Updating Your Brand For a Fresher Look

We all have some things that we love the most. In my high-school it was this pair of shoes. I loved the design. The fabric and the colors. The way these shoes make me feel was amazing. But human beings have this tendency to get bored. They need something new. And here is when rebranding steps-in.

Here is why you should re-design your logo after few years

Despite of the success of your business, if you want your business to scale, you must take the necessary steps to capture a new target market. This target market will recognize you by the brand you put up for them.

To re-brand it doesn’t mean that you failed, it means that you need to tap-in another market. And for that you must do extensive research.

With the exponential growth in everything that this world is unfolding, it is necessary to redesign your logo occasionally. And on an average, it is good to try out new things just before the thing goes south.

6 Signs that Indicate it's time to Refresh Your Logo / Web Design

- Losing your traffic
- There is traffic on your website, but it is not generating sales. 
- Someone got jealous of your success and spread the wrong word out. 
- Not attractive
- Doesn’t reflect with your brand
- Lack of Inspiration

It is questions like these which force you to go for re-branding. As an individual you need to start from small lens and make that image bigger so that people understand your standing as a brand.

“We want a fresh, modern look for our company but we want people to still recognise who we are when they see our new logo.” - HartDesign

Nothing is impossible. Everything when done with planning can do wonders. Before you undergo for website redesigning, consider some points to remember prior to making a final decision.

Losing the market share is one way to know that your website needs a revamp.

Whether you’re a renowned agency or someone who is starting out their business, you need to gather the clues from the universe. You need to exactly know when you need to take the leap and redesign your logo.

Your sales are not satisfactory. This is another indication that you need to re-think your website logo. What should you consider when planning a logo upgrade?

A logo redesign may seem daunting and easy to de-prioritize, but making the commitment to breathe new life into something that’s worked for a while—maybe even a long while—can pay off significantly. - CEO of 99Designs

Losing sale might not cost much now but in the long-run, it will ruin your business.

If you’re losing sales it means that there is something wrong with something. A good approach is to see things from a different lens or to approach the users with a different lens. When people some perception about your brand, it is you that can change that perception.

Therefore, you need to keep your eyes, ears, and instincts open before things turn into dust.

Users are getting a different view form the logo

Gone are the times when you can survive with a lazy user-experience. Along with everything else, the user-experience has improved as well.

You need to know the things that are bugging your customers and work on improving those aspects of your logo. You can hold the visitors for long and they might purchase something from you just because they like your logo.

Your website should have a seamless user-experience in order to gain the attention of the users the Google spider to rank your website.

At times the user will pick something else from the logo and based upon that traffic gets build and that traffic is not relevant to your business.

The speed factors

With dozens of logo out there doing what you’re doing, it is easy to get singled out by the competitors when you are not worrying about what others are doing. But, speed is one factor that will eliminate the competition right from the surface of the earth.

The high-end custom logo design agency knows for the fact that if your speed goes down you will suffer from the competition. You need to keep your eyes open when you’re going for the speed of your website.

There are technologies that are helping brands. You need to make sure that the speed factor is on the side while you’re working on the other things.

In a logo, speed is one thing that can make your brand stand out from the heard.

And you need to take care of that from your point of view.

To wrap things up

You need to make sure that the things mentioned above are followed properly and if anything goes south you need to take the thing up ahead of time.

There is no shame in failing, but what is alarming is not trying again. You need to train your mind to trust the universe. Whatever you’re doing is going for you.

You have to make an effort to take control of the things that are happening to you and make it even more effort to correct the things for the second time.

Things will go south and you need to be prepared for that.