WordPress powers over 34% of all websites.  It is a robust content management system(CMS) that enables the building of high-quality websites for every industry. Every website design and development company in India builds WordPress websites due to the dynamic nature of the platform. It is not just a blogging platform - WordPress is a full-fledged website builder for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Any web development company in India would offer multiple CMS for building websites. However, WordPress remains their first preference. It can help to build e-commerce stores, healthcare websites, real estate sites, and much more. There are so many customizations that WordPress offers for websites that companies can actually build a dynamic website using the platform.

This article will highlight the top reasons why your website should be built on WordPress. We will focus on different factors like affordability, customizations, and more. When you hire a website development company in India, you will get details about everything that WordPress offers to build dynamic websites. Keep reading to know the reasons.

5 Top Reasons Built your Website on WordPress

Some of the leading websites built using WordPress include Techcrunch, Sony Music, BBC America, The New York Times, and MTV News, amongst several others. A website design and development company in India can use the platform to build similar websites for your business. Here are the 5 reasons you should WordPress for your website -

1. Open-source and affordable

First of all - WordPress is free. Yes - you can download WordPress and install it on your website. You will need a domain and hosting before you can set up WordPress. The open-source nature of WordPress is admired by contributors and developers. There is no licensing fee as well - the software is completely free to use by anyone. You will have to pay the web development company in India for the building and the cost of the theme that you purchase.

2. Millions of themes

WordPress has millions of themes available. You can choose any theme you want from ThemeForest, theme isle, and many more online stores. There are themes for all industries - e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, automotive, and more. You do not need coding knowledge to build websites on WordPress. There are predefined themes where you can change the content and get your website.

3. Plugins

WordPress plugins help to add features and functionalities to the website. There is a plugin for everything - contact form, membership, analytics, and more. These plugins are the features for which you don’t have to write the code. Plugins help to add dynamic functionality to the web application. There are plugins that convert into website builders for WordPress if you can’t find the theme of your choice.

4. Simple management

WordPress is simple and hassle-free. Any website development company in India with enough experience can easily manage WordPress using the dashboard. There are separate categories for everything - pages, posts, and more. You can create a backup or reset your website with simple plugins. The best thing is that WordPress is easy to learn and implement. It doesn’t take years of knowledge to master it.

5. SEO-friendly

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress for your website is that it is SEO-friendly. It is written using high-quality code and offers semantic markup. It implies that Google and other search engines just admire WordPress to make content easily accessible and readable to users. That is why WordPress websites tend to rank higher in search engines. There are SEO plugins like Yoast SEO through which you can further optimize your website for SEO.

WordPress is the leading website development platform for companies today. It helps to build dynamic websites and offers advantages that go beyond simple CMS.