Why Hire Dedicated Developers Instead Of Freelancers?

Thanks to the internet, anyone with an idea can now become successful. All you need is an idea to help a genuine problem and a technical team to turn it into reality. However, when creating a technical team, you might get confused about whether to choose freelancers or dedicated developers?

Choosing between a dedicated developer or a freelancer is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. This can impact the rest of your project greatly. In this post, we will further discuss how choosing dedicated developers instead of freelancers is the right decision for your project.

What are dedicated developers?

When a software developer is hired monthly for a long-term project is called a dedicated developer. One of the key points of hiring a dedicated developer is that they will be working on your project on a full-time basis.

One of the key components of hiring a dedicated developer is that you need to keep in mind they are your employees. This means, at the end of each month, you will have to pay their monthly salary irrespective of the amount of work done.

This means they will not be taking on other projects in-between hence giving your project their undivided attention. Dedicated software developers can be hired by software development companies. All you will have to do is contact these companies and hire developers from them.

What are freelance developers?

When developers are hired based on hourly rates or project basis, they are referred to as freelancer developers. The key component of freelance developers is that they only have to be paid for the amount of work they do. Unlike dedicated developers, you won’t have to give them a full-month salary at the end of the month.

One of the main things that you will need to keep in mind while hiring a freelance developer is that while working on your project, they can take on other projects as well. Hence this can result in their divided attention on your project.

Now you are familiar with the concept of dedicated developers and freelancers, let’s talk about why you should hire dedicated developers in India.

Reasons to choose dedicated developers

  • Availability of talent
    One of the best reasons to hire dedicated development team is the availability of talent in companies. By hiring dedicated developers, you will have the freedom to choose from a vast pool of talent based on your technical requirements. This means you can ask companies to provide you with a developer that suits your requirements. For example, you can ask for a react native developer for front-end support, while for the backend, you can get a PHP Laravel developer.
  • End to End service
    The next benefit to hire dedicated resources in India is that you will receive end-to-end service for your project. Everything from the start of the project to deployment on the App store will be done by them. In addition, since dedicated developers have proven experience, you will not face any technical issues they cannot handle.
  • Endless & quality service
    Apart from end-to-end service, this is another benefit of hiring a dedicated development team. Dedicated developers who are working on a particular project on a full-time basis tend to provide quality and on-time services. This produces trust between the product owner and the development team.
  • Increased productivity
    When a team of dedicated developers is working on a full-time basis, they will be working on a daily schedule. This brings out the maximum productivity and development speed in the project (a problem that is often faced by freelance developers).
  • Better management
    A team working on a project from start to finish has a better understanding of the workflow as well as the technicalities of the project. In addition to this, through a web designing and development company in India, it is possible to get a team of dedicated developers which makes businesses work easier and more efficient than managing a team of freelance developers.
  • Highly skilled
    As we have already mentioned, creating a dedicated development team is way easier than hiring different freelancers from different sources. However, it would help if you always researched whether they have the said expertise before hiring a developer for your project.


Now that you are aware of all the benefits to hire dedicated resources in India. Let’s talk about where you can hire them. Consumer Sketch offers great services as well as the #1 place to hire dedicated developers. Visit our website and request a quote and we will get in touch with the perfect solution for your requirement.