or hire a website design company.  

How is a Custom Website Different from a Template Design?

A template web design is a readymade theme useful for any type of website. All in all, a similar design is helpful on various sites. Thus, when you pick a template website design, it may not be one of a kind. It might have been used previously and will be involved by numerous companies later on. 

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Pros & Cons of Custom-built Web Design

Building a custom website allows you to make precisely everything you're imagining. You will not have any limits in regard to mixes with applications, functionalities, or versatility. 

Creating a custom site is costly and consumes most of the day to finish. While the time period might fluctuate, you ought to anticipate that a web designer will take more than a year to complete a B2C and even more for a B2B website. You likewise need to search for profoundly experienced designers to do this for you. It is not necessary that the only tech-savvy person on the team will be able to create a site as well. 

Pros of Custom Website Design

Custom sites are built from scratch as indicated by the particular necessities of the client. Each page and element set on the page are easily adjustable. 

  • Tailor-made experience

In view of your site necessities, a custom website design can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. While, in the event of a readymade website template, you might need to think twice about the design as you're given a pre-built theme. 

Thus, when you pick a custom web design, you get the freedom to allow your expressive energies to stream and design the website as per your desires.  

  • Unique and exclusive

Making an interesting design and experience is particularly significant if you have any desire to develop your unique value. One of the biggest custom website advantages is that you can offer a totally remarkable, branded experience. 
As per the unique image of your business, your custom web design can be made. And that implies if there should be a custom web design, your brand elements can easily be incorporated into the site. 

  • Reflects your actual brand image

You're making an effort not to squeeze a round peg into a square opening when you custom-design your site. You are the only one with this design. Each part of that website is intended to mirror your image and online objectives. You can modify your web page design to find a place with the remainder of your online marketing strategy. 

  • Better security

It's implied that security is critical for any site that has confidential information on it. Assuming you are gathering individuals' very own data like names or messages (which most sites do), or on the other hand, you have some sort of an installment framework incorporated into your site - you must be very cautious about it. 

Assuming that is the situation, there is one issue with the template-based site. Suppose it's a WordPress theme that you've bought. These themes normally show up with a lot of modules that assist with broadening the usefulness. While these modules fill a decent need, they could create security issues for programmers. 

Cons of Custom-Made Website Design

Custom site development is more costly. Another component is time. A custom site takes more time to develop. On the off chance that you want to get your online presence up rapidly, this choice may not be attainable. 

  • Time-consuming

A custom site is built from scratch and takes some time to develop, test, and guarantee it is working accurately. This interaction can require a little while in the event that it's anything but a couple of months. It takes more time to make custom sites than template website locales, which can be set up surprisingly fast. 

  • Expensive to develop

As it requires greater investment to create custom web design, it becomes costly as well. It may not be appropriate for every one of the organizations, particularly private companies and new businesses. 

This is the reason that the vast majority of new companies and independent ventures pick template designs to diminish their web development cost. A website design company, however, can help them assess whether they should go for custom-made or template websites

  • Requires intensive training

In the event of template designs, they are now tried and tested for different programs and devices. When you pick a custom web design, you might be expected to test it thoroughly on every one of the potential views (browsers and devices). 

Other than the mobile and browser similarity, you may likewise have to test your site for loading speed and code validation. In this manner, in the event that you choose to have a custom web design, you should consider both pros and cons of custom website design before hiring a professional. 


It is important to consider all the custom website advantages and disadvantages to understand the complete details of the process. While a readymade website template is a feasible option, it may not work well for companies that need something unique for their business. Therefore, consider all the pros and cons of hiring a custom web designer while you decide whether to custom-build the site or not.

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